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Did They Just Say Fresno? US Airways edition


Eyes in the friendly skies will be looking down on Fresno a little bit more, as our fair city is profiled in the latest edition US Airways magazine.

There are three stories telling the story of Fresno — its history, its modern culture and its landmarks.

The entire package hits on the major stuff we’re used to seeing: agriculture, the Underground Gardens, wine, the various cultures represented here. It also does a good job of bringing in some the other flavors of the town: ArtHop, Parker, Charlotte’s Bakery and, was a Beehive plug we saw? (We’re blushing).

No need to be on a plane to read what they’re saying about Fresno. Here are the three stories (note: All are PDFs).

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Responses to "Did They Just Say Fresno? US Airways edition"

Jessika Satori says:

Thanks Mike!! Thank you Heidi for bringing this to my attention…

Thanks for the tip of the hat to Audacious Aperture!! page 46

CEO, Audacious Aperture

Chase Sanborn says:

This is not an insignificant mention.


Lon Hannah says:

Congtratulations Jessika!

I first heard of this coming a few weeks back through the Business Journal and was looking forward to seeing how it all turned out. Thanks Beehive for the links. Good coverage for Fresno, we deserve it! Especially cool to see the mentions of some of my favorite things: Rogue, Charlotte’s Bakery and Beehive of course!
There. Now Fresno, do you see how cool we are?

blake says:

Alright, where’s my lousy no-good press agent? He shoulda been on that Underground Garden story for piggy-backing possibilities!

Chris says:

You guys do know this is a PAID advertorial right?

Fresno PAID for this glowing mention.

Mike Oz says:

A couple months ago when the whole deal was announced I asked whether it was paid, and I was told it wasn’t. I’m sure the mag profits off the associated advertising though.

Mike Oz says:

For what it’s worth, Chris, I called again and double-checked and I’m assured that it was not paid for.