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The Cross Streets guys go on a Mayorly quest

You enjoy the Cross Streets video series. I enjoy the Cross Streets video series. And apparently, Mayor Ashley Swearengin enjoys Cross Streets too.

As part of her State of the City event today, Swearengin recruited the Cross Streets guys to help her capture the current pulse of the city. I won’t give away too much, but I will encourage you to watch until the very end.

Three afterthoughts: It’s nice to see City Hall tapping into the blogosphere (more on that later), the Mayor is a pretty good actress and we need more of Mr. Fitness on the Fresno Internets immediately.

Responses to "The Cross Streets guys go on a Mayorly quest"

james says:

I sat there today, in a sea of business suits and among many of Fresno’s most influential people – when this played it was simply beautiful. Well done, Dumb Drum, and thanks for the laugh at lunch.

brodiemash says:

We already have some special stuff planned for Mr. Fitness so don’t you worry about him going away :)

JML says:

If I had the bod of Mr. Fitness, I’d never wear a shirt.

Stephen says:

I don’t have the words to say how much I love everything about this.

I will say, isn’t it great we finally have a good actor as our Mayor??!!

(PS–She’s totally a hugger, don’t let the great acting fool you.)

Cross Streets FTW, but Mayor Swearengin for the whole ball of marbles win. I think she’s doing an amazing job and I’m glad I voted for her (liberal ol’ me).

Heather says:

AWESOME!!! Well done guys.

mdub420 says:

A’swesome video!!

John Wallace says:


Chango Martinez says: