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Beehive Birthday VI: Photos & Thanks

Sorry, folks, that it took me a few days to get this posted. I took some time off after Thursday’s wonderful shindig and I’m back in the swing of things today. First up, here’s a slideshow showing all the fun we had at Beehive Birthday VI:

Thanks to Craig Kohlruss, Nick Gennock, Donald Munro, Kyle Lowe and Heather McLane for the photos. Thanks to Two Door Cinema Club for the song — even though I didn’t ask. Thanks also to Travis Sheridan, for proving his dedication to The Beehive with this Pecha Kucha salute to us:

And now, a bigger list of thank yous …

Thanks to our partners:
- Fulton 55
- Twee Boutique & Wishon Row
- The Laundry Room
- La Elegante
- Dusty Buns Bistro
- Creative Fresno
- Taste Fresno / Paprika Studios
- Caroline’s Creations
- Mighty Grand
- Rogue Festival
- S.W. Parra
- Tats 4 All
- Fresno Filmmakers Alliance

Thanks to the talent:
- Motel Drive
- Hide & Seek Gallery
- Travis Sheridan
- Stageworks Fresno
- Roque & Bryan, the Cross Streets guys
- DJ Johnny Brown (aka Johnny Q)

Thanks for the prizes:
- Trelio
- Faithful and True Tattoo Studio
- Storyland & Playland
- Tats 4 All
- Iron Bird Cafe
- Strange Vine
- Fresno Grizzlies
- The Lamp Post
- Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Co.
- Audie’s Olympic
- The Vineyard Farmer’s Market
- Mighty Grand

Thanks for the press/attention:
- Fresno Famous
- 940 KYNO
- CBS 47
- Religious Appeal
- The Fresnan

Most importantly, thanks to everyone who came out, brought a friend, sent a Tweet, posted a link on Facebook, etc. We appreciate you and we hope you had a great time. Until next year …

Responses to "Beehive Birthday VI: Photos & Thanks"

The Fresno Filmmakers Alliance members had a great time at the event. We had 50+ people there. Thanks for putting together a fun event.

Tiredofclichefresnobs says:

If you call fun a bunch of people standing around. If you call fun taking your picture with Scoopy, then this was definitely the place to be last Thursday. This place rocks, cant you tell. Las Vegas, err……Sacramento…watch out! Here comes another crack at Fresno nightlife! ZzzZzzZzzzzzzzzzz

TiredofPredictability says:

INB4 equally snide retort from the hive mind!


Thanks Mike, for all the work YOU put into this.

Mike Oz says:

haha. I only say “meh.”

Michael says:

I’m just happy I was immortalized in one of Travis’s Pecha Kucha presentations.

Tiredofclichefresnobs says:

What a great event.

You know its a great event in Fresno when the Taco Truck shows up. ZzzZzzZzz

Whats wrong Fulton 55? No basics, like FOOD???

Mike Oz says:

Sounds like you’ve just got a grudge. Have fun with that.

Tiredofclichefresnobs says:

Shoot I saw the Taco Truck and I was like “that guy at Pelco really does treat his workers well”. As I read further, it wasnt for Pelco. Then I was like “shoot, Fresno Fair open early?” I was wrong. It was just Fulton 55, the ritzy, suave next best thing Fresno has to poking your eyes out for fun. Here we have a club that has: No Food. No liquor. No entertainment (i dont count the karoake on that soapbox stage entertainment, be my guest if you do) I keep hearing this thing will like, save Fresno. Put Fresno on the map from the way some people talk LOL. Anywho shoot, there sure was lots of CAKE and the BOLOGNA is fresh on top 7 nights a week there I bet. Thank you for documenting on film a bunch of co-workers sitting around, wondering to themselves how long before the fun starts.

Mike Oz says:

A few things:

- The taco truck was brought for our party by us — because it’s something we’ve written about and wanted to expose the community to. Food trucks being all hip and stuff, ya know?

- Fulton 55 does serve liquor. It got that thing worked out after the first weekend. It doesn’t serve food — most music venues don’t, so I dunno why that’s a knock on them.

- They’ve got plenty of entertainment. Go to to look at the calendar.

- As for our party, I’m certain people there had a lot more fun than you’re assuming they did. You, on the other hand, sound like you’re not very fun. So we’re glad you weren’t there.

