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Apparently, Fresno State students are a bunch of leftists

Here’s a politically-charged video with a strong Fresno tie that’s making the rounds. Recently, the website Exposing Leftists took to the campus of Fresno State to do just what its name suggests.

A host from Exposing Leftists — a site started by three college students aiming to expose the “hypocrisies of liberals on college campuses” — donned Fresno State gear and walked around campus asking students to sign a petition that would ban Glenn Beck and other conservative voices on TV and radio. At the same time, they asked the students whether they believed in free speech. The rest is pretty obvious. How the students didn’t spot the ruse, I don’t know. How many people ask you to sign a petition and put a camera in your face? That should have the first sign that some trickery was afoot.

Our nation’s political climate being one that’s obsessed with a well-placed zing against those with whom we disagree, dig-your-own-grave videos like these are not uncommon — from either side of the spectrum. As I write this, the video has 87,000+ views in just four days and is getting a lot of celebration from the political right.

Surprisingly, though, there’s only a tiny bit of Fresno bashing in the YouTube comments.

Responses to "Apparently, Fresno State students are a bunch of leftists"

DLR84 says:

lol I admit it’s funny, but that’s about as far as it goes. It really proves nothing about anything, other than people love to pick sides and choose enemies based on beliefs.

With 20,000 students on campus, you can get all kinds of crazy stuff on video if you want.

sxeptomaniac says:

Yeah, I’ve seen these guys. They’ve been doing similar stuff at UC Merced.

DLR84 is correct that this stuff proves absolutely nothing, but they are claiming it does, unfortunately.

These kinds of manufactured “citizen journalism” videos are getting really annoying. One thing they clearly are not, is journalism.

Jason says:

Baby elephants filming baby donkeys. Nothing to see here folks. Keep it moving.

Narsty says:

If you want I could go back to Fresno State, dress myself in whatever, interview the same people, and get whatever results you want from them. Put a camera on someone. If they don’t run from it you can get them to do just about whatever. Propaganda is fun and easy.

adam says:

I’m not able to view the video but I assume it only includes people who held the duplicitous position? The interesting thing would be to know how many people turned them and their stupid gotcha tactics down. If this video only represents a couple percent of the people they approached, that would be much more telling than the video alone.

Does anyone base their assumptions about the knowledge level of our country on Jay Leno’s Jaywalking segment? Jeopardy?

Mike Oz says:

Cash Cab!

Oh, and “Are You Smarter Than a Guy Holding a Video Camera?”

Mike Oz says:

I’d give five whole U.S. dollars if you could make a similar video of Fresno State students saying their favorite food is toes.

adam says:

I knew it!

Narsty says:

It could be done! A bit of a twisted approach would be necessary (think Soylent Green). I’m not sure where I would find a surplus of toes. If I did I could set up a stand, debone them, deep fry them, put them on a stick, and I’m sure I could get enough people to admit that it was the best thing they’d ever had! #Illmind

b2burns says:

If Latino students hold their own separate FSU graduation ceremony as rumored, then “yes.”

adam says:

The UC Merced one was asking students to sign a position that redistributes GPAs which, I’m assuming, is a ploy to get students with poorer grades to admit that they’d happily take a couple of A’s from a better student.

That’s not even really a serious question and what smartass college student wouldn’t half-jokingly support such a notion? Of course, the idiots behind the camera will probably extrapolate all kinds of conclusions about how this represents liberal hate for rich people.

Dribble says:

I don’t know that it really says anything about conservatives vs. liberals.

I think the real point is here that people will sign anything. To me, it shows that the process of collecting signatures for anything is pointless. Makes me REAL uncomfortable when thinking about how ballot measures actually get put up for a vote.

Lisi says:

As a rule, I don’t sign petitions, the ethics of individuals who are paid per signature is generally questionable. Just today outside of a Target I was asked to sign a petition to start a new political party that thus far had no position on any issue. When I told the man that I don’t sign things without having all the information he actually said, “You are suffering for analytical paralysis” That too many people want all the information and don’t just take action. I told him that kind of line was absolutely unethical bullying and if there was a problem in this country it comes from people not taking a minute to review the facts and think for a moment before acting.
In regards to this video,I was struck by the way the question was often asked. Asking if they specifically wanted Glenn Beck and Rush off the air. It is misleading. Also, it seemed clear that some signers believed that they were guilty of hate speech, which is not protected.

Arnie says:

I concur with other comments that video editing is based on one’s philosophy of life.

But I am concerned that even one person would sign such a document.

I guess the opposite survey-taking needs to be filmed for comparison: “Here, would you sign a petition to ban Katie Couric and Brian Williams from the airwaves because the mainstream press are in bed with Wall Street Bankers and the White House?”

Dave says:

What does one expect from liberals? Freedom of speech is for them and no one else who opposes their views. Far worse than hypocrites, more like anti-American!! Deport the Ba……

Ron says:

Please, Mike OZ, these are just kids. What do you expect them to do when their school is being privatized, their tuition and school fees have gone up 40% and going up, another 50%.

I don’t really feel Beck ought to be banned. He will fall from his own stupidity. These kids are only reacting from the hypocrictical statements on his and other right wing programs that presently emanate the airwaves.

We are seeing an inability for the youth to have an education. This is called “the dumbing down” of America. People like Beck, are working for extremists right wing forces that only would like to see a grabbag of an uneducated work force, despite the fact that everything has been outsourced and jobs are scarce. These people on the extreme right are paid handsomely by their corporate sponsors while the Left is being defunded. Essentially the corporates direct bad propaganda to confuse the uneducated public. Only the children of the elites and those with money who will be able to afford education for their children and that is a cause worth fighting. In essence we are seeing a class struggle in which the middle class is disappearing.

I am not just talking about the Republican conservatives causing the problem. The so-called Liberal Democrats are as well to blame. They, as well, have taken advantage of the system to increase the fees and tuition and personally profitized their gains in these troubled economic times. But since the economic crisis, we have seen less opportunities for the youth of America decline because those who have caused this economic crisis knew exactly what they were doing. That is, the corporates have been exempt from criminality while they in turn sponsor bad propaganda.