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Shout out to The Stone Foxes + Strange Vine


Tonight in Mesa, Ariz., two rock bands with Fresno ties will each be having one of the biggest gigs of their careers.

The Stone Foxes, the SF-by-way-of-Fresno band whose profile has risen a bunch in the past couple years, and Strange Vine, the much-loved local ’70s rock-inspired duo, will be playing with The Black Keys. Yup, those Black Keys. The Stone Foxes scored the gig and brought Strange Vine along to back them up.

If you’re familiar with either The Stone Foxes’ or Strange Vine’s music, you know this is a big deal, because The Black Keys are basically the modern MVPs of that style of rock. Also on the bill tonight is Cage the Elephant, no slouches themselves.

Since you’re probably not going to Arizona tonight, you’ll be happy to know that you can see The Stone Foxes and Strange Vine together on April 30 when they play an exclusive concert at Rotary Storyland. (Sacramento band Agent Ribbons is playing that gig too).

It’s Creative Fresno’s Members Only party. But fear not, you can join Creative Fresno — more on that here – and get into the concert for free. Dues are $20 and membership includes discounts at local shops and restaurants.

Another good note: The Stone Foxes just got booked at the mega-cool Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco Aug. 12-14.

Responses to "Shout out to The Stone Foxes + Strange Vine"

rockmusiclover says:

I did see The Stone Foxes recently and they just aren’t the same anymore. They play as a trio and you can’t call them a power trio because no one in the band has the talent to really stand out, and a power trio needs at least two amazing musicians. And then when they bring out Strange Vine it improves somewhat, but only to kind of interesting they lack the raw bluesy guts they used to have, and the singing through out is not good. Also, now they only trade instruments when they play as quintet and it seems forced almost hackneyed and trite. What happened to them? Oh, and one last thing in case your planning on seeing them soon with their new material in the set, some of these songs are not as strong as their earlier stuff and the set list is missing some of their best songs.

Aviisgone says:

The reason they sound different is they had a falling out with Avi Vinocur, the 4th member and probably the most talented of them all plus he was the lead singer.

Melissa says:

That falling out literally just happened. Give them time to adjust. The band wont be the same, but it doesnt mean they will hold any less quality. And to say that hes “probably” the most talented of them all is crap. All four of them are amazing, and if it had been someone other than Avi leaving the group it would have the same affect on the group. Also, I had the pleasure of seeing the Stone Foxes before Avi was even a thought. When they were performing in their highschool talent shows, They were Fantastic then, and The people that know them couldnt be prouder or more impressed with how far they’ve come. Plus, your names listed as Aviisgone…. of course youre going to be partial to him.

Robert says:

Hope they can work out their differences and get back together.