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To-Do Tonight: Bryan Adams in Hanford

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Canadian pop/rock singer Bryan Adams — seen here recently getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — is an Hanford tonight for a nearly sold out show at the Fox Theatre.

We’re told only single tickets are left, so if you’re a loner looking to drown your sorrows when he sings “(Everything I Do) I Do it For You)” — this is your lucky day. Or if you’re just an Adams fan and don’t care whether any of your friends go … also lucky.

Tickets cost $55-$75.

If you wanna get one, we’d suggest you call the theater pronto — (559) 584-7423 — lest your hopes get cut like a knife.

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Bryan Adams in Hanford"

not again says:

No promotion by the Bee for this concert. Dont forget Summer of 69. Thats a good song.

Stephen says:

Fox Theatre. Hanford.

Cellar Door. Visalia.

Fulton 55. Fresno.

One of these things, doesn’t belong here, one of these things isn’t kinda, the same…one of these things isn’t like, the others…

Except this isn’t a game.

Mike Oz says:

@not again:
I announced the concert in The Bee on 2/27.
It was also in the paper on 3/22 when he got his Hollywood star, and it was one of our “best bets” (with a photo) in last Friday’s 7 section.
Plus, this blog post. So I dunno about “no promotion.”

I’m not sure the point you’re trying to make with this one. I know you’re not happy with the booking at Fulton 55? But do you realistically expect them to be booking Bryan Adams?

Stephen says:

Bryan Adams is too big for Fulton55, obvs, but I was just (sledge)hammering my point through. I just get tired of Hanford and Visalia beating Fresno to the punch on mid-size concert draws.

Monster Trucks? Fresno.

Shawn Colvin? Heck, even Taylor Hicks?? C’mon Fresno, let’s go! (okay, for the record, Taylor Hicks shouldn’t be allowed to play at Sequioa in the corner, but it was the only example I could come up with).