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The 10 most hilarious ‘Best of Fresno’ voter responses


The “oops” of the day goes to Fresno Magazine. Today was the last day to vote in this year’s “Best of Fresno” awards, and our local Twitter community (hat tip to @alisa_m_) discovered a pretty grave gaffe on Fresno Mag’s part.

Once you voted, some results were public — meaning, you could see not only what people voted for, but the personal information they entered while voting.

In true Fresno Mag failing fashion, the top of the report said, “We don’t like spam either. Your contact information will remain confidential.” *facepalm*

I’ll let someone else lecture Fresno Mag on how to do an online survey correctly (use our comment section, if you wish).

My favorite part was seeing some of the ridiculous things people were voting for. Two things were quite clear: Fresno Mag’s awards have their ballot-stuffers (no duh!) and some voters REALLY can’t spell.

There’s a lot of hilarity, and you can check it out here (until Fresno Mag fixes the settings, that is), but here are 10 favorites, as selected by Heather McLane and myself.

10. Best Elected Official (Male) – Barak Obama

9. Best [every category] - Don’t know [Ya know, you could have just left it blank and saved yourself some time and typing]

8. Best Jewelry Store – Downtown Swap Mall

7. Sun Angels Tanning & Beauty Salon – who were obviously stuffing the ballot for best nail salon, best hair salon and (??) best place for a kid’s birthday party

6. Best Day Care – My car’s back seat

5. Best Country Club/Golf Course – United States [someone stopped reading the category halfway in]

4. Best Place to Buy a Handbag – Vons, ICEE

3. Best Place to Pop the Question – Al Rico Taco’s, Quiznos by the pepper bar

2. Best Interior Design – 180 overpass

1. Best Elected Official (Female) - Major Swerigen


EVENING UPDATE: Fresno Magazine has (rightfully) made the results private. Therefore, I’ve edited this post and removed some claims I made of people who were stuffing the ballot, because there’s not a link to back it up anymore.

Responses to "The 10 most hilarious ‘Best of Fresno’ voter responses"

Joy says:

I’m trying… but I can’t even care.

Though Downtown Swap Mall IS the best jewelry store. Also best place to find shiny, ostentatious 4 inch heels.

Tom D. says:

Nervously, I went to one knee near the Quizno’s pepper bar, shifting slightly to avoid a puddle of jalapeno juice on the floor. What better place to pop the question? Our romance had been “Toasty” from Day One, and I wanted to make this afternoon special. I saw tears in the eyes of my beloved, but could not tell if they were due to overwhelming joy, or the vinegary tang wafting over from the pepperoncini bowl…

local musician says:

Very mean spirited about a local company that employees local people. You want them to go down and those people lose their jobs? Who do you work for? Big corporation that sunk this economy and dring recession went under a dollar a share. How many of you were laid off and you want to see this happen with locals. No one respects your opinion about music so you moved toward hate filled chicken sh#% posts. What band were you in? Then you insult local artists. you are a di#$.

So you rise through the smoke like GING RICH.

Violet says:

Wow Mike Oz. You really have nothing better to do than find ways to show your disdain for Fresno, it’s citizen’s and local small businesses that employ local employees like Fresno Magazine. In a time when our economy is as such you should be lifting up Fresno and supporting all things Fresno including Al Rico Tacos, and yes the Swap Mall. I know you have taken it upon yourself to decide who and what is and isn’t “hip” in Fresno, but what are your qualifications for that again? What is it they say…”Those who can’t do criticize”? It’s very disappointing that you are actually putting members of the community down for their votes. Seems to me your real problem is with Fresnans deciding for themselves what they like rather than having the “The Great and Powerful” Mike Oz decide for them. If you really think that makes us “stupid” then maybe you should move and find a new town to hate. Lame.

local musician says:

Noticed you edited your own post and took out your hate towards local artists. Now that is journalistic integrity. You are my hero.

Violet says:

So really you aren’t going to post my comments? I can find other avenues of getting my opinion out there. Now you are going to look like an even bigger jerk when I tell Fresno that you suppressed it. Why even have a forum if you can can’t handle the backlash from your stupidity?

