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Ryan Beatty shows us his original side

Last week, I told you about homegrown YouTube sensation and aspiring pop star Ryan Beatty. Thus far, he’s built a good following online by covering popular songs.

Well this week — as he makes the local TV rounds — Ryan and his camp unleashed their first original song. It’s called “You’re My Girl” and it’s already got 12,000+ views since being posted on Saturday. It’s not going to silence any of our commenters who were bemoaning him being another Justin Bieber, but it shows the kid can do more than YouTube covers.

What do you guys think of this one?

Responses to "Ryan Beatty shows us his original side"

DavidMogen says:

Sorry. Another no-talent pubescent crammed down our throats by over-zealous parents. Hello, Ricky High?

Kaylee says:

I personally love Ryan Beatty he has an incredible talent that more than half the stars of today don’t. He can truly sing, and he is an extremely kind person. He’s not the next Justin Bieber he’s the first Ryan Beatty and most everyone that has seen his videos has though that he has talent. He already has a lot of fans we love Ryan and believe in him :)

..Ryan is an awesome singer!, no doubt about it & loves what he do. He has his own style & really goes hard 110%! Hes got the best manager who loves what he does & gives Ryan full attention to show the world Ryan’s potential. Me, honestly & truthfully like his music & think he can go really far with his talent!! #WellDone

Jimmy D says:

David Mogen, why are you hating on a 15 year old kid who is chasing his dream. I’m sorry but that is absolutely, positively and extremely pathetic. I’m gonna pray for you bro. smdh

erica says:

I can see how with some fine tuning this kid could really do something. I know you said it is an original song but did he write it? It is very catchy and has great flow to it. I would be super impressed to hear that he wrote it.

Heather P. says:

I’m easily old enough to be this kid’s mother, I’m only passingly into pop music (in the car), and I don’t pay much attention to who is who on in the Disney Channel lineup of stars . . .

But I do know performance skills when I see them and this kid’s got them. If he keeps taking legit opportunities where they come along and putting himself out there based on his talent, he’ll go a long way. I think my only recommendation would be for him to look around for an aesthetic that isn’t quite so driven by another performer in his own age group –decide what he likes for himself and cultivating his own look in the same way he’s cultivating his own sound and phrasing in the music– thus avoiding the Bieber complaints. The more we see of HIM and not someone that looks a little like someone else, the more we’ll take to him.

Just my unskilled OP.

elguapo says:

Justin Bieber part deux?

He should go for a different look so people won’t say he’s trying to be Justin Bieber.

I say go for it kid! but just change the look.

because my first thought when i saw his appearance was, justin bieber.

559rell says:

Great talent! His look, style, and song choice work perfectly for the mainstream. He has what it takes.

I think the world could do without another artist with this type of sound and mainstream approach, but dude has DEFINITELY got talent and could go a long way with it.

The above song really sounded good and the writing/phrasings were professionally done. Bravo to Ryan and his team.

I echo the comments about this kid finding his own, but he should keep it going and follow his dream (if this is his dream).

Best of luck to him!


Dan says:

Obviously, this guy has talent. Its great to see young people coming into their own. He has a bright future.

Cody says:

Ummm I guess I was the only one who watched his little performance on ksee 24 the other day cuz he was AWFUL! Come on do we just let anyone sing on tv these days!!! I know better singers his age in my church choir. Not to mention some voices I’ve heard at local open mic nights around town. Please people stop listening to what others think is good or cool and listen to actual MUSIC performed by actual singers and song writers. Cause the horrible state of music today is do to people listening to crap cuz its what they think is “cool” or what the radio decides it feels like selling.

Jenny says:

Ryan is his own person with an incredible amount of talent. Telling him to change the way he looks just because another popstar has the same hairstyle is just silly. How many actresses are there with long wavy blonde hair? People know who they are because of their talent not their looks. Good luck to Ryan, he will go far.

Stephen says:

Professionally recorded and with a pro vocal instructor, he’s got a shot, why not?

But to me he’s nasally, the song is catchy but simplistic (which works nowadays – Baby, Baby, Baby Ohhhh), and he’s clearly doing the right thing of late – puttin’ it out there on Youtube for all the tween girls to scream about.

Good luck to the local, I guess. I don’t see anything special here (The Beib’s videos WERE special, fresh and new), but lack of unique talent hasn’t stopped Fresnan’s from making it before – right KFed?

Mike Oz says:

I didn’t really care for the version on KSEE 24. I think the song works much better in the video above, as a more acoustic-sounding ballad. It would probably sound better as a pop song. But the band on the KSEE 24 performance was a little too hard rock, I thought.

Mike Oz says:

I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think he wrote it. Most pop singers don’t. And I know his manager also is a songwriter.

mdub420 says:

How’s he hatin?

Rachel- says:

He did write that song! He’s an amazingly talented young man that has only just begun. Those of you that are hating are just jealous of his talents. Don’t stop what you’re doing Ryan, keep up the amazing work!! We are behind you 100%

kevikev says:

His performance on KSEE was sub-par, because the studio is not set up for live acts to perform. He is much better than that. I saw him perform in the CMT production of 13. The kid has talent. He should change his haircut though to avoid the obvious “copycat” claims.

guys, you have to remember that KSEE 24′s equipment is kinda older than some other channels, so the sound isnt the best sometimes. but trust me this kid does have talent. ive heard this kid sing in front of me LIVE and let me tell you, hes got some REAL talent. oh and he did write this song himself. with some help from his manager of course . never the less this kiddd is going somewhere.

Gabrielle says:

Yes, people are going to think this guy is the next “JB”. But you know what?
Just because he’s trying to follow his dreams and has had the unfortunate fate of really starting after Justin Bieber, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have talent and cannot go far because of that.
He is really good and deserves a chance. Cut him some slack. He’s my age, and I have to say, he’s a lot braver than me. I’ve been told that I’m a pretty good singer, but I freeze up and get too nervous and self conscious to actually do anything about it. I am working up to it, and hopefully I will claim some solos in Choir sometime in the future, or elsewhere, maybe a play? Who knows.
But cut him some slack, and don’t judge him because of Justin Bieber. His name is RYAN BEATTY. So deal.
Ryan, you’re amazing! Keep singing :)

Quincy says:

You’re doing good, Ryan. I’m 11 and am you’re biggest fan!!! I know it sounds crazy for me to like someone your age but, you’re very cute and I wanna know what state you’re living in? Please. Love you.

rianna says:

i totally agrre with you