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Roe shooting a black eye for local nightlife


Local nightclubs and what happens inside of them has been a hot topic lately with city decision-makers. So it’s particularly troubling to hear about what happened outside of restaurant-turned-club Roe last night.

There was a double shooting at about 1 a.m. that left two men hospitalized this morning. Details are still coming in today, so I’m sure we’ll hear more about what happened and the motives behind it in the next couple days.

First off, it’s unfortunate whenever people are shot. And second, it’s unfortunate that it happened at a time when a lot of attention is focused on Fresno nightlife — and on that shopping center in particular.

Roe’s neighbor Twist was recently at the center of a controversy about dance permits. Last we heard, the city was going to move forward, despite police objection, and give Twist its permit.

So it sucks that a victory has to be followed by a loss. You know a bunch of people saw this news today and their knee-jerk reaction was, “See, that’s why we shouldn’t let people dance in clubs.” Even though, of course, this happened in a parking lot, not on a dancefloor.

This just further underscores that people need to respect each other, the venues and the scene as a whole if Fresno’s nightlife is ever going to improve. Problems don’t happen when people are dancing, listening to music and having fun. Problems happen when the wrong crowd shows up and ruins it for everyone else.

It’s also worth noting that last night’s party was promoted by CVP Promotions. In January, there was also a shooting outside of Crossroads, a night that was promoted by Goosedaddy Promotions. If you pay attention to such things, you’d probably know those two promoters often work together. So it seems to me like they’re bringing the “wrong crowd.” Keep that in mind if you don’t like gunshots added to your night out.

Responses to "Roe shooting a black eye for local nightlife"

Pook says:

And so we’ll see another club close due to the jackassery of Fresnans who don’t know how to act in public. How many local scense have been ruined because of this crap?

Too many. And between idiots like this and the overreative conservative local gubberment, they’re working overtime to make sure that Fresno lives up to the crappy reputation, that so many others are trying to put past us.


MsJoey says:

Props Mike for posting this but double props for making the connection with the promoters.
As someone who works in PR and often event planning it’s sad to see that some promoters will overlook certain safety issues when attempting to make money.
yes, there will always be that bad element out there but we don’t have to cater to it.
There’s a reason there are dress codes enforced and ticket prices kept high at certain events. That is to keep the unsavory out.
I would hope these two promoters take heed rather than offense and be a part of the solution to maintaining a positive and healthy nightlife in Fresno.
While this incident is not their sole responsibility, when you cater to a rough crowd, you have to take some responsibility for the fall out. And Fresno does NOT need this type of media attention not to mention the fact that no one ever deserves to be shot.

adam says:

Let’s do a rewrite on that comment:

“And so we’ll see another club close due to the jackassery of people who don’t know how to act in public. How many scenes have been ruined because of this crap?”

That’s better.

Neither shootings, nor idiots showing up inside and outside of dance clubs are endemic to Fresno so there is no reason to blame this on a fictional “Fresno-only culture.”

Not surprised... says:

It’s not the location of the club, or the promoter, or whether it happened inside or outside…it’s the PEOPLE IN FRESNO. I wish I never moved here and looking forward to moving this summer when school is done. Everyone complains that Fresno gets a bad rep, stuff like this is exactly why. Sorry to all the non ghettoes who live here to. Just speaking truth, hate away……….

haha says:

How is life over there in Denial?

adam says:

I assume that was directed at me. Where do you get denial, anywhere in my comment?

For The Record says:

Just confirmed, ROE will be opened tonight! Again the club will NOT be closed for tonight’s shadow bar event

Vy says:

I think part of the problem is the lack of variety of nightlife in Fresno. There will be a “wrong crowd” in other cities too, but it depends on the type of club, unfortunately. Places like Roe and Twist are going to attract a wide variety because there aren’t a lot of other options, especially on off nights like Thursdays.

It’s a shame that a few bad apples can potentially spoil the whole bunch.

adam says:

And I’ll go further:

You say, “Everyone complains that Fresno gets a bad rep, stuff like this is exactly why.”

No. Fresno gets a bad rep because people like you take incidents like this, that happen all over the world in cities far more beloved than Fresno, and they use it to reinforce their previously held contention that Fresno sucks. That’s fine if you don’t like Fresno, but don’t say you hate it and you’re moving away because there was a shooting outside of a nightclub.

Unless you plan on moving to a teeny tiny little city without nightclubs, I guarantee there will be gun violence at some point. But seriously, let me know when you get to Boston or New York or LA or London and there’s no shootings.

Stephen says:

Oh man. The blame game, so soon.

It’s not the promoters or the club or the dance permits or the gun laws or the security.

It’s criminals.

Now I’ll grant you we see more of this behavior when you add criminals and alcohol. I’ll grant you we see more issues of this type during hip-hop/club events. I’ll grant we see more shootings at clubs lately that involve Asian men.

The Fresno PD calls the nearby clubs the ‘attracting nuisance.’ If they see too many ‘calls for service,’ PD then takes action against the venue (not the promoters). Sometimes it’s done nicely. The Problem Oriented Policing guys will show up and work with the owners to offer suggestions and compromise (Livingstones no longer allows minors after 11pm).

Sometimes the PD comes down with ultimatums. Bobby Salazars in the Tower has to have uniformed policemen and a police car sitting there at Bobby’s great expense or he can forget about having music or dancing.

