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Ryan Beatty: The Valley’s Justin Bieber?

In the past month, local vocalist Ryan Beatty has gone from a kid singing YouTube covers to a legit pop music threat.

Ryan is 15 and a sophomore at Clovis High. Since re-launching his YouTube channel this time last month, he’s been getting a lot of attention. Enough, actually, to be the No. 1 most subscribed musician on YouTube in the past month. The fact that his look is right in line with the world’s current No. 1 teen icon probably doesn’t hurt.

Videos of Ryan covering pop songs by Bruno Mars, Jessie J, Cee-Lo Green, often from his bedroom, have girls asking him to marry them in the YouTube comments. His cover of “Grenade” (above) has close to 60,000 views in three weeks. More important than proposals and views, though, his videos have caught the eye of Hollywood music execs.

According to his manager Nathaniel Levingston, Ryan is already being courted by some big players in pop music. Over the weekend, Ryan met with Disney and the camp of famed producer/songwriter Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, whose credits include Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Spice Girls and lots more. It sounds like a recording contract may be in place very soon, so stay tuned for updates.

Ryan’s name might be familiar in local theater circles because he was the lead in last summer’s production of “13″ by Children’s Musical Theaterworks. In his review, Donald Munro wrote that Ryan had “the confidence and charisma of a rock star.”

Check out a few more of his videos below, including a “reality show” styled clip of him shopping on Melrose Ave., and see if you agree.

Responses to "Ryan Beatty: The Valley’s Justin Bieber?"

zzzzz says:

Whatever happened to Ricky Andrew High??? Or maybe he’s gone through puberty finally and been relegated to local has-been (or never-was)already?

Mike Oz says:

He still does his annual holiday concert. I know that.
Here’s his website:

Jankynola says:

Wowza!!! This kid is better than Bieber!!! I actually believe him when he’s singing!! Beatty FTW!!!!

mirandaa:) says:

Ryan, I knew you would make it! I love you. A dn I wanna marry you. ily ily ily ily ily ily ily ily<3

Kimm says:

What did I tell ya? It’s only a matter of time before this kid makes it big. We’re talking about Rodney Jerking here, ladies and gents. It’s not easy to catch the eye of someone so seasoned in this industry.

billy pilgrim says:

Right on man. Keep on keeping on

Kayleeen says:

I love you Ryan!! <3

Lexi Dunlop says:

Dude i love him he is so amazing. i listen to him everyday. i would cry if i got to meet him. dude i would kill to be able to call him he is soo amazing im like a huge fan if only i knew i had a chance but yeah! He’s prefect! <3 :)

Luv Ya Ryan! <3

kirstin says:

way to go cuz! Glad you are finally getting what you deserve! You’ve worked hard!

Brandon Lee says:

I applaud this kid for following his dream and i hope he truly makes it but im not even goin to hide my jealousy. I am a pop singer in fresno, i write and produce my own music and record it at home, even released an album with little to almost no recognition but this kid comes and sings a couple covers decently (sounding exactly like beiber, not hating) and gets Darkchilds recognition.Oh and heaven forbid someone wanna be a pop singer in fresno cuz unless you cater to bars and sing reggae/rock/ganster rap or are just plain scary you pretty much get thrown to the gutter and remain unaccepted. I know im not the only musician who is a little hurt by this. I dont have a perfect body or maybe even a perfect voice, but i have a voice that deserves to be heard nonetheless and thats what makes me, ME! Sorry to ramble this is just a soft spot of mine. I will never give up no matter what, i dont care how many beibers come along i have love and respect for all of them.

mdub420 says:

Haha, pinche Latina.

Props to the kid. He gone to lay with more women in a week than I have laid my whole life. Congrats!!

you guys kinda forgot that hes also a skateboarder.
and the fact that hes actually decent enough to skate with some of fresnos best skaters, kills justin beiber in my opinion.

Steve Kelley says:

Come on guys…this kid has raw talent and is not some clone of Justin Bieber. Very few singers his age have such good vocals when unedited, including Bieber. I do hope he’s surrounded by the quality of management and crew that Justin is though, who keep him focused with feet on the ground. Jerkins better sign him while he has the opportunity, because after seeing this article we will be making some serious calls here in Santa Monica on Wednesday.

