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To-Do Tonight: 4/20 edition

It’s April 20, aka 4/20, aka the pot smoker’s holiday — so you know there are some celebrations around town tonight. It’s not that we condone illegal substances, but you can’t deny 4/20 as an event sparker.

Leading off: Starline debuts a new Wednesday night party called Feel the Funk, which is 4/20ing it up for its first night. DJ Marc West is spinning and reggae band Irie Sun — because you can’t have a 4/20 party without a reggae singer, right? — performs as well.



There’s more reggae with Pilot Touhill at Babylon, Aldo’s has another spring break party (yes, it’s a different one than yesterday) and Thai Palms has a comedy night with Buddy Lewis (and a horrible flier).




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blue dream says:

mike what kind of buds you guys chiefin on for 420