Security guards and bouncers are woefully undertrained. State required classes aren’t offered regularly in Fresno, and the 8-hour minimum training is just 4 hours of arrest procedures and 4 hours of terrorist training. What??

Fresno PD doesn’t offer training to venues explaining how PD would like the venue to interact with PD – when to call, how to call, how to handle the common situations inherent to clubs.

Venues need to make money. Promoters offer events to provide people who will spend money. Sometimes .02% of the people who are at a club on any given night will be criminally minded and have guns in their cars. Can’t stop ‘em, even with trained security and cop cars sitting out front.

Can’t close the venue…that’s cruel. Can’t remove dance permits – that takes money out of good people’s pockets. So the chosen post-event over-reaction is to blame promoters, venues, lack of security, hip-hop, Asians, location, etc.

I don’t know what the actual answer is, but I do know it’s a complex problem with likely complex solutions, some of which I touched on above. Let’s forego the blame. Only the Sith deal in absolutes.

And let’s wish the best to these venues, promoters, etc, and support them in tough times as long as they’re doing the very best they can to keep their guests happy, secure and aren’t messing up by over-serving, breaking the laws, or serving minors.

It’s the best way to work together.

Conlan says:

There a lot of issues here, and a lot to sort out. It’s all worth discussing. Except for the people who claim this a result of some ineffable “Fresnoness”. As Adam points out, people fight and get shot in many cities. Stupid people, gangs, assholes. They’re everywhere in various concentrations.

Here’s an ironic tip: if you find something confirms your already-held biases, it’s time to be even more skeptical. Look it up.

heyyyyyy, Im the only one that can say ghettoe

anywho just because a few bad apples had to ruin it for everyone doesnt mean the whole city is to blame

chuk knob says:

At least it didn’t make my twitter feed on like the guy in LA that blasted 4 people.

People that say its just Fresnan’s are fools. This garbage happens everywhere, especially at places that attract people who are just trying to be seen and get drunk like jabroni’s. “Hey look at me I just charged my credit card for these $200.00 jeans. Yeah, they probably cost $5 bucks to make and there made in the same factory in China that your GAP pants come from but they have an awesome design on the pocket.”

Yeah, we also saw you cruise up in your 2000 Chrysler Sebring that you bought at Own-A-Car with the knock off wheels you bought on Blackstone. Don’t worry when it doesn’t start when you try to drive home drunk because there are plenty of tow trucks around the area hanging out at the checkpoints.

As far as I’m concerned I’ll just stay home, turn off the lights, crack open some neon lights and start dancing in circles. At least I won’t get shot at.

RealityCheck says:

Its not only in Fresno. People apparently just need something to point at to confirm their preconceived views.

In San Francisco just a few weeks ago they had 1 killed and 4 wounded in a shooting outside a club near Fishermans Wharf.

Mike Oz says:

Wow. I can’t believe this. Next you’re going to tell me there are homeless people in San Francisco too.

Isaac says:

Yo I just heard this chick call Casper a “Photographer” hahahahaha!!!

Goosedaddy Promotions is not a gang. S**t happens. It can be asian promoters or any other race. Fresno police can’t find suspect so they are pointing fingers at the promoters. I believe this is wrong. Yes we work with CVP but its not that we are a gang and are working together. If you guys wanna blame promoters. Do your research and blame all the shooting at Aldos and Club Dance. Violence are bound to happen. Fresno, L.A., N.Y., wherever. We have nothing to hide. Investigate all you want on our myspace. We are affiliated with any gangs. Just trying to make some money. We’re terrible sorry that we attract that the wrong crowd. Can’t blame people for wanting to party with the best promoters in Fresno, Ca.

559 says:

First off, the promoters bring people, that’s why the clubs allow them to promote…who those people bring or who exactly shows up is not in their control. Second, u don’t bring up the fact that there has been shootings at almost every Fresno club since 2000…My Generation, Club Dance, Red Room, bliss, Aldo’s…the list goes on and on way before CVP or Goosedaddy started so take you biased opinions and go find some other conspiracy theory…

haha says:

There is there is EVERY “reason to blame this on a fictional “Fresno-only culture.” ” because it happened here and the people who live and are from here continuously and repeatedly participate in the same type of ghetto, criminal, ridiculous behavior. Sorry if you don’t agree, that would be your DENIAL about what Fresno is really like messing with your brain.

kelly says:

This is just hilarious. You cant blame the promoters for just trying to promotes dude!! blame the people who dont know how to keep their anger and violence to themselves. Its those brainless people who dont know their clubbing manners. And then goes on and ruined it for everyone else.

NS says:

The maybe if they STOPPED HAPPENING HERE, people wouldn’t think this place sucks. Get over yourself…where have you even lived besides Fresno? I bet nowhere, and even if I was right you won’t admit it. GET A CLUE

haha says:

Fresno has one of the highest crime rates in the country, so thank you for reinforcing my point above.

haha says:

Just stay home? That’s a solution? You could probably actually go out and enjoy yourself if you didn’t live in Fresno!

blah.blah. says:

sh** happens ok. other clubs have shootings and stabbings too but i dont see you guys broadcasting it. why is this shooting at roe so damn important. let the police do their job. if they find them then they find them . if they dont then they dont. there is no reason to be blaming the promoters!

haha says:


haha says:

get a real job, man. you are part of the problem, obviously, from the way you are trying to justify……………..whatever it is you’re trying to ignorantly justify. actually, get an education. that would be even better……..

