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Weekend Rewind: Hype, Bikes and Rodeo

So who made the most of this beautiful Fresno weekend? There was a lot to be done, between the Clovis Rodeo, CD release parties from Blake Jones and 40 Watt Hype and our very own Fresno Tweetup Goes Wild, the ibikefresno event at Woodward Park, an appearance from Itzhak Perlman, plus all kinds of other stuff.

I heard 40 Watt Hype sold out Tower Theatre. And the Tweetup was a blast. We’ll have some photos and videos on the site as soon as we can.

But in the meantime, what did you do this weekend? Fill us in. There were a lot of cool events we missed, but we’d love to hear about ‘em. Did you go to one? Did you try a new restaurant? Ready, set, comment!

Responses to "Weekend Rewind: Hype, Bikes and Rodeo"

blake says:

Of course, the weekend, for me was all about the Trike Shop CD release.
Everything went well (which is nice after months of preparing and worrying over it).
The musicians really delivered–some of them guesting with the band (Joy and Doc woo-ed and rocked the crowd respectively), and Poplord and Poplord+BadAndy was pretty darn cool. Pieter and Dylan and George’s solo stuff was terrific.MC Todd
kept the show running smoothly.
The food was good, the vibe was good and the Underground Garden art piece was stunning. I’ll try to get pics up on my blog in the next coupla days.
Sunday was spent lounging with my wife and hound dogs on the back patio–nice Spring day.

and MAN! 40 Watt sold out the Tower? That’s magnificient—my hat’s off to them.

Heather Malotke says:

VW show in Madera, then lunch on the patio at Toledo’s with my hubby and kids. The kids had never been to Toledo’s, and thought the patio was super-cool. Bonus that there was a mariachi band, too! Great weekend to hang out.

MsJoey says:

Friday night I went to Lauging Buddha for the first time.
It was pretty fun.I don’t know if the place itself is that great because for me it was the company and music (SCRG Reunion!)but I did experience sub-par service as neither bartenders made the same quality of drink AND the price was different both times.
Saturday went to Engelmen Cellars for a wedding and it was beautiful!
Great atmosphere, perfect location for an April wedding and just 15 mintutes from the Tower District.
Snuck in on Blake Jones CD release party which was great!
And of course, Livingstone’s for Sunday brunch.

Abe Lopez says:

Went to the 59 Days of Code Kick-off on Fri.

Tweet-up and Blake Jones on Sat.

Laundry on Sun.

Harsh says:

Thanks for a great time at the Tweetup… nicely put together

Ready, set, GO!
Friday was my BDay and my hubby Tony took me to OGGI’s in the Tower. I had not yet been there, but always wanted to go. The food was Great! Saturday was a looong one starting off at Ashtree Studios to meet with one of my artist friends, then spending the rest of the morning and early afternoon preparing for my exhibit at the Saroyan that night. I set up in the afternoon, then had just enough time to get back home and change for the Itzhak Perlman concert. Thanks to the Fresno Phil for such a great evening and especially for inviting me to exhibit my art for this incredible concert night! After the closing recep and loading up all my artwork to transport back to Ashtree, I finally made it to Blake and the Trike Shop party and had a great time into the wee hours of Sunday. You can find pics on my facebook profile and I’ll be posting soon to my blog too. Sunday was catch up on sleep day, read the paper, catch up on some online stuff and relax with my dogs. Thanks Fresno for another cool weekend!

N8 says:

Ate some Hmong cuisine and watched Kickass.
Both were way better than I expected.