World doesnt need another Beiber says:

Please lord no more Beibers….both got to go! Ive been a musician for over 15 years and this kid is horrible. He needs his teeth fixed for starters! There are tons of other kids who can do the same thing this kid can. Anyone see the little girl that made Lady Gaga cry by performing a cover on youtube. Both these boys sounds just like that girl. The world does not need any more Beibers!!!!!!

Damian says:

No need to be salty. If you are a true musician you wouldn’t be concerned with some kids teeth, come on now what’s that saying “what you eat don’t make me sh*t”… big ups to the kid, and good luck to those sour musicians who haven’t made it yet

Deez says:

OK, word!!!…a few seconds in I stopped watching and thought, “hope Rodney Jerkins hooks this kid up with a good song and some BRACES!”

Wake up says:

no ones gonna care about this kid or bieber once they grow up, their voice changes, hit puburty, and grow the first semblance of a body hair. 10 year old girls hate body hair on guys.

mike can you spare us your fluff pieces? thanks big guy

blanca says:

coming from a clovis high alumni, he makes me proud!

facheezey says:

When Im 80 am I going to say remember that Beiber…he was something special…NO ill be remembering Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Quincy Jones, etc.

pk says:

If you are too young to remember that when Cher started with Sonny her teeth were very crooked, being a singer that is something that is always noticed and the first thing to get fixed when they ‘make it’. If you go back an look at some old videos of Sonny and Cher you can’t help but notice the difference between now and then.
I wish this singer nothing but success….all the rest will come in due time.
This is a great reflection on Fresno!

Mike Oz says:

I dunno why you’d consider this fluff. I’m writing about Ryan the same way I’d write about any local artist making good strides in the national music scene. See Fashawn, Fierce Creatures, etc.

We’ve done the same thing on this site with the Clovis guy who was on Bachelorette, the kid from Glee, etc. I’m not a fan of either of those shows, but there’s still a local interest in the stories.

Marci says:

No one deserves it more than this kid. I remember a few of the other ’13′ crew members and I would joke around with him and say “Oh my god, it’s THE ryan beatty” whenever he walked by backstage.. and look! now he’s famous!

Follow the Leader says:

why cant he just be the next ryan beatty? he’ll never amount to squat. nice hair, glasses, the whole 9. dont we have enough of that already from another overstyled overrated imbecile named bieber? no one cares. i dont get star struck easily. you all must do. thats because a lot of you dont get out of fresno EVER.

ryan beatty is not the next justin bieber. he’s just a halloween costume. like i said, nice look. the bangs lol the hat the glasses lmaoooooo and the pop cycle revolves in its dizzying confused always-dated style.

pk says:

The kid obviously has some raw talent that is of a style that is popular right now.
It is great if he can parlay that into a legitimate
musical career….
Maybe he will have something more to contribute as he matures, and even though this style is not something popular with every group,it has a following. As a community we have another reason to feel proud, and am glad Mike gave him some space. It is good to know all of what is going on in Fresno musically.

Erica Brandon says:

I hope you make it Ryan. Those of you that have seen you perform at CMT know how talented and even better humble that you are. We are all rooting for you!

Erica B

Zara says:

He was on our morning show today. I love this kid! So talented. Great voice. Nice.

Yes, I’m a teenybopper at heart… But it’s great to see local talent like that.

Rachael says:

Man He Is So AMAZING♥ I Hope He Gose Further With His Talent(= Cuz He jUST Might Be Better Than Bieber Ryan Just Gots To Noe How To Dance And BODA BING BADA BOOM BADA BAM There Yuu Got The Next Big This (: !!! i LOVE You Ryan Beatty♥ !