Choua Xiong says:

From reading this article it seems like Mike Oz stating the fact that Goose Daddy Promotions and CVP brings the “wrong crowd”. That assumption seems immature at this point. I am part of the Goose Daddy Promotions and yes, we do work with CVP. Mike Oz seems to point the finger at the easy targets, the promoters. There is no talk about the actual people who cause this issue to occur at both ROE and Crossroads. Every week, we work hard to put our names out there to promote the Fresno night life, and you think every week is going to go off without an issue? No one talks about Goose Daddy Promotion and CVP doing charity events because no one wants to hear about the good we do. The author of this blog just wants to point the finger and blame the promoters b/c we are an easy target. Oh no, it cant be the people who are gang affiliated who come to the club and i believe the last time i checked, the public is welcome to all night clubs. We as promoters promote the night life, having a good time, have a few drinks and dance. Did this author ever try and get our view on what happened on those two incidents listed above? No, of course not b/c that would mean doing his job on telling both sides of the story. At any club, anywhere in this great nation will have issues with violence. As promoters do the best we can to promote to the correct audience and yet we are slandered here on this blog b/c of a few bad apples. Its unfortunate that people were hurt at our events and our prayers go out to those involved but do not imply that Goose Daddy Promotions and CVP are part of the issue. So next time before you write a blog/article on this topic, why not contact us so we can get our side of the story, but instead you go the route of blaming the promoters for bringing out the “wrong crowd”. To all of our supporters out there in Fresno, please disregard the comments made about Goose Daddy Promotions and CVP, b/c the people who really know us know that DO NOT promote such acts of violence. Do not let this blog discourage you from going out to our local night clubs here in the valley. Any promoters/clubs here in Fresno needs our support. Again, our hearts and prayers go out to all who were hurt at these events.

Fat MsJoey says:

Hey Mike Oz, Why are you soooooo angry at the promoters? They did refuse to put you on the guest list? They did remind you of the bully in high school who use to beat you up? Obviously we all know you’re stupid and jealous of Goosedaddy and CVP promotion. You know what? I’m going to go ahead and ask them personally to put you on their next guest list. Matter of fact, they should put you on their V.I.P list and give your a name tag so we can all know who you are. Oh wait..this just came’re on the next douche list! YAY! For all those who thinks that Goosedaddy and CVP should be blame, go strangle your self. People fight and kill all the time. No one can stop that, go ask the police if that’s true or not.

Chuk knob says:

Better than getting shot trying to be seen at some crappy club. Sorry if I touched nerve haha. I shouldn’t have made fun of your car like that. Dude the point is no one wants to duck bullets when their trying to have a good time. If somewhere other than Fresno is so great and doesn’t have violence why don’t you move there?

mdub420 says:

blame mexicans who get butt hurt that their baby momma’s are getting tossed up in a club.

adam says:

No, I don’t deny that it happens in Fresno. I’m just not so deluded as to believe it’s unique to Fresno.

adam says:

Mmmm…yummy delicious implied violence and death threats. Talk about ironically missing the entire point.

mdub420 says:

LOL! i just read the article in the fresnobee. pinche hmongs.

adam says:

More irony! You’re funnier than I originally estimated.

The statements made in this article are surprising. How could an individual who claims to be a writer be so ignorant? To blame the promoters for the incident at hand is just stupid. Not one member of CVP nor Goosedaddy pulled the trigger of the gun, nor did any member promote or provoke the situation. The police and a majority of the public at this point continues to make accusations that Thursday night at Roe was Asian night. That assumption is completely inaccurate. There is not one time on the eflyer that states an Asian night. So now the public as well as the police dept. is racially profiling the Asian community? Lets be careful about that folks, cause that’s touching the bases of Civil Rights. And for you, Mike Oz, lets not get ahead of ourselves. Certain comments and remarks in which you speak of are far from factual and you should be held with more professionalism than you present in your articles. CVP as well as Goosedaddy do not promote violence, guns, or gang members. Don’t be afraid people, Fresno is the fifth largest city in the state, and i think the ratio of clubbing to shootings favors those of clubbing. I’m Jay K, just an “ignorant” Asian Rapper from Fresno’s poverty struck SouthEast. But i hope after my comments it’ll make those who criticize the situation, feel a little more shallow than they are. I Love Fresno and it’s nightlife. Point Blank Period.

adam says:

Whoops, not Honolulu. Houston, and NY, LA, Sacramento, Long Beach, Omaha, and Miami, among others.

u r all douchebags says:

I’m with Chuk Knob…

Stay Fake Fresno.

Autobotnate says:

This sucks for Fresno.
Never liked Roe.
Went there for lunch after 18 holes.
Treated us like trash.
Crappy service attracts carppy people.

Anonymous says:

“Can’t blame people for wanting to party with the best promoters in Fresno, Ca.” – DJ jon incredible

I’ve been living in Fresno for over 10 yrs, and I’ve never heard of “GOOSE DADDY” or “CVP” in my LIFE! *I’m just saying* Hahaha.

