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The Beehive & Sound N Vision Foundation present: Brother at Fulton 55


Love those great concerts that Sound N Vision Foundation puts on in Visalia? Wish it would do something in Fresno? Well, it is and it’s doing it with The Beehive.

The Beehive is proud of team with Sound N Vision for its first Fresno show — an April 22 date at Fulton 55 with rising UK rock band Brother and Fresno’s indie darlings Fierce Creatures.

This is the Fresno counterpart to our concert with SNV that brought Foster the People to Visalia in January.

These guys are really on their way up. They were on the cover of British music mag NME’s “New Stars of 2011″ issue They’ve got rockstar swagger, catchy cuts, a major-label deal and are about to come to the U.S. for the first time.

Brother’s debut album, — due in July — is being produced by famed producer Stephen Street (known for his work with Blur, Morrissey and others). They’re playing South by Southwest and a few other choice gigs. So we’ve lucky to have them in Fresno.

Check out their single “Darling Buds of May” below, which is a good display of their “gritpop” sound and will most likely get stuck in your head. Tickets are a mere $7. They’ll be on sale to the public soon, but we’re giving first dibs to Beehive readers. So go to Ticketweb and buy yours. I have a feeling this could end up being a big show, so don’t lag.

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Responses to "The Beehive & Sound N Vision Foundation present: Brother at Fulton 55"

billy pilgrim says:

Was really digging the American girl cover and watching a certain beehiver dance to it.

Stephen says:

Isn’t there a chance that promoting events might bring into question your journalistic ‘integrity’ when it comes to reviewing the quality of bands?

I mean, of COURSE you’re going to say great things about this band…it’s your gig!

Not sure I’m keen on the Beehive creating things non-beehivish, like tweetups and bday parties…I kinda like the ‘Hive to be observational and reflective. Even when Donald did his drag-dancin’ onstage he was careful not to tell us about the show or review it.

Just sayin…

Mike Oz says:

It’s not something we’re doing a lot of. We’re more about the Beehive-centric events. The concert series idea with SNV was born out a Beehive post about I band I liked, so it was an extension of something that happened on the site. This one is a bit different, and I see where you’re coming from. But it’s not like I’m out there reviewing bands all the time like Donald is reviewing shows. Generally, I’m just telling people about stuff that’s happening and stuff that I think might be good. And I wouldn’t put our name on something like this if I didn’t think it was good.