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Cross Streets: Kings Canyon & Peach

Here’s the latest, hilarious installment of Cross Streets, by the Dumb Drum guys. Hands down, it’s the best video series on the Fresno Internets. This time, they head out to my ‘hood: Sunnyside. Oh, and remember they got their Swede Fest coming up this weekend.

Not mentioned: I heard there’s gonna be a Wing Stop over there soon. That’s worth a man-hug, methinks.

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Responses to "Cross Streets: Kings Canyon & Peach"

I love Kings Canyon and Peech

you can buy chinese food at wongs by the pound, they get mad when you get a whole plate of meat though

BTW, cool R2D2 shirt!!

Dude says:

Wong’s Tea Garden is GREAT. I won’t listen a bad word about it!!!!

blake says:

No doubt these Cross Streets installments are
a must-watch part of Fresno High Culture!
A brilliant brain-child of two creative parents.

blake says:

and….was that a real sneeze that brought on that edit sort of near the end? It cracked me up.

brodiemash says:

That was, indeed, our cameraman sneezing. We left it in there :)

Bryan Harley says:

That sneeze was magnificent, if only you could have heard the whole thing. Our camera guy (Andrew Toschi) hit “stop” too quickly!

Stavros says:

Who was the dude at the end?

Bryan Harley says:

Just some random dude!

Katie says:

Please please tell me where I can get that star wars shirt. It is awesome.

flo says:

i love dumb drum!! they crack me up…well done, again!! much love to them!!