Casper Munoz says:

To all those that say that it is the people that go to the club and the blame shouldnt be pitted on the promoter, ive been promoting at ROE since early October, and have gone problemless.
And guess what, i promoted an event at ROE last night, a night removed from the shooting incident mind you, and had a packed house and not one problem.

lame says:

I blame Obama.

AKA says:

Mike Oz is just hating other promoters. If you check out his previous article, dated April 8th, 2010. You’ll see that Mke OZZZ has been trying really hard to promote another promoter called Mr. “T. Freeman”. I SMELL A HATER!!!

Knowledge says:

Well everyone should know this nothing new, not in Fresno or anywhere else across the United States. It’s not Fresno peeps it a group or groups of people that cause these problems every where they go. And it is’nt all the fault of the promoters there’s only so much a promoter can do and if they took the regular percautions than why put the blame on them. The venue can be at fault or maybe the flyers just fell into the wrong hands. Nothing is gonna stop the drinking, drugs, and violence it just gets focused on when it involves the local nitelife. So everyone should stop pointing fingers and let Fresno County know how you feel before they take our right to party away again anti rave act anyone remember that. Don’t let them take our rights away again.

Pook says:


I’m not really looking so much to pick a fight over Fresno self image. I’m a Fresnan too. And I’m not really that drunk, nor am I all that dumb, nor do I shoot people in parking lots. We’re not painting everyone with a broad brush.

We’re talking about what has happened habitally in Fresno since I was a small human. Club-wise we’re doing better than we have in my living memory. But in the 80′s and 90′s and even Y2K Fresno had alot of bars and not very many clubs. Once one would open up and become popular, someone gets shot in the parking lot. Damn near every time. Club closes, Fresno has no place to dance, someone else takes out loans, opens great club, people love it, someone gets shot in the parking lot. Rinse and repeat.

It’s not every Fresnan that causes this. But that 1 guy seems to be there, ready, armed and waiting. Just giddy with the idea to commit attempted murder for whatever stupid reason and close down the club.

Can’t we just set up a duelling area for morons? Just wall in a vacant field, throw in some old junker cars and tire stacks. It’ll be like a paintball field of Darwinism. And then the polite Fresnans can go party and dance in peace.


Dan says:

It’s not the promoters, it’s the inability of the clubs to control their venue once the gangbangers show up.

“Dance” on Maroa is a prime example. Club changed format from electronic dance music to rap on the weekends. The Asian gangbangers (Tiny Rascals and the Asian Boys) then showed up. Club security was overwhelmed. Club then hires off-duty uniformed Fresno cops; even they can’t keep the lid on things. Final bodycount was: two murders, one guy killed by the cops after firing shots inside, numerous assaults. ABC moved in and pulled the liquor license for running “a disorderly house” after FPD complained.

Club Fred had the murder inside during a rap CD release party. Body ends up on the sidewalk outside. Gangbangers again–fallout from “Fresno Uncensored.” Cops apply pressure and the business changes hands.

I’m expecting Salazars in the Tower to close in the near future. Bobby has filed bankruptcy. He’s done.

sam says:

Give me a break!!!!! Mike Oz is totally right. It is the promoters who are bringing in the wrong crowd of people. If you did your job better you would bring a higher class of people into the club instead of the low class losers that you bring in. Do your job better and keep the scum out of the club. Disgusting.

Oh No says:

So how is it that you can come up in here and write about something like this. Don’t start writing if you don’t know anything. Get your facts straight first buddy before you start assuming things. You and the damn police just be saying a bunch of bs that ain’t even true.

How do you start pointing fingers at the promoters and talking about how they bring in the wrong crowd?? Is that something they can control when the club is open to public?? Didn’t think so!! You make it seem like something like this never happens anywhere else in Fresno. Maybe you should look around before you start writing about one thing.

For you to say that this is one reason why Fresno night life is never going to improve is just wrong. You act like people go out to have a good time and expect this to happen?? Sheit happens right??? Just because this happened that night doesn’t mean its going to happen every night every where. Its pretty rude for you to try to make readers avoid CVS & GooseDaddy Promotion parties when you don’t know the truth. Don’t try to look around and post only incidents that’s happened when they promote. Like I said it before and going to say it again… You make it seem like something like this never happens anywhere else in Fresno. It happens all over this corrupted asz town.

So plz next time get your facts straight before you come up in here and write an article like this. Maybe you and everyone else should stop assuming and dig deeper into the history of “FRESNO”!! Shiet like this ain’t nothing new!!

YO says:

Your ass is WHACK! Get a life and start blogging about something important other than putting people down…
You must have blue balls… Go whack off!!

floydy says:

sometimes people gotta get shot what’s the big deal?

clubfresno says:

dude your comment does not make any sense at all. the promoters are there to promote and bring the crowed but its the club owner responsibility to control who he lets in and the crowed inside the club. the reason why if any about the “wrong” crowed its because they do not enforce enough at the door. you can tell when people are “ghetto” when they come to the club by the way they dress and since the club owner is money hungry, anyone with a decent outfit will get in. don’t blame the promoters but instead blame the club owner for his lack of delegation of his workers.

Mike Oz says:

Here’s my blanket response to everybody upset that I called out the promoters on this one.

