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Weekend Rewind: A HUGE music weekend

So how was your weekend? For the music scene, seems like the last three days were filled with big crowds and big statements.

The Fierce Creatures show at Fulton 55 was all kinds of huge. The venue reports 562 people through the door. (That’s hitting capacity, people leaving, then hitting capacity again — numerous times, probably). It was a big statement for Fierce Creatures, who are off to win over the rest of the world at South by Southwest this week. Can we all agree now that they’re the coolest band in town?

Here’s a show review from Fresno Famous and video from Religious Appeal. If you missed it last week, I wrote a big feature story on Fierce Creatures.

Fashawn — still the Fresno musician making the most noise nationally — touched down in Visalia for the homecoming date on his Higher Learning tour. It was Fash’s first headlining tour and by all accounts the tour went well. The Visalia show, in particular, was massive, as it was at capacity with another 100 people wanting to get in.

The show was in Visalia because Fresno doesn’t have an an all-ages venue that can house Fashawn like Howie & Son’s. It’s just another example that underscores Fresno’s need for an all-ages club that can do what Starline used to.

Here’s a (darkish) video from YouTube user erickilljoy.

Still the biggest crowd of the weekend was found at Save Mart Center, where the Rock and Worship Roadshow rolled into town for its third year. How big? Well, Bart Milliard, front of tour headliner Mercy Me, Tweeted the following:


To put that in perspective, if that number is accurate, that’s the biggest crowd at Save Mart Center for music since Jonas Brothers in 2009, which had 14,381. This is only the sixth music event that passed the 14,000-mark in the arena’s history.

Responses to "Weekend Rewind: A HUGE music weekend"

mdub420 says:


Bryan Harley says:

Where did I read that Fashawn went to Visalia because Frank’s Place closed? True? And why’d they close?

Mike Oz says:

It was in the interview with Fash that was in Friday’s paper. It’s a bit more complicated than him saying it’s “closed.” It seems there’s another re-focusing of what’s going to happen at the Warnors complex and at Frank’s Place.

I need to do some more work on this, but I’m pretty sure some of the people who were in charge aren’t in charge anymore, and the vision of Frank’s Place that many people seemed to have last summer isn’t really in play anymore, thus the reason Fashawn’s show was a no-go there.

The Fresno Folklore Society — — does have an upcoming show at Frank’s Place, though.

Cody says:

The Rock and worship road show suuuuccckkkeeedd. Not a single one of those bands were good live bands..they were studio bands..which seems to be all there is these days…and the fact that they were hustling me for money every 15 minutes for kids in God knows where when I’m pretty sure that there’s thousands of kids 3-10 miles from the savemart center that go to bed hungry, lack proper clothing and shelter and are in dire need of spiritual guidance.