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Vote now for Fresno Mag’s ‘Best of Fresno’


Voting for this year’s Fresno Magazine “Best of Fresno” awards has begun, and you can now vote online. I know The Beehive community has proven itself no fan of the “Best of Fresno” awards.

But there’s no snark or trash-talking here — I genuinely want you all to go vote. If we don’t, the same ol’ winners we complain about each year will probably just win again.

There are two separate ballots, so be sure to fill out both. Deadline to vote is May 31.

It’s worth noting: Fresno Mag added a “Best Blog” category this year.

Responses to "Vote now for Fresno Mag’s ‘Best of Fresno’"

Natali says:

I voted- and I’m sure I disqualified myself from winning dinner for two by putting this as my favorite local website- hehe :-)

Also on a funny note: It asks for best “chopping center” but I’m assuming that meant shopping and not particularly knife shopping…

And on a positive note: I appreciate they opted to receive a little constructive criticism in asking for the worst category is. Nice touch.

Heather says:

Ha. I noticed “chopping center” right away, too.

And yes, props for Least Favorite Best Of Category. I went with Cosmetic Surgeon because: really?

Conlan says:

I think this is new too: “*Please focus on locally-owned businesses.”

There are people there trying to legitimize this thing.

ugh, i went to do mine and it wants you to fill in blanks rather than give multiple choices, not being familiar with some of the categories and what to put in them i couldnt complete it

Heather says:

I didn’t fill in every spot, either, just the ones that I had an opinion on.

ed says:

i’m glad they’re trying to make it more legit & not just chain stuff, but sometimes it’s a bit difficult to name a local answer. grocery store is a prime example – how many fresnans have been to a locally owned grocer?