I have a few points that I think are important:

1. Never did I “blame” anyone. I made the connection that these two events where there were shootings were related. That’s a fact. I blame the people who showed up and shot at other people. But I do think the promoters are worth calling out. And if for no other reason than this — Promoters will most certainly take the credit when an event goes well. When a nightspot makes a bunch of money at the bar, or when it’s so packed you can’t even walk around, you better believe the promoters are taking credit for bringing out all those people. So should they be willing to take criticism when an event doesn’t go well? Seems like they want all the rewards without any of the consequences.

Did these promoters put a gun in anybody’s hand and force them to pull the trigger? Of course not. But they should own up to the fact that they’re at least somewhat responsible for the people who show up.

2. Also troubling is that the response of “sh*t happen” was far outweighed the promoters apologizing, or saying “We’re gonna try to make sure stuff like this doesn’t happen anymore.” If you care about the businesses you work with, the community you work in, or the clientele you serve, you’d have to at least express some remorse. Right?

3. The reason I named names on this is simple: The promoters don’t get held accountable enough. All the TV stations in town were camped out in front of Roe, doing stories about Roe. But is ABC 30 following these promoters to their next event? Roe can’t have another event the next night without the TV crews showing up, but the promoters could very well have another night across town and the mainstream media is not going to pick up on it. You can say that it’s “putting people down,” but I like to think it’s making people take responsibility.

To The Person That Logged On as Fatmsjoey-You are an Idiot!

D559 says:

He’s completely right! The promoters invite these people. And this took place outside of the club. The person who did this may have never gotten inside. So the club shouldn’t be getting so much critisism. It’s the promoters job to watch who they attract. But I know if I ever went to an even promoted by “GOOSEDADDY” I really wouldn’t be surprised to see shots fired. Just saying.

Les Vegas says:

u cant blame the promoters at all, last time i checked people get shot at nightclubs all over the world and to think if u have a dress code in place it will stop shootings is stupid! look at the great tupac shakur… they whooped that crip dudes ass in the lobby of a casino and everybody had on three piece suits! people have beef in the streets and it carrys to the nightclub, simple! no disrepect to the people who got shot but how u know they didnt shoot at them a day or week earlier and thought the beef was postponed by clubbin’ at roe? thats just my 2 cents

brodiemash says:

Who’s going to Pecha Kucha tonight!? PEW! PEW! PEW!

all phazed out says:

These goodedaddy and cvp aren’t even promotion company. The type of events they promote can easily be done.
#1 book a dj
#2 book a birthday
#3 grab some club fly pics
#4 make a flyer
#5 post it on popular facebooks and myspaces.

Ill even cut your cost cvp and goosdaddy. Buy a laptop, download the top hits of yesterday and today. Make a playlist and press play. Central valley DJ’s are carbon copies 90 percent of the time. Playing the same crap. Now u can pay a trained guard to watch for suspicious activity.
These nightclubs would have the problems with or without the promoters..just cuz some broke dude who was parking lot pimpin shot at his x and his x’s new man don’t mean sh*t! This could have happened in front of the persons house. Who knows maybe even near where small children play….and could easily bre a victim. Atleast this happened where big boys and girls play.
Honestly, stop calling them promoters. They post flyers and pop bottles for a living. Promote a real show with the artist your DJ is spinning. go through what real promoters go through…
by the way all yall flyers look alike, ask your graphic designer if he has any talent next time

barfly says:

All of the above. There is some truth in all of the above. The bottom line is accountability to the nightclub owner AND the promoters.

First of all I am a bar owner in town and it is my responsibility to hire the right promoters for my venue. If I know a certain promoter brings a certain kind of crowd, and I don’t want any gun play at my establishment, then I just don’t hire the promoter. Period. As bar and club owners, we know who is who in this town. Without a doubt. Roe makes a choice to do business with those promoters and the crowd they bring. They have had several issues on Thursday nights. This incident is not surprising in the least.

Second, Mike is absolutely right, there is no accountability to promoters. At all! do they even pay taxes on their “all cash” income?? Are they licensed? are they bonded? Do they have to carry insurance? the answer is no! Some very professional promoters in town are legitimate businesses, paying taxes, carrying insurance etc. I love to do business with those promoters. Others, are just trying to make a quick buck on the backs of club owners with absolutely no financial, personal or professional accountability.

Promoters know who they pull. They should ABSOLUTELY be held accountable to who they draw. THAT IS THEIR BUSINESS. However, at the end of the day, it’s up the choice of the bar/club owner to work promoters.

This issue should not punish every other venue in Fresno. Thanks Mike, for making th link on the promoters, I certainly will stay far away from them!!

Mike Oz says:

Agreed 100% that the venue is accountable for the promoters it chooses to work with.