Yvette Corona says:

wowwowwowwow!!!…. RYAN BEATTY is the ISHHHHH!!!!
Heard him on Q97 this morning, for the first time…and i fell in love with his voice…before even knowing how he looked.Thats how amazing&powerfull his voice is(:….and it can get better…I will support you Ryan till the END…!!! I believe you can come as far as JB if you actually tried…Im hopefully going to your show this Saturday and cant wait to meet you!<333 Hes 15 & im 15 lol…..we could get along :D

Jessica says:


joanna says:

Hey rayan i guess you forgot who your frends are. but i guess member what i told you stay strong and appericate what you have your a really talented guy and i hope the best for you. just remember what friends are. love you. hope next time you answer the phone :”(

Meredith C. says:

OMG i knew you would make it Ryan!!!! Ahhh so excited for you.i have been watching your videos from the beginning! i LOVE you and your voice. I melt every time i hear u sing! I wish i was your girlfriend (and not just because your becoming famous believe me)You are so oh i dont know how to put this um… REAL not to mention your HOT as hell lol. anyway… so happy for u cant wait to see what u do!
P.S. you are WAAAAYYY better then Justin Bieber people need to stop compareing u two just because u r a little bit similar

He is so dreamy! I could just stare at his photo all day!

He is so dreamy! I could just imagine dating him!

rachel says:

all the people talking sh*t are dumb hoes. why would you talk Crap when you probably don’t sing Half as good. stop being haterss and go somewhere! and don’t talk about the future because its not here yet and you don’t know where they’ll be. keep you rude comments to yourself. people weren’t taught to keep their F***in mouths shut when you have nothing good to say. i think ryan and justin are good. yeah there’s there kids who might be better or just as good..they just haven’t got noticed yet.must be doing something wrong.

Emlly Bone says:

HE is goingg far. Great look and sings the style of the “in” music noww. He has greattt hairr(;
But one question – Can I marry this guy ? (:

Raven Hailey says:

you know Ryan?!!!?

Neal Letran says:

I just will not obtain acquire this “Bieber Fever”? I guess the idea proves having the particular correct trading anyone could be a celebrity. Granted I find out he or she is did wonders a new portion to help find where he is.

tiffany says:

u r sooooooo good and sooooo hot i<3u

bailey says:

Can I just say I’ve listened to his voice, and watched his videos over and over the past few months! I just lay in bed, and watch each one over and over. This kid has REAL talent! No autotone, no fixes, he’s REAL. It’s about the talent, not so much the looks. I mean, I know that all the ‘teen sensations’ are good looking, but he has true talent. And looks, so I guess you could say he has it all. Guarentee you WILL go far♥. Mark me as his #1 fan(: I got an original Ryan Beatty T-Shirt made. Listening to him now actually.

lboogie says:

luffles u ryan:) so sry about people making fakes accounts. sooooooo..which one is real

Michelle says:

Heyyy i lovess u soo much!!!!!!!:)<3 pleaseeee marry mee!!:)<3 love you keep doin ur magic!!!:)<3

Sarah&Emily says:

OMG! we LOVE Ryan!!! We seriously are his #1 fans.. Were going to see him in Fresno for our birthdays and we SOOO wana meet him that would be the BEST bday present EVER! Id rather meet Ryan than JB or any other famous person! WE LOVE YOU RYAN!!! <3

Cassandra says:

He is hot

Cassandra says:

I love him he is so cute :)

cameron says:

who i ryan beatty?

Tbyrd says:

I’ve been watching his videos on Youtube ever since he started posting them.He is DEFINENTLY a cure to Beiber Fever alright.

Meredith says:

He is just truely amazing.i love him and want to marry him. i have been watching his videos since his very first one, i knew he would make it. He is way better than justin, people need to stop saying he is trying to be him, he has talent thats all there is to it.

hannah says:

okay if you dont like him why do u watch the videos ? & if you think hes horrible i geuss you dont know what talent is…

tyler meleskie says:

heyy ryan, soo its been 8 yrs since the first year i met u. i always knew u were going to make it becuse ur love and passion for singing. you always stole the show in the choir or school plays. Its been a pleasure knowing u i know u can go far just stay focusd and big things will happen.

Tyler Meleskie

Bella s says:

Ryan is soooooo cute

Kaitlyn says:

Hahaha(: Ah Ryan has come along way, from sitting in our 7th per science class ALWAYS singing something, to a major star((:
Funny now looking back at how our teacher would always tell him to shush… No look at him((:
He is a good person and a good friend((:

Brandon says:

how does that relate to singing? did you know justin can play basketball and dance? does that make him better than Ryan? idiot…