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To-Do Tonight: Introducing Huck

huck may 2010 dates.jpg

If you like Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson, you oughta be at Yosemite Ranch tonight to check out Huck.

He’s a New York-based singer/songwriter who is making the rounds in Fresno this week. Tonight’s show is free, so that’s one selling point.

The other is that the dude has a good sound — it’s a similar chilled-out vibe that’s made Mraz and Johnson quite popular. Check out his MySpace to sample the tunes. “Bomb” and “Butterflies” are among my favorites. He sounds like he could be big one day.

The show starts at 9 p.m.

Get your post-ArtHop indie rock fix at Tokyo Garden. Rademacher is playing, of course, and it’s joined by Eagle Rock-based indie band Wrong Way Driver and the magical pop stylings of Blake Jones.

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Introducing Huck"

blake says:

Thanks for the plug.

I think it’s gonna be a pretty electric time over at Tokyo tonight. Rumour has it that Famous Whitewater Himself will guest-sing on a Trike Shop number (it’s part of a campaign to move us up to ‘bad-ass’…though ‘magical’ ain’t nothing to sneeze at.

Of course super-props to Mike from Rademacher for his ability to pull these shows off EVERY month at the venerable Tokyo Garden! Rademacher’s own rumour mill puts local artist Ramiro Martinez on the bill reading a poem! Add in the wonder of Tokyo Garden ambience, and you have a must-live evening.

Danielle says:

Thanks for the reminder. I gave him a listen a few days ago after seeing a FB post by Nicole from Y101. He sounds A LOT like Jack Johnson, but that’s a good thing. I’m guessing his live show is pretty dynamic and somewhat jam-oriented and I definitely plan on checking it out tonight. On a side note, although kid of small, I really love what Yo Ranch has been doing with its live music nights. They had a great party going on after Springtini and I hope they continue, it’s a great spot for a drink while catching an intimate set by up and coming artists like this one. Great food, too.

blanca says:

jason mraz comparison huh… alright ill take a listen.