RGM says:

First off I have done over 6000 night club nights in 10 years from here to Vegas. Promoters do have EVERYTHING to do with who shows up as do the OWNERS with controling the promoter as they do the saftey of the place. In this case Its not that the promoters were bad, they actually do well but need to polish up on the details and those few small details that make or break things like this. I made the same mistakes a decade agao but learned fast. That extra security, that extra dress code, that common sense element about certian people is the key. The owner should have spent a few more bucks on security in the parking lot and at the door, and the promoters needed to fine tune what walks in a little more and overall that 10-20 people out of the 200-300 they draw would be the issue resolved. Its experience and learning from a issue or mistake, lets see what they do. I hope the promoters learn, brush up on the small stuff and keep going! However the story and facts the writor laid out are right on the money and thats his job, deliver the facts good or bad. A bad crowd can simply be 3 bad people out of 300. Use the media on the story and ride it to fix the issues and get the promotion touched up and things pointed in the right direction.

bradley says:

Very good points Rick. I have thrown many club nights (not nearly as many as you, but a few hundred) over the past 15 years, and always made it a point of being at the door, greeting friends and patrons, and monitoring who was coming in my event. It was my job to do so.

The crowd and its behavior is the responsibility of the promoter, a safe and well-run facility/venue is the responsibility of the club owner, and great music is the responsibility of the dj. Everyone has their job. If one part fails, if one of those three elements is not handled with professionalism and quality, the whole event suffers.

Ultimately, the patrons of a club night have a responsibility too: don’t be an idiot. Be respectful of your fellow partiers, have fun, and above all, support quality events. Don’t settle for poorly run events.

iruw says:

This is for mike!
Yeah true that there are those who ruins things for everyone else, but before u start judging and pointing your fingers at anyone make sure you have all your facts right first. There’s no wrong in voicing your opinion but when you start accusing like you do, that’s where you are wrong. Just because they are the promoters doesn’t mean they bring in the wrong crowd. People go to clubs all the time. So who are you to say that they bring in the wrong crowd. Don’t judge them when you don’t know them personally. Think twice before you start accusing others of doing something they aren’t doing. Have you forgotten the phrase… “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover?”
What had happen wasn’t because of the club, but because of how much hatred people have against one another. And that’s not goosedaddy or cvp fault.

RelaxHaha says:

Haha… Get a life. You’re going to school for what reason? If you hate fresno so much go back to where you came from? Why did you come to Fresno in the first place if you hate it so much? No one cares if you’re here or not. And of course mike will agree with you about fresno. He’s from where? San Jose? Don’t hate on Fresno. Fresno didn’t do anything to you. And don’t blame the promoters. BTW don’t be telling jonincredible to find a real job. They get paid to promote and that’s their job. They bring in customers. They promote. They market the place. It’s a marketing strategy. And it works. That’s why the owners pay them to promote. Fresno isn’t all that bad. You are just over thinking. Calm down.

RelaxHaha says:

@ Mike Oz




Your_Mom says:

First off, criminals are EVERYWHERE if ya’ll haven’t noticed. The real question here is who do we blame? It’s so easy to go off pointing fingers and blaming everyone, but do we really know the inside story? Or do we believe what we hear and what we see on T.V?

Unfortunately this type of crap gets the most media attention. What happened to the man down the street who did a good deed and rescued a dying child or the mom who generated hundreds of dollars to charity or etc? You almost never hear about these stories or actually, you rarely hear about these stories, BUT DAMN, when news breaks out about a shooting here and a stabbing there, this crap gets the most media attention. It’s like a media attention grabbing disease. .

This is ridiculous & apparently sad. It’s unfortunate that reporters spend their time reporting about events that take place like such when they should be putting more effort into putting more important stories in the media. .

So the questions I ask is not who to blame, but what we can do as a community to better the situation?

There’s no point in bickering and fighting about the situation. It is over and done with. None of your bickering and fighting and balmming is going to do diddly squat. Take your energy and instead of pointing fingers, take that energy and effort into making a difference.

If we all did as much as we argued and bicker, lord have mercy, it would be a changed world.

Shadez559 says:

My reply to this whole mess is that the promoters take rewards without risk is totally bs. Promoters to take alot of crap from the owner to club manager to the security every week. Mike seems to point out that the promoters have to take some blame and do agree but blaming them for bringing the 3-4 people who have to ruin it seems quite unfair. Owners can choose to say no to any promoters out there. Although goose daddy/cvp has only been around for a little while let’s not put these guys into a category that deems them in a bad light. These guys work hard in trying to make something outta nothing. It’s unforuntate that folks where hurt but that blame should not fall all on the promoters. Why not bring up the issue that someone else wrote. The issue of finding these people who cause these crimes. But all the focus of this blog is to stray folks from going to either of these two promoters events.

559lucky says:

Hey mike,

Reading your response to the your article makes me feel like you are putting cvp and goosedaddy down. U say the shootings are related? Can u eloborate on the connection? You say ur not putting these two promotions down and want them to take responsibility for what they can’t control. And that is people acting like a fool REGARDLESS of where the club is located. Every week any promoters know that ther is a chance of something goin wrong at their venue and take the necessary precautions to make sure all patrons feel safe. Just because the promoters didn’t write ” we are going to make sure this doesn’t happen again” doesn’t mean they are taking the necessary precautions needed. Every promotion group knows the pros and cons of promoting the nightlife and I do want to point out that any promotion group would be crazy if they didn’t take more precautions so patrons can enjoy themselves. Lastly the shocking thing about this article was the last paragraph that assumes any event held by cvp or goosedaddy can end up with gun shots. Wow that is going a little too far isn’t? Why not instead write what u said in your response and talk about responsibility? To all the promotion groups reading this, keep ya head up and continue on.

gus5120 says:

