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Video: Ceremony at Chinatown Youth Center

Johnny from Religious Appeal posted this video from the Ceremony show at Chinatown Youth Center on Sunday night. I’ll be honest: Punk/hardcore isn’t my favorite genre of music. But I can really appreciate how much the fans and the bands get into it and just wild out together. Also, Ceremony’s singer gets some high-flying points for that jump.

Responses to "Video: Ceremony at Chinatown Youth Center"

Stephen says:

This video proved me to be an official old fogie. All I could think was “a big grenade in the center of that room wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.”

Durn burn kids and their wasted youth with the hair and the so-called ‘music.’

Yeah. I’ll be 50 sooner than later. Ugh.

MsJoey says:

Whenever I see a mosh pit I always wonder how much Hepatitis is floating around.