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Is Roe closing?


UPDATE: Bee biz reporter Bethany Clough has more on the Roe situation today. In her update, she writes that eviction proceedings have begun for Roe and will take 60 days. But if Roe pays its $20,756 debt, eviction will be halted.

ORIGINAL POST, 3/24: North Fresno restaurant and lounge Roe has been no stranger to controversy since it opened. But now, it looks like it’s having some financial issues and may get evicted. That’s the scoop ABC 30′s Corin Hoggard had yesterday. From his story:

The owner of the Park Place Shopping Center filed an eviction lawsuit this week against “Roe Restaurant”.

The lawsuit claims the business owes about $20 thousand, the equivalent of a little more than one month of rent.

The story didn’t give a timetable, and didn’t have comments from either restaurant management or its landlord. I called Roe this afternoon and they said they would open “like normal” today and this weekend.

This situation left me pondering a few things:

  • Roe owes close to the equivalent of one month’s rent? I’m guessing in this economy there are plenty of local businesses who are behind more than one or two month’s rent. So there has to be more to this. Is it a powerplay by a landlord to push out a problematic tenant? No-nonsense debt collection? Something else?
  • Roe’s rent is close to $20,000 per month?!? Daaaaaaaaaamn! Somebody call Jimmy McMillan.
  • If Roe were to close, I wonder what would take its place. That space is not turn-key. It has a distinct look and would probably cost a pretty penny to re-renovate. With the amount of empty retail space in this city and that high rent, wouldn’t you just open somewhere else?

[photo: Roe on Facebook]

Responses to "Is Roe closing?"

sara says:

I say let me know when they are liquidating the furniture and what-nots. I enjoy the look, but don’t ever really have much fun when there.

D says:

Roe closing really wouldn’t have any effect on me. They permanently lost mine and others’ patronage when one of my friends was forced to pay her over $60 bill twice(on her birthday too)because our waiter said she didn’t pay. Even though we all saw her hand him the money.
P.S. He had more than a few shots with us while working as well.
If they close, oh well. If they stay open, still won’t go back.

Danny says:

Mike, you’re right, one month’s rent is usually passable. I know many tenants and landlords making concessions right now due to the rough economic times. My guess is, if this guy is evicting Roe, he already has his ducks in a roe (pun intended) with a a new tenant to fill the spot. Probably someone easier to work with and who will pay their rent on time. This probably isn’t the first time Roe has owed. If Roe was my tenant, I would look for any reason to get them out too. Too much drama.

RL says:

I am less surprised that they are moving to evict so quickly based on one months rent. Thing about tenants though, you simply can’t let them get into you for too much, help when you can, work with them as much as possible, but 20k from owed can turn into a 100k loss really quick and vacant nothing is better than occupied nothing. I wouldn’t be surprised if they must have someone else lined up or are tired of the club element.

As a restaurant I’ll be crushed. Service on all you can eat is understandably slow, but I have very fond memories of teaching my then 2yr old the joy of white rice and occasional sushi from dads plate which they did not charge for. She’s 3 1/2 now and thanks to Roe has learned about Sushi. Kid pounds down 2 orders of tuna and 2 orders of salmon and her favorite red ice cream which at 12.95 is still way cheap. The AYCE was good enough to not scare me off and much better than a couple other NE sushi places.

I’ll be sure to take my daughter Sunday, it is absolutely one of her favorite spots.

Fher1286 says:

They can’t get a sponsorship from Ed Hardy?

KR says:

Another place just like it will open up somewhere else, no a big loss.

jay matthew says:

20k for one month of rent? No wonder every business in Fresno is going down hill. But really, 20k for that place. Its NOT worth it.

billly pilgrim says:

damn, that means there will be a shift in the douchebag territory lines. might see more popped collars and flip flops in some of my favorite spots. i say, open one super dance club, anyone sporting a popped collar or pink polo gets in free, let them battle to the death with the promise of the first season of jeresy shore on blue ray, free bottle of well vodka and a year supply of axe body spray. i am sure clubflys can make a cameo

559rell says:

Perfect play on the RITDH Party. I could feel it comin’ and was laughing before I got there. Lol. Too Damn Funny.


jaurique says:

sad to hear if it is true…. some slight tweaks and that place could be a gold mine!!! business plan is in process…

Jack says:

Sounds like a perfect location for thereturn of the Claim Jumper.

Stephen says:

‘some slight tweaks and that place could be a gold mine’ ???????

I heard the landlord agreed with the coppers that when the lease ran out, Roe would be gone. Too many ‘violent incidents.’

Roe definitely wasn’t my crowd, but I did like the place the few times I went there – pricey, but still good.

mdub420 says:

I went to Roe once. A fight broke out inside. It was funny. A lot of beautiful baby mommas. I was walking around the place with my **** hard. No woman noticed though. Too small for them.

C says:

I went once and never went back. Douchebags everywhere (including the girls) the decor looks like a cheap prom. Good riddance.

Jennifer says:

Ha! I read that as “cheap porn” first and thought, MAN what kind of porn are you watching that this looks cheap!

Pook says:

Twenty frigging grand a month? You could buy 1 Dusty Buns truck a month at that rate and make Fresno code enforcement have a stroke. Picture a never ending shell game of food trucks, all painted the same and all blaring bad house music. Code enforcement yells at one guy, he pumps the jams and rolls out, the code cop turns around and another slides in. What? He just showed up! He’s got another 15 minutes…