I agree with one of the post on here saying that due to the lack of good clubs around fresno this criminal behavior is eventually going to arrive at every club and now its roe’s turn… those types of people are eventually going to find their way to places like roe if that’s where the best night spot are at.. thats why good clubs never last here in fresno.. because those people find them…. i love going clubbing ive gone here in fresno, out in AZ when i was in college and down in corona, was there two yrs,(LA area)and go to SLO all the time…for the most part people out there just have fun and dont start s**t..everyone is friendly.. i go out here and people size you up always wanting to start something for no reason..yes violence at clubs happen everywhere but its seen more in fresno because the less hot spots here in fresno the more chances of running into idiots…i grew up in the fresno area for those that are going to say that im not originally from here…people just need to stop being stupid

Choua Xiong says:

Responses to Mike Oz points:

1. In this article about the shooting at Roe, you write about people needs to respect each other and the venue. You say problems don’t occur when people are dancing and having fun which is true and problems do occur when a few bad apples cause a scene or become violent. Though you say you didn’t blame anyone, you pass blame on CVP/Goose Daddy Promotions. Quoting from your own article “It’s also worth noting that last night’s party was promoted by CVP Promotions. In January, there was also a shooting outside of Crossroads, a night that was promoted by Goosedaddy Promotions. If you pay attention to such things, you’d probably know those two promoters often work together. So it seems to me like they’re bringing the “wrong crowd.” Keep that in mind if you don’t like gunshots added to your night outâ€�. Is that not blame? Making accusations that Goose Daddy and CVP brings the wrong crowd is quite unprofessional. Though the facts do remain that yes, there were two shootings that involved the promotion crews but my opinion is that it not the intention of either promotion group to promote such behavior. Every week we try and put on a good show to whoever wants to show up. As promoters/DJ crew, we want everyone who comes to feel safe and welcomed regardless or where the club location is.

2. When I read the comments of sh*t happens, it is troubling but yet the ugly truth. You even state that the promoters don’t show any remorse? So I guess you didn’t see the comment that I wrote “Its unfortunate that people were hurt at our events and our prayers go out to those involved but do not imply that Goose Daddy Promotions and CVP are part of the issue.� Or this “Again, our hearts and prayers go out to all who were hurt at these events.� How remorseful do you want us to be Mike? All who know us personally know whenever situations like this occur, it’s bad for business for not just us, but for the owners and the community as a whole. The reputation of each promotion group is now lower due to your article but I know it won’t stop us from continuing our goal in making Fresno a place to party safely. Goose Daddy does have a heart and does care about our patrons and supporters. We wouldn’t be around if our supporters didn’t come out and spend their hard earned money. So we do care what happens when our events are not safe. In our future endeavors, we will continue take all precautions needed so our patrons feel safe.

3. I see that you say promoters aren’t accountable enough? We take heat from the Owners/Bar Managers/Security/Police. We are accountable when things go well and when it goes bad. Just because there was no official comment on the papers or news, Goose Daddy Promotions is remorseful for what happened at both venues but we WILL not take the entire blame for incident at ROE or Crossroads. And then you continue to so called “it’s making people take responsibility.â€� But really, you are putting CVP and Goose Daddy down but yet we can have another club to promote later that week. So what about it Mike? Should we stop going out because of the recent incident? I do not think so. Our supporters know us well enough that we do care about their safety. Also, Promoters know that the show must go on but know that we must be very cautious in moving forward because the public tends to remember the bad situations and NOT the great nights that these two promotion crews or any promotion crew put on. Goose Daddy Promotions wants to be part of the solution and not the issue because we know we cannot let your article or the negative people hold us back from putting on a great event where people can just have fun. I do want to stress that people really do just need to get along and respect each other. I know we got to keep it real, but KEEP it RIGHT because in the end, it’s the businesses and the community we are hurting when people cannot control themselves. So I hope in the future, you can report about the positive steps WE ALL took in making sure every night out in Fresno is a good one regardless of promotion group OR location.

Goose Daddy Promotions

Hyun says:

Fresno’s clubs suck PERIOD! No matter how hard the promoters do their jobs, no matter who shows up at the club, no matter what “DJ” is “DJ-ing” that night. It doesn’t matter, Fresno clubs suck! So why dont we alll talk about a place where is worth the talk, VEGAS BAAAABYY…

Mike Oz says:

First off, Choua, I appreciate you taking a respectful approach on here. Now a few responses:

1. When I said I don’t blame you, I mean I’m don’t think that you guys are solely responsible. A lot of people are responsible, as I’ve said previously — starting with whoever did the shooting, and including Roe as well. You guys are part of that equation. I’m sure you guys do work hard and want things to go well, but your recent track-record speaks for itself. Twice there have been events organized by your group that had ended in violence. That’s not something to dismiss.

2. I think you’re the only person who came on here and showed any remorse. So props to you for that.

3. If your crowd continues to support your events, then that’s great. If everything is peaceful from now until forever, that’s awesome — and I hope that’s the case. But let’s think of this from a different perspective. If you get food poisoning twice at the same restaurant in a four-month span, are you going to go back? Maybe you will, because you’re really a fan. Maybe you won’t because you don’t want to risk it. All I was doing was bringing this to people’s attention, so they can make the decision themselves. You might think it’s putting you down. I think it’s telling it like is.