Tiredofclichefresnobs says:

….and dont even give me garbage. This place is now open, however theres been no decent named christening acts for this place, yet you guys want to document your little birthday party in photos for the world to see its futility? Im sure you all in your little niche had fun. This event is just a small representation of the gloom and doom to come. Does anyone really give a garbage about some newspaper blogs birthday outside of the people that were there, and its 17 loyal readers? Bring in some big boys, then brag about your stacks of cake Oz.

Mike Oz says:

Attendance at our party > your one-person whining convention

Tiredofclichefresnobs says:

LOL they dont serve any sort of food huh?

Oh so let me get this right. The hip stuff was being served out on the curb….not so much on the inside? Gotcha.

You mean they got all those people drinking, listening, moving around in this huge unprecendeted Fresno venue, and nary a pretzel or a peanut? Uhhh sounds like a recipe for a lot of grumpy, drunken, angry people. No loaves of bread hanging around, to soak up all that liquor? Fresno police are licking their chops watching you allllllllll……………God I love what Fresno’s becoming.

Oh and I’m a boatload of fun. You had a headline saying you finally had pictures up of the fun you had at your bday party. Now I know fun when I see it. Even if its in still photos. Come on, Vang Pao’s funeral pictures looked more happening. If youre gonna put it in headlines, you better bring the F.U.N.

Mike Oz says:

The headline says “photos & thanks” — both of which are delivered in the post.
Again, it just sounds like you’ve just got a grudge.
Have fun with that.

Katie says:

Why all the hostility? Your flaming is pretty sad. Just because you didn’t care for the evening’s festivities doesn’t mean you have to crap on what others find fun. Move on if you don’t like Fresno. I’m sure the high culture of the Bay or L.A. would welcome you with arms.

Tiredofclichefresnobs says:

You got me there Oz. Im the only loser that has the stones to call it like it is in this Beehive column right now. You win dude…..I mean this blog is like your own little child. I dont blame you for being defensive over ANYTHING opposite or possibly contentious concerning your little online blog party. I mean this is how you put bread on the table for the family.

You think the attendance at your party was some sort of victory over my opinion, you can have that victory. The type of people you want showing up to this place every weekend, or every other weekend arent sitting around posting like you and I are right now.

Also, so far the only other posters I see that give a damn to give their 2 cents are the partygoers you all invited!. Please, if the weather was warmer, you all wouldve been out at Roading Park, somewhere near Playland. Its too easy to kick a boy scout when hes down so Im done here. Hope you all had fun. I eagerly anticipate finding a reason to go check out the new Fulton 55!!!! Seriously! Bring it!

Mike Oz says:

I have no way of knowing for sure, but I’m willing to bet it is.

ron says:

Really dude? I went to Fulton 55 that evening. The place was hopping. Great music great people great food. Tacos for main course Dusty Buns for dessert. Even went to Iron Bird after for coffee. Its not meant to save Fresno. Just a great place to have fun. Thanks to Beehive for sharing. Dude get over yourself.

Katie says:

Actually, Tired, I didn’t go and I wasn’t invited. Also, I don’t read every Oz posting and some of the things he suggests I don’t care for. So, no, I’m not a groupie. Just pointing out that your comments are overly snarky and probably won’t be taken seriously by others. There is one thing I can agree with Oz on… good luck with that.

I had an amazing time at the Beehive Bash, Mike. I really didn’t know anyone but I gave it a chance because I wanted to meet people in Fresno going in a creative and new direction. I’ve never been more grateful I went to any event in Fresno. To watch someone bash it that has no idea what it was like and how welcoming and excited everyone was… just makes me lose a little hope in this city. As a 21-year-old student that wants to see more mash-ups like the Beehive Bash and venues like the Fulton 55, I thank you for reviving my spirit for this community and fighting all the negativity and seriously petty bullsh*t.

Conlan says:

He’s got a good point, MIke. How come the only people saying positive things are those who were invited to this free party that was open to everyone in Fresno?

