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The Week Ahead: Sudz, Flogging Molly, Rob Zombie, Fay Wrays, Stankonia and more


GET YOUR SUDZ: Fresno beer drinkers, raise your glass for this year’s Sudz in the City. It offers the opportunity to taste numerous brews inside Chukchansi Park, with live music, food, etc. More info here. When you’re done, go see “The Hangover 2.”

BIG CONCERTS: It’s a good week for concerts. The Moody Blues are at the Visalia Fox Theatre on Wednesday, Flogging Molly is at Rainbow Ballroom on Thursday and Rob Zombie is at Crest Theatre on Friday night. If you’re looking for Zombie tickets, come back to the site tomorrow. We might be able to help.

FAY WRAYS: Local rock band Fay Wrays are releasing their new album at Fulton 55 on Saturday night, with a big lineup of good local bands — Fierce Creatures, Achievement House, etc.– and a nice-looking poster. Look for free music from Fay Wrays on the site later this week.

SPOTTIEOTTIEDOPALISCIOUS: Another cool tribute night from The Soulflower Group — they do the Prince tribute and others. This one is dedicated to one of my favorite hip-hop groups: OutKast. It’s happening Friday at Audie’s Olympic. You better get up, get out and get something, Fresno.

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Responses to "The Week Ahead: Sudz, Flogging Molly, Rob Zombie, Fay Wrays, Stankonia and more"

JJJ says:

The omission of Don Omar in all Bee related concert notices is quite odd. Usually ticket prices are a good indication of how “big” a group is, and Don Omar is charging more than Flogging Molly and Rob Zombie (I have my tickets for both).

Mike Oz says:

First I’ve heard of it. When/where?

*edit: Nevermind. Found it and added the flier. Apparently, the PR hasn’t been strong on this one. Thanks for the head’s up.

JJJ says:

They’ve been running ads for it on La Kalle (107.9) pretty often. I think it was only announced 2 weeks ago though. Must be something about Fresno and last minute concerts.

JJJ says:

Also, the thing about the Rainbow and the Crest theater is that they don’t sell tickets on ticketmaster (which I approve of) and neither has a website, so it’s hard sometimes to find out about concerts they host. Ticket vendors are also random. For Don Omar tickets are being sold at “lugares de costumbre” which means “the usual places”. Real helpful guys!

mdub420 says:

Don Omar was pretty comical in the last two Fast and the Furious movies.

i’m probably going to go to Sudz. I’ll be in the Three Monkeys line all day long.