There’s a reason the headline wasn’t “Don’t go to Goosedaddy events.” I could have wrote that. But that wasn’t the point of the post.

The point of this post was that this whole incident was unfortunate and that I hope it doesn’t affect other businesses (such as Twist). Only in the last paragraph did I mention you guys.

As it is, I’ll still continue to post fliers for your events here on the site, as I have for as long as I’ve been seeing them. Same goes with every other promoter.

I want Fresno to succeed — its nightlife, its people, its businesses. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to tell it like it is.

Choua Xiong says:

Thanks Mike,

I just took a little offence when I read that last paragraph, and yes I do agree that we are part of the equation when it comes to promoting any event. But lets get the facts straight on you saying twice there have been violence at our events. Roe is NOT promoted by Goose Daddy Promotions. The only incident that we were a part of was the Crossroads incident. We still maintain a relationship with the manager and owner of Crossroads and know it bad publicity on US and the venue itself. Roe on Thursdays is promoted by CVP. The only reason it seems our name was put in the blog was b/c of the flyers that our crew provided. Goose Daddy is one of many groups that collaborate with CVP and we have been recently assisting them with event flyers. We all wish the nightlife is as can go as smoothly as you state, but in reality, we know there are good nights and bad ones as well.

I do respect your honest opinion and it is up to the people to come out or not, but why not do a blog about up and coming promotions and quality events that not only Goose Daddy but other promotions as well. But I think it blog could of have more constructive towards what promotions COULD do to improve instead of just pointing out the negatives. I also want Fresno to succeed just as you and I know the road to rebuild any reputation of Roe, the promotion group involved, or any venue is going to be tough. Goose Daddy Promotions just wants the public to know that we taking continuous precautions and the high road to show that we do care about the QUALITY of the Fresno night life.

Mike Oz says:

You should check out two regular features I started in the past couple months where I try to highlight people doing good things in local nightlife — Promoter Chronicles and Hey DJ.

Promoter Chronicles:

Hey DJ

And I’m always giving people a rundown of local happenings in Post No Bills:

ChickenHeads says:

I agree. Goosedaddy is concealing the fact that the two men wounded in the incident are actually personal acquaintances and family. But they didn’t want the public or press to know that, right? Who else let all those trouble makers in for free? Goosedaddy is in denial. Own up to your share of the blame already.

Anonymous says:

Please chicken head, yet AGAIN, Goose Daddy doesnt promote Roe and so what if the knew those two men who got wounded? does that prove anything? it only proves that they knew them. If u read anything Goose daddy wrote, the did admit some faults already. So i guess its up to goose daddy to police everyone who comes to a NON-goose daddy event? haha..u make me laugh…and if u really go ur homework…”Personal acquaintances”? LOL please sure they just know each other but u say family? get ur facts right yo!

Anonymous says:

I guess u failed at the night life thats why u think its soo easy as u state it..Get a night life that doesnt involve blow up dolls

GDP Supporter says:

There is a lot of bashing towards the promoters. Everyone that had a smart remark towards Goosedaddy and CVP, are only saying such things because they are behind a keyboard. Stop being an internet gangster.

Reading through all of the criticism towards GCP and CVP leads me to one thing, RACISM. That’s right, Mike Oz and everyone else is Racist. What they don’t want to put out there is that it’s assumed the promoters bring “Asians, especially Hmongs” to their events because they are Asians and Hmongs themselves, which leads to violence. Asians/Hmongs=Violence. This leads to once resolution, GDP and CVP, it’s time to start attracting White people, bring on the blonde sl*ts.

Artthe1 says:

I don’t know what Goose Daddy and CVP do, but it’s sure not bringing in celebrities. Can we get like Paris or Lindsay or something like that. And I hear Samantha Ronson’s a great DJ.

Isn’t there any kind of Celebrity Hangout in Fresno? Or should those who are looking for such give up here?

Armchair Pirate says:

Being a real promoter is really hard work. I’m guessing you’ve never done it or you tried and got maybe 10 people to show up. (No, I’m not a promoter but as a sound tech and DJ I work with quite a few.) Also why are most people blaming the promoters or the venue or even the music? (btw i think 90% of hip hop / rap is garbage) But just because it doesn’t appeal to me doesn’t mean I feel the promoters or venues that allow them should be shut down. It is unfortunate that most of these bad situations happen at hip-hop / rap events but that’s because most of the stupid gang banger retards and/or there rivals listen to this type of music they find out that “target” is going to be at said event and BAM you have a problem that makes it LOOK like the music/venue/promoter. How about we keep the fingers pointed at the only people that should be blamed and dealt with, gang bangers. They should ALL be executed or forced to join the military and if that doesn’t fix em. Kill em. Fact of the matter is some people are BAD PEOPLE!

Cindy says:

I was a bar tender for 15 yrs. When there is dancing there is very little if any trouble inside or outside the bar. People up dancing are to busy having fun to get to drunk or start trouble. Trouble starts when people drink to much get tired of some other drunk talking to them or hanging on them or whatever. Dancing isn’t the problem it’s the solution. Why can’t people realize that just stop & think about it for a minute. Common sense will tell you, what I’m saying is true I know because I bar tended Monday night – Saturday night for 15 yrs. And on Sunday night I ran the dart tour. We never had any major trouble & very little minor trouble.