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Fres-Know: We’re real where it counts


SURVEY SAYS: Fresno No. 2 most-interested city in fake boobs. [Real Self]

NEWS: Fresno State names its men’s basketball coach. Finally. [The Bee]

AND NOW, IN K-FED NEWS: He’s impregnated another one! [US Weekly]

NEWS: City of Fresno cuts 160 jobs amid budget woes. [The Bee]

VOTE: Help Visalia’s Valley Oak SPCA get $100K. [Vote to Save Lives]

GET INVOLVED: Creative Fresno is looking for new board members. [Creative Fresno]

ICYMI: George Hostetter’s epic post about Fresno’s emerging “uptown.” [City Beat]

BLOGGINGS: “You can’t revitalize by demolition” [Fresno Urban]

PROPS: Fresno City jazz soloist Octavio Rivera wins big award [FCC]

BLOGGINGS: Who misses seeing movies at the drive-in? [What Fresno Wants]

YUM: New local food blog visits California Wok and Ballpark Cafe [Fresno Bites]

GOT SKILLS? Twin Pomegranates Wine is looking for a spokesperson. [Twin Poms]

LISTEN: The latest podcast from Dead in 60 Years [Di60Y]

BLOGGINGS: Details on Fresno’s participation in National Architecture Week [ArcHop]

Responses to "Fres-Know: We’re real where it counts"

mdub420 says:

#2!!??? Come on ladies, step ur game up. I would have thought Fresno would have been number 1. Its all good though. Crazy how a nice set of fakes can transform a girl from meh to wow!!

blake says:

I cannot believe L.A. isn’t the far-out-front winner of this game. I guess my prejudices have been trounced by facts.

Dan says:

Thanks for mentioning Fresno Urban, Mike. On the issue of revitalization, we have written about the Firestone Building at 1502 Fulton. Were hoping people agree with our feeling that the building should be preserved for it’s historical significance.