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What did you think of Club Rome?

With the long weekend behind us, hopefully people have had a chance to digest Club Rome, the new hotspot at Granite Park. Despite some opening-day chaos, the club opened its doors on Friday night and, from the look of things, had big crowds both Friday and Saturday. (If you missed it, here’s a good Bee story about the club’s opening, its ownership and how Kirk Vartanian swears he’s not a part of it.)

So what did you think about the new club? Was it everything it was hyped up to be? It already lasted longer than The Edge, do you think it showed more promise than Cabo Wabo? We’d love to hear your thoughts on Club Rome.

The celebrity guests on Friday night were rapper Traphik and “American Idol” contestant Andrew Garcia. Local celebs such as Kasey Kahl and Alicia Coates were there too. This coming Saturday, Justin Bobby from “The Hills” will be at Club Rome apparently. Club Rome will also have its first live music night on March 2. Details on that below.

Here are some photos from opening weekend by local photog Casper Munoz.















Club Rome and Wizard Entertainment are starting a live music series called “Live Tuesdays.” The first one is actually on Wednesday, March 2, but they’ll be on Tuesdays after that. For the premiere, popular Journey tribute band Midnight Run will be performing. Cover is $5.


Responses to "What did you think of Club Rome?"

chase sanborn says:

Alicia Coates. Wow. Who would’ve thought….

miguel mtz says:

I heard from someone that checked it out that it has a jersey shore feel to it. But idk :)

Famous says:

A.) Are those light sabers in picture # 6?
B.) I’ll probably never go to this place, but it does look sort-of nice.

wanna be mainstream says:

It looks like a trendy place, for material people to go to to show off their latest fads.

I predict that if it does not flop like the places before that if will get some ABC violations and get it’s liquor license revoked or suspended.

Narsty says:

I can already hear the bass on the dance floor, “douche, douche, douche, douche!” lol. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Anyways, should be good for Fresno as long as they make money and actually pay their employees. Granite Park needs something to work other than Victory Grill.

It looks really well done! Can’t wait to party there.

linnyleloo says:

i have a feeling that this comment thread is going to be quick with comments talking smack on this venue… and i won’t deny, it’s an easy target!

i consider myself to have an extremely eclectic taste in nightlife: i hang in tower, downtown, north fresno, etc. the truth is : if i’m in good company i can pretty much have fun wherever i go!

with that being said, i was in attendance at club rome saturday night and i was impressed. the club was given a much needed makeover and looked a lot more like a legitimate big city nightclub than i’ve ever seen done in the past. the most impressive being the floor-to-ceiling glass wine room as you enter. the dance floor has been relocated to the old stage: separating the crazy party animals from the schmoozers. it’s a relief not to be bumping shoulders everywhere you go!

were there douchebags wearing ed hardy/bedazzled rhinestone garb? yes
were their chicks in see through lace dresses? (as you can see above) yes
…but you’ll find these types everywhere you go especially in a small-ish town like ours.

my suggestion: grab some buddies and check it out. it’s a fun time.

i wish club rome the best of luck!

mdub420 says:

I’d like to check this place out. From the pictures it didn’t look like a lot of Latinas. Which is fine by me. White slutties are cool too.

jessica says:

Oh, nice. Way to not fall into the stereotype that everyone from Fresno is a complete sh*t hole filled with idiots like you. Please go pick up a book.

it was totally douchy opening night, like fist pump douchy but oh well
dont mean to be mean or anyting but Vartaninan looks like he uses botox on his lips or something, does anyone know if he does that? dude creeped me out

SamEyeAm says:

Those pics are hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

dude says:

I wish more of the girls in these pictures were actually attractive.

Michael says:

I’m still waiting for them to put the roller coaster together.

Oh wait…

Stephen says:

Fresno clearly has an overabundance of guidos and ho’s, so clearly we needed yet another nightspot to corral them into.

Club Rome, good luck. Like your friend The Penthouse, Club Twist/Roe, and all other fist-pump spots, I hope you can keep the shootings and fights to a minimum. Would hate to see you shut down too soon.

And Vartanian doesn’t botox his lips – that’s collagen, no?

why the heck does he do that? just because its expensive doesnt mean it looks good,

cjl says:

I agree it looks totally douchy (I’m sure it’s a nice looking club, just not so sure about the clientele) Oh and Jessica, that’s just MDub, we’ve stopped trying.

Anonymous says:

what it its true

We have read all your comments and appreciate your critiques of the design of Club Rome. The negatives notwithstanding, we are still very proud of our work turning the former Cabo Wabo and Edge into what it is today.

dontwannasignup says:

rome is really fun! however, the girl who hosts VIP, amanda, is very unprofessional. she doesn’t return calls, or answer them. it takes her 24 hours to text you back also. she told me i had a table reserved and i had my credit card in hand to confirm. the only thing is, she NEVER returned any calls or texts. what a joke! i suggest you hire someone NEW and professional! still had a great night despite amanda’s unprofessional-ism.

JT says:

F**k this club. They would not let my friend in because he had a tattoo on his arm. They told him to cover it up. Not only that they are f***ing racists to asians. My pants weren’t even baggy and the door man said it was. F**k Rome for Reals. Go to Aldos or XO

Lm says:

CLUB IS ALRIGHT.. it anit the sh** what kills the club is the people that works there. securitys can go suck the owners b***s. they all act like theyre cops and s***. THEY SUCK!