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To-Do Tonight: The best Thursday night of the year


If anyone in my direct vicinity today dare say “There’s nothing to do in Fresno,” they will get smacked. Especially today.

Today is the best Thursday night of the year. There’s wayyyyy too much going on tonight. I need at least three of me to take it all in.

Here’s a look:

Fliers and more details down below

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: The best Thursday night of the year"

mdub420 says:

It amazes me how there are still people in the No that say there’s nothing to do here!!?

Cody says:

I want to see EVERYONE at Iron bird for Autism Speaks!!

jaurique says:

exactly and it’s only Thursday!!! now if they only had a strip club with girls that werent ugly, fat, tattoo’d up or old it would be perfect. ha ha