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Concert News: Goo Goo Dolls and Tears for Fears headed to Table Mountain Casino


Table Mountain Casino sent over a batch of new concert bookings. Two that jump out are alt-rock band Goo Goo Dolls (June 1) and ’80s British pop duo Tears for Fears (Sept. 13).

Tickets to see Goo Goo Dolls cost $45-$65 and go on sale May 2. Tickets for Tears for Fears aren’t on sale until Aug. 8 and cost $35-$55.

Also added to the concert lineup: Lao pop singer Alexandra Bounxouei (June 5, prices TBA, on sale May 2) and Latin/tropical singer Luis Enrique (July 28, $25-$45, on sale June 20).

Responses to "Concert News: Goo Goo Dolls and Tears for Fears headed to Table Mountain Casino"

Debi says:


Jared Oliveira says:

I am beginning to become more and more skeptical of my happiness when I see shows announced in Fresno. I travel to all areas of Northern California for shows and of the 200+ shows I’ve seen in that area, only one has been canceled. I am now counting four shows just within the last year that have been scheduled in Fresno that have been canceled. This includes Lenny Kravitz at Table Mountain, That 1 Guy at Audie’s Olympic, Ali Farka Toure at Frank’s Place and just as recent as last Wednesday’s Truth & Salvage Co. show at Fulton 55. I just can’t find myself to get excited for shows in Fresno anymore because I’m now expecting a last-minute cancellation.

vince c says:

Good point, Jared. It’s always been a problem here, I think because Fresno is always last-minute when it comes to buying tickets for these events. So I say to you, Fresno: BUY YOUR TICKETS EARLY, or quit bitching about all of the show cancellations we experience here.