Mike Oz says:

If you think I don’t support local biz or hate Fresno, then you’re obviously just trolling this post and not paying attention to 95% of what I write about.

Mike Torosian says:

I think you’re being a bit dramatic, I don’t think a single post is going to bring down a company and leave people jobless begging for scraps in the hard streets of Fresno. Fresno Magazine made a pretty bad blunder, they didn’t properly secure their form and they had personal information available for public viewing about voters, they deserve to be called out for that and whoever made the mistake deserves to at least be reprimanded for the error. The rest is pretty obvious, anyone can figure out that people stuff the ballots to try and win and pointing out some of the votes that were humorous is pretty harmless and makes for a good laugh.

Mike Oz says:

Yes, I edited the post and explained why.
At least I acknowledged it. Fresno Mag’s gaffe — which is the subject of this post — hasn’t even been acknowledged.

local musician says:

Mike Torosian,

I respect your opinion. Yet Mike edited his own post. He hurt local artists and bussinesses with his accusations. Why else did he delete his vote. This backlash happened a few months ago with one of his hate filled posts and i frankly believe we are all sick of it. While you might be a loyal follower of his blog don’t defend bashing locals. I’m sick of it and it needs to stop here.

Michael says:

You know if Fresno Magazine employees spent less time commenting on this post and more doing their job then maybe the personal information wouldn’t have been accidentally leaked in the first place. Just saying.

local musician says:

“there’s not a link to back it up anymore.”

Very noble of you not to insult locals because you can’t back it up. What a creep.

It is because your original post was irresponsible. You are big corporation pretending to be local caring. FAIL.

Heather says:

Noticed you’re not using your real name. I can’t help but think it’s because, as a “local musician,” you’re worried about pissing off the big corporation local music writer.

Now that is integrity. You are my hero.

Danielle says:


Mike Torosian says:

Having met Mike in person and dealt with him online on numerous occasions as he personally helped me promote several local events my local business was involved in I know for a fact that Mike does not hate Fresno and in fact does quite a bit to help support local events and businesses through his blog posts and even frequents local events himself, does he call out local businesses as well? yes he does, is that a bad thing? no it’s not. Some times it helps to be called out because if nobody else is doing it how do you know where you can improve or how others feel about what you’re doing? This is an opinion blog, you’re not always going to agree with what’s said, that’s the nature of opinions. At the end of the day little, if any, harm is coming from this post. Also, on a side note, you should really consider using your real name on posts, it adds a hell of a lot more credibility than an anonymous nickname.

Mike Oz says:

It wasn’t “insulting” local people. Look, we all know the ballots get stuffed and people campaign for themselves in all these awards — be it Fresno Mag’s, The Bee’s People’s Choice Awards or even the Fresno Famous awards. It’s just rare that we get to see the ballots and marvel at it all. That’s Fresno Magazine’s fault, plain and simple.

They were sloppy and they left it out there, plus the personal information of people voting in their poll. You want to talk about irresponsible, letting peoples’ persona info sit there like that is far, far more irresponsible than anything I’ve done on this post.

Like I said to the other poster — who sounds a lot like you, I might add — if you think I don’t care about local stuff, you’re either just trolling this post because you’ve got a horse in this race or you don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the work that I do week in and week out.

Stephen says:

MikeOz, you are SOOO ridiculous. Who are you to write fun blogs and point out the foibles of others?

Who are you to say things about local musicians who you never promote or support?

Who are you to write?

Who are you really? Because I saw you in person once and you were certainly NOT a writer or a singer that day. You were just a caring loving father who happened to know just about everything about local music who claimed to write stories about music every day (or more) and also maintain a blog and also work hard on local events like Pecha Kucha and you MC charity gigs for free all the time and you set up art shows and well!!

You’ve got some kinda nerve buddy. And all while using your own name and ensuring your stuff is journalistically accurate. Some kinda nerve.

brodiemash says:

I don’t appreciate your ruse, Fresno Mag.

Harsh says:

I started filling this out yesterday and looking at the form submission it made me a little apprehensive so I backed out and did not complete it. After the last year of going through a boatload of PCI compliance stuff here at the office, it really has made me think twice about what information I give out.
Sorry Fresno Mag… but you won’t be getting any more votes from this guy.

