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To-Do Tonight … and the week ahead


Daughtry is in town tonight. For many, it’s a chance to see the man is the most successful “American Idol” runner-up. But for Daughtry bass player Josh Paul, it’s a homecoming.

Paul (pictured far left) lives in Clovis, and is the opposite of the “local guy made good” story we usually hear. He’s from SoCal, but settled in Clovis with his family a few years ago. Read all about Paul, his local connections, and his past in bands such as Suicidal Tendencies in this feature story I wrote about him from last week’s Bee.


Responses to "To-Do Tonight … and the week ahead"

laura splotch says:

you rock, mike oz!!! thanks for grabbing that flyer i made…i wasn’t sure it was gonna be “pg” enough for the newspaper!
your pal, laura splotch

Mike Oz says:

Well, it’s OK for The Beehive. We have different rules here than in the paper.

Debi says:

For those going to see Daughtry tonight, get there on time to see Lifehouse. They are going to rock the house!!! Can’t wait.

mdub420 says:

hell yeah, tramp stamps galore at Aldos!

Debi says:

LIFEHOUSE rocked just like I knew they would. I sure hope they come back again someday!

Derek Akira says:

Check out the interview by Robert Trebor of Chris Paul Backstage at the save mart center before their performance here .