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To-Do Tonight: New Beginnings & Old Faves


Lots to pay attention to tonight …

  • Poetry slam The Beat Down Slam gets a new venue tonight, leaving its previous home, Revue, for the fresh downtown digs of Iron Bird Cafe. The Inner Ear organizers said they left Revue because of differences with the owner, which is something I’ve heard happening from ArtHop events to comedy shows. Eek. Yet another reason to go to Iron Bird instead? Sounds good.
  • Sierra Vista Mall kicks off it summer concert series — with the rockin’ cover band sounds of Mr. Rude.
  • After Taste & Toast of the Tower tonight, Palomino’s kicks off a new night — Inebriation Thursdays. Ya know, cuz you’ll probably have loaded up on wine by then.

Check the fliers below …

RockTheMall web.jpg


Responses to "To-Do Tonight: New Beginnings & Old Faves"

John E says:

Foul on the poster! I got all excited that the Iron Bird was gonna somehow host lucha libre.

Then I read…

Marc M. says:

…looks like I’ll be DJ’ing the pseudo-lucha libre poetry slam tonight? haha

Pook says:

Had a great time at the Beat Down Slam tonight! A much friendlier venue than the Revue and shockingly, they’re a cafe that actually serves good coffee! Lord help us all if this trend catches on. I’m very happy that the great poets (who were smoking hot tonight!) have a good home again.