Anthony Moraga says:

Mike isn’t bashing locals who don’t have it coming to them. If you dislike your position in this world, and feel that everyone is entitled to a job, you are a moron “local musician.” You seem to be using this crutch of everyone else must be working for a corporation if they point out the incompetence in others. Employees of Fresno Rag should understand that they are lucky to have their job, creating a publication that doesn’t show the real Fresno, only the Fresno who puts money up for the rag. That is the real corporatization. And in their own stupidity claim to keep contact info private, and then post it on the same page. And I know who the people behind Sun Angels Salon are and its a joke. And to all these complaints about hurting business in this economy. Let the business keep themselves viable. With top notch customer service. That is how you get word of mouth, and that is more powerful than any dollar amount spent on advertising or minute spent getting your business in Fresno Rag, which about 20 people read.

Jay Parks says:

Stephen kinda says it all.

elguapo says:

I find it hilarious that Fresno Bee employees point out F ups by Fresno Magazine.

The Fresno bee is not exactly the best publication in the world.
If I had a nickel for every blunder I have seen by the Fresno Bee I would have a lot of nickels.

I agree, Fresno Magazine is a Joke and ridcoulous!
The Fresno Bee is not exactly the New York Times either though!

Mike Oz says:

I’d say there’s a big difference between a “blunder” — and yes, all of us in the publishing biz have them — and not protecting people’s private info.

It would be like if we made public all the e-mail addresses for people who enter Beehive contests. Thankfully we’ve never done that, and I hope we never do.

Doobage says:

And if the Beehive ever does accidentally release the email addies for its contests, you should hope another local blog doesn’t post a link to the compromised data.

Mike Oz says:

“All in the game, yo … it’s all the game” – Omar Little (The Wire, 2002)

Doobage says:

Because armed robbery and drug dealing have so much to do with community blogging.

Mike Oz says:

“The Wire” can relate back to many facets of life.

I have a doctor’s appointment next week. I can’t wait to read Fresno Mag. Reading at medical offices helps the stats.

pk says:

What?!….you only have to wait 2 minutes for the appt.! (time it takes to read Fresno Magazine)

Feisty says:

Whether you love Mike or you hate him, the fact is that his writing and opinions are powerful enough to generate a lot of passion in the Fresno community, as with the authors of the previous comments. That is why he earned my votes for “Best Writer” and “Most Influential.” Sure, when I want to listen to the news I will tune in to XM and scan CNN, MSNBC, NPR, FOX etc., but when I want to know about local artists, food, sports, music, and the issues that affect Fresno and Valley residents, I know I can trust Mike Oz. Sure, for the first year or two I lived here I did the ol’ trust-but-verify, but frankly I feel that his integrity (for a journalist;) seems intact and he is genuinely invested in the Fresno community, particularly in the “little people,” not just the big corporate giants that grease the financial gears. But you are all wecome to your opinions, and I am glad that he has such a passionate following.

Mike Oz says:

Thank you for the kind words.

Ivory Gretts says:

I just want to say that Mike Oz is the biggest Fresno fan I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and probably the number one source for anyone else to tap what Fresno has to offer. I can see where he found humor in this and I laughed too – because people were probably **joking**. Take a load off.

LuvlyRta says:

I’ve never met Mike, and I am only sometimes able to follow this blog, but it is so obvious that he supports Fresno. I don’t understand yours and some of the other responses that Mike was criticizing the *voters.* There was some joking about how people were voting (the President for the best local elected official??). I don’t see how that is anti-Fresno, though. And he did have to point out those misspellings; I mean, come on, we should never just stand by for poor grammar! Once again, he was pointing out FRESNO MAG’s error.

LuvlyRta says:

Like! lol

anonymous says:

Fresno Mag is circling the drain ready to flush anyway.


Remember Mike OZ is from San Jose so HE IS PAID TO LIKE FRESNO by his EMPLOYER!

Fresno_Ninja says:

I think Mike actually loves Fresno. I think you are just being a Troll and trying to start a problem on a post from almost a year ago. Get a life.

Joseph A. Lynch says:

We would have to outsource our writing talent. It would seem nobody in this town is capable of reading and forming actual thought. As proven by people’s answers to these simple questions.