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To-Do Tonight: Social D does Fresno

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It’s the day that all the Social Distortion fans have been waiting for — Mike Ness and the boys are playing Rainbow Ballroom. (Remember about that venue change.)

This, from last Friday’s Bee, should get you up to speed on what’s been happening lately with Social D:

Just when you thought there was nothing left for this iconic Orange County punk band to achieve, Social D and its famed frontman Mike Ness pulled out a few more tricks.

The band released its first album since 2004 in January with “Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes.”

That earned Social D its highest spot on the Billboard charts ever (No. 4), its biggest first week of sales (46,366) and landed the band its first-ever live TV performance in 32 years.

Spin Magazine wrote in its review that 48-year-old Ness, “still howls with a raspy, exhilarating fury like Joe Strummer’s American cousin, sounding every bit the noble, road-tempered electric troubadour.”

Lucero and Chuck Ragan open the show. Tickets are still available online and last I heard (this morning), they were still on sale at The Laundry Room, SBI/Wavelengths and Valentino’s. The box office opens at 4:30 p.m., showtime is 6:30 p.m. Tickets cost $36

Nary one of you better complain about tickets being too expensive, either. Otherwise Angry Social D commenter will put down our entire city again.

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Social D does Fresno"

JJJ says:

Lets hope Fresno shows up (I will). When I checked their website 2 weeks ago, EVERY US date was sold out….except Fresno. And that included three (3!) nights in Seattle, and two in San Diego.

Hell, in late JUNE, theyre playing FOUR (4!) nights in Hamburg, and three of those are sold out already.

I hope that the change to Rainbow was to increase capacity.

King Eggroll says:

F**k you don’t worry about Fresno.

Cody says:

$36!!! It’s the rainbow ball room!! For $40 I could get tickets to see much larger well known bands. Sorry but after getting a deal last night, $20 for Jackie green which was a great show I’m not paying double the amount for any band at the rainbow. Sorry ill stay in tonight.

Larger well known? Social D is a pretty big name and has a faithful following. Maybe they are not radio-pop (i.e. mass appeal and whatnot), but they are “big” to the right audience. Rainbow isn’t a bad venue.

Cody, I’m not trying to pick a fight. I am glad you were able to see Green last night (I wasn’t able to catch that show). I think Rainbow and F55 are examples of old and new venues helping provide options for music in the urban core.

D$ says:

Cody, adjust your skirt and man up dude! I would pay $72 to see them at the Cesar Chavez Adult School if I had to. We are lucky they included us. Just having some fun, get out to the show, I will buy you a beer.

Matt M says:

I can’t believe it is not sold out yet! We beg for great bands to come here and then we try to find some lame excuse not to go, like “its a weeknight” or “I’m scared to go downtown.” Stop being cheap and enjoy the good fortune that fell into our laps. Social D is the best band you will see in Fresno this year, guaranteed!

Cody says:

Your right they are a fairly large name band, but dont have that mass appeal cuz they arent a real “radio” band. But $40 is a lot of money for a show, i mean i got Korn tickets not that long ago for $45 and i memeber getting to see Alice in Chains and Velvet Revolver for $10 bucks at seland before. I woulda went for 20 or maybe $25 but when i want to go see a good show like this i want to take my girl and thats another ticket, which comes out to $80, then the beers and food next thing you know its $140 that doesnt seem worth it for this show. Oh and if anyone is afraid of coming downtown they’re absolutely stupid!! I live downtown (Iron Bird lofts) and its changed soooo much in just the past 3 years. Its really awesome down here. If thats the reason people arent going now that is stupid!

Michael says:

It’s Social effing Distortion. Doesn’t matter how much the ticket costs, how crappy the venue might be (Rainbow isn’t) or how watered down the drinks are. You go because there is no other band like them and never will be another.

RL says:

They should charge 2 bucks, oversell F55, then spend 30 minutes selling monthly music plans that are free if you know what you are doing.

JJJ says:

Well, the show didnt sell out, but the venue was packed. Almost made me wonder if they were planning on going over capacity.

Good show. Lucero didnt show (something about snow in reno) but they made some of the touring members play music for 30 minutes, which was good enough.

My only complaint is that for a band with so many songs, they only played 1.5 hours. Social D could have played 3 hours only by doing a couple songs from each album. Also, the speakers werent that good.

Good show though.

Michael says:

I agree with JJJ, my only complaint was the set was too short (if you can call 90 minutes too short) but still Social D was in fine form, especially when Mike Ness offered to break up a fight on the floor. The sound was bad the first two songs, but as they started to sing Bad Luck they fixed it.

Still was a great show and was glad to see so many people there. Hopefully it won’t be four years till Social D comes back.