Tiredofclichefresnobs says:

Katie who said I dont like Fresno? I dont like the muck you all wallow in while many of you march around wishing, pleading, crying for a change. This little birthday party is just that: A birthday party. Katie, will you be documenting your birthday in this column? I didnt think so. It would be about as interesting as this. Its not about being snooty, high cultured, all those terms you throw at me, and imply about me. You all are some low expectation having cats if you think i should move “to LA or SF” because I didnt like your stupid little birthday party! AHAHAHAHA. CLUB ONE CASINO HAS MORE INTERESTING ACTS EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, THEY HAVE A COMEDY SHOW THAT BRINGS IN BIGGER NAMES THAN IVE EVER SEEN AT FULTON 55. These arent even mainstream names either. Its not about being so high falootin, Katie, you damn genius! When this place closes, at least you guys have your stupid little birthday party to look back on, meanwhile no one that matters in Fresno wouldve had a chance to see it by that point.

One more thing, why take what I say so personal? If yall had fun, then god bless you all. Why would I crap on someones parade? Everyone loves a party and/or a parade! However all I see is a bunch of cake and a convention tables. Oh and Scoopy the Bee. Hey, at least you gave Fulton 55 some business??!

Katie says:

You’re right. I am a genius. Now… time to get back to working on my graduate degree. I’ve spent too much time reading your commentary. Lame.

floydy says:

i’m on team tiredofclichefresnobs.

Mike Oz says:

But you were invited, Katie. EVERYBODY was invited. = )

Tiredofclichefresnobs says:

LOL Katie, you sound like a lot of people in Fresno who have a severe inferiority complex. Yes yes genius, go study, but good thing when you go to Univeristy of Phoenix online is you can go to class whenever youd like! Why such the rush darling? You didnt even go to the party, so silence petty little girl. Stop sticking up for your little buddies and cohorts. With logic like “I didnt go to the party” yet youre gonna sit here and project what others might think of my comments? “They might think theyre snarky and not taken seriously”. Are you my freaking mother??? Go take a freaking nap Katie. Hit reply when you have one sensical thought you can put together, without relying on Oz.

Annie says:

Awesome! Really super sorry I missed it. Everybody loves a party! Um… well… ;)

Claire L says:

How completely pathetic a person’s life must be to feel the need to stomp all over everyone’s good time.

tiredofclichefresnosnobs is actually the only cliche snob I “see”.

Mike for such a nice guy you really sure to attract some whackadoos. It must have a crush on you to be so completely hostile.

Tiredofclichefresnobs says:

floydy welcome to real talk. i got your back. you will be mocked here by Beejive co-workers and their special interests. but together, we are an army.

I wonder if you need a special pass or wristband to go in and out of Fulton 55, from taco, to drink, to band area, back to tacos cuz youre wasted and starving…..Lmfao what a bunch of..nevermind. Its not even a cuss word. But nevermind. This “special” Fresno Beejive column is being moderated regardless. Pathetic.

Tim says:

It’s true: together, you and floydy are an army.

james says:

I’ve got peanuts. Evidently, that’s all you need to please some people.

Conlan says:

Also, I’m pretty sure Floyd is mocking you.

Tim says:

Chances are good.

Tiredofclichefresnobs says:

james peanuts stay outside next to the hippie selling interesting things on the sidewalk and the taco trucks. Party on Fresno.

Le Bel says:

I had a fantastic time, and so did my family and friends who were there. Thank you so much for the awesome show and fabulous prizes! Looking forward to next year’s beehive birthday party!

Tiredofclichefresnobs says:

No Claire, when someone posts they had fun, i want to see F.U.N at this place. Otherwise it didnt make Fresno news. Keep your birthday parties to yourlself. Keep your special interests to yourself unlike other posters here, mentioning the Iron Horse Cafe (for coffee at 10 pm) for example, oh and low and behold they were one of the companies responsible for handing out prizes that night (if you read the list above)

Conlan says:

This is a sincere question for you, Tired: What do you do for for fun? How do you spend your free time, in general? I’m not trying to be snarky. If you don’t like what you see here, I’m curious to know what kinds of things you do like.

mdub420 says:

Im going to guess smacking Latinas and drinking 40′s.

floydy says:


John says:

Mike, maybe you should listen to this guy. After all, why would you want to throw a birthday party for the Beehive and then COVER IT on the Beehive?

It makes no sense to me!

Jaguar Bennett says:

Hey! Here’s the fun parlor game everyone can play! “Will The Real Tiredofclichefresnosnobs (or Dresden Dropschnozzle, or whatever he’s calling himself today) Please Stand Up?!”

