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Responses to "Twist starts dancing … in style"

Mike says:

I would have thought after last night’s drunken dancing foul and the refusal by the managment and security to call the ambulance would have stopped this.

All because they insisted that the girl (that just fell from a tall chair and banged her head againt a VIP table then on the concrete floor, went unconscience for a bit, and got up crying her eyes out) was OK!

Chong says:

Not sure why you are under the impression that management refused to call an ambulance. We offered to call on several occasions and she refused. She is a regular customer and has been in contact with management today where she again told us she was okay.

Thomas says:

Let’s get the facts straight here.

1. She was sitting on a barstool.
2. Her friend tried to twirl the barstool causing her to fall off it.
3. She said she was okay, refused any ambulance or medical assistance after being asked more than once.
4. She called management today to say she was fine and was looking forward to doing it all over tonight (in a joking way).

Mike, how does this relate to dancing? Also, we would never refuse medical assistance to anyone, anytime. By insinuating that we would actually refuse to take care of our patrons, or by implying she was not OK or that we would try to hide the fact that someone was hurt is borderline slanderous, and can be harmful to our business.

Thomas del Castillo, Esq.
Twist Restaurant-Partner

bradley says:

Best of luck to the crew at Twist!

Kassandra says:

“Kevin Bacon wrapped hotdogs…” thats classic!

mdub420 says:

hopefully that bump to the head knocked some sense into that girl.

Eddie says:

Rock the house Twist and get….emmmmmm!

Casper Munoz says:

Yea the fall was bad but she did get up and said she didn’t need any medical assistance she even contacted me yesterday making light of the incident

Kevin Bacon wrapped hot dogs? Haha awesome

Fred aka Scott says:

To: Thomas and the Twist staff
Absolutely brilliant poster and food idea!! Looking forward to enjoying your place and the delicious food. See ya soon