Every contestant gets one guess as to the true identity of The Beehive’s favorite mystery troll!

Here’s my entry: I can’t remember that guy’s name, but who was that crazy promoter who had a failed comedy night with Screech at the Tower Theater? Who constantly badmouths other Fresno venues? Yeah, that guy, whoever he is. He’s the real Tiredofclichefresnosnobs.

Who wants to be the next contestant on “Will the Real Tiredofclichefresnosnobs Please Stand Up?”

Jaguar Bennett
100% Cliche Fresno Snob
(Yes, I’m better than you. You know why? Because I have personally shaken Mike Oz’s hand. That’s right. I have touched the center of Fresno coolness. And you haven’t! Ha!)

estevanlm says:

For the most part I enjoy beehive events, usually the tweet-ups because it’s a chance to meet new people in and around Fresno. I can’t say how this last event went because I wasn’t there but from pervious events I can only guess those that went had a good time.

As for tired and his bashing I say this. Is this really how you spend your free time? Cruising by the event like a crazy ex gf and anonymously posting complaints later on about it. The people that went haven’t complained on here why is someone that didn’t even go inside doing all the complaining?

You were asked by Conlan what you do for fun and you have not answered that yet. Feel free to recommend fun and exciting event to attend, put some together and spread the word, do something other than spread negativity.

I’m sure in the end you won’t answer most if any of the questions asked of you, and you’ll just continue on being the crazy ex stalking and complaining, leaving anonymous rants.

Mike Oz says:

Hahaha. I love the game, Jag. Though, I can say with almost 100% certainty it’s not Rick Mirigian. Rick’s had a number of spats here on The ‘Hive, and he has no problem signing his name to things.

More guesses?

Jaguar Bennett says:

OK, so Mirigian (thanks for the name, Mike) is out. Any other guesses?

Parenthetically, I’d like to note that “failed comedy night with Screech” would be an excellent euphemism for a bad date.

The Fresnan says:

I secretly wanted to find SOMEthing to complain about at this Beehive event and couldn’t find anything. Well done event.

Oh wait, I found something: I didn’t get laid.

So yeah, I guess it DID suck!

Toni Martinez says:

“The future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams.”-ER. Rock on, Oz! I’m excited about Fulton 55; this other guy is excited that people are actually giving him attention. Want a little cheese with that whine?

Danielle says:

I’ve played at Fulton 55 twice and been to two other shows there, and it’s a great venue so far. They plan to serve food in the near future and are working on getting their kitchen up and running, but like Mike said above, a lot of music venues don’t serve food so it doesn’t make it a bad place. And personally, I’ve shared the stage there with some great artists (both local and touring acts), and I’m glad Fulton 55 isn’t booking your typical “mainstream” acts; they’re bringing in quality artists and have great plans for the future. No live entertainment venue is going to “save Fresno” but Fulton 55 is a pretty cool place. Just my two cents…

P.S. “Hate is just an intense desire to be loved.”

Danielle says:

Bahahaha…even with Scoopy there? ;)

The Fresnan says:

Scoopy said she’d meet me behind Tokyo Garden after the party and she nevered showed. Still a little hurt by it…

matthew reade o'donnell says:

What a douchebag… go play in traffic Tired.

Rhinestone says:

Too much time spent responding to someone looking for a fight. Not enough time talking about how great Motel Drive was!

Kristy Page says:

Jaguar Bennett is awesome! Mike Oz is awesome! It’s called Iron Bird Cafe for those in the Fresknow. Don’t drink the haterade!

Tim Y says:

Someone forgot to take their meds.
No wonder they are tired.

Great job BeeHive Crew.
Cold reasonably priced drinks

Exotic food
Did you try the goat meat tacos?
No decent LA club is without them.

Motel Drive!

chango martinez says:

I’m bored. Tiredofchlichefresnobs, want to go get a drink?

Mike Oz says:

Who said Scoopy was a she? Did you see Scoopy with all the hot chicks in those photos?

The Fresnan says:

Yeah it’s hard to tell what’s goin’ on “down there”. Meh, hot is hot, doesn’t matter.

Leo says:

hahahahaha, Claire called Tired a whackadoo! hahahaha, BURN!