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Ray Appleton’s big announcement?

UPDATE: After 35 minutes of babbling and innuendo about running for Congress, Ray-Ray did what we all expected and said, “April Fools!” Shocker, right? Too bad too — I was looking forward to him not being on the radio for a few months.

ORIGINAL POST, 3/31: Before you ask: Yes, I am Facebook friends with Ray Appleton. But he requested me, OK? Anyhoo, Ray posted this status update yesterday and his KMJ-ites went into a tizzy.


Is he leaving radio? Signing an extension? Running for office? Moving to Costa Rica? Becoming a liberal? Or is this an April Fool’s Joke — after all, Thursday is April 1. Maybe it’s a stunt to counter competitor KYNO’s signal boost which happens on Thursday too.

Whatever it is, I figure you guys might have some good (read: hilarious) guesses as to what Ray-Ray has up his sleeve. The more absurd the better, please.

Responses to "Ray Appleton’s big announcement?"

mdub420 says:

taco nights at Cabo Wabo feat Ray Ray is back on!!!

Harsh says:

I say he is going to lead the new DRILL BABY DRILL campaign the dems are starting this week with the energy bill Obama is about to get done. either that or he and glen Beck are going in to the tow truck business together.

bradley says:

people still listen to radio?

Harsh says:

Oh, here’s a thought…. My old buddy Chris Daniel told the dude he’d kick his ass if he didn’t give up his spot. Ray got skeert….

Those of you that know Chris from back in the day probably don’t think this is too far-fetched!!

Michael says:

My theory is that Ray will reveal he is a Reptilian alien that has bloodlines connected to many of the major political and royal families throughout the centuries and he is part of the shadow government that will take over in 2012 when the Plebeians attempt to invade our planet.

Heather says:

Who the f*** is Ray Appleton?

Mike Oz says:

Dude from Perfect Strangers?

gw70 says:

Maybe, just like Chasity Bono, now known as “Chas” there will be a
“medical augmentation” so now Ray will be know as

Heather says:

Ohhhh, Cousin Lar-Ray. Got it.

Chase Sanborn says:

The Prince of Prevarication/Sheik of Self-esteem will announce that he, alone, has turned on the pumps, cut through red tape to bring nuclear power to the Valley, purchased Granite Park for a Raymond Loves Raymond museum,has added a 4th story to his Shaver chalet, will tie the knot for a third time-with Jim Patterson-, has opted for private insurance, has surpassed 5 million FB friends, and….is making it rain.

If it is to take a leave of absence to care for a relative, I apologize.

Donald Munro says:

He’s joining the cast of “Glee.”

Mike Oz says:

Thanks, Chase. I almost put a “Paging Chase Sanborn” in there, but I knew you’d be coming along soon either way …

Shall Remain Nameless For This One says:

Years ago I worked in a place that took reservations and one of my favorite things to do was pretend I didn’t know who he was. I treated him like I did everyone else. Well, there were other Fresno famous regulars who I actually would acknowledge. Bud Elliot was one as well as Stephanie Booroojian. They were always very gracious clients.

wet towel says:

…please tell me this has nothing to do with Ricky Martin…

DavidMogen says:


His Excellency says management “has barred the media from entering the station tomorrow.”

Jamie says:

Ray is announcing that he’s saving a bunch of money by switching his car insurance to Geico.

Coasterguy says:

No, that’s Ricky Martin pre-cosmetic surgery

ClarkAtLaw says:

I heard Ray announce that he would be making an announcement tomorrow at 12:15. I was assuming that he was going to announce that he is running for political office. However, I believe that the deadline for filing papers to run for office has passed.

Is this a very elaborate attempt at an April Fool’s joke on his audience? If so – good job! I love a good April Fool’s joke.

On the other hand if Ray is throwing away his job at KMJ for a write in candidacy then HE’s the fool.

Miro Spiro says:

He has been appointed as the Editor of the Fresno Bee. Actually he used the $20 Mill from the Met and Granite Park to buy a contolling interest in the paper. Quinto will be his lead investigative reporter. And Barbis is taking over the Local Section.


Ray Appelton’s big announcement on 4-1-10 on radio station KMJ580 AM, don’t know and don’t care, all I know is that tomorrow is a big day for KYNO940 AM as they will be 50,000 watts of power to compete against KMJ. Besides Appelton is one BORING individual, just like his radio program.

Randomdandy says:

Ray has joined the Hells Angels and will be leaving Fresno to hook up with his chapter based out of Ducor. He will still be doing radio, but we will all need crystal sets to pick him up.

Huh? says:

Um… Why would KMJ care that KYNO is boosting its signal?
Crap is still crap, no matter how far it broadcasts.

Mike Oz says:

Well, if you recall, KMJ cared enough about KYNO to purchase possible KYNO URLS. (That’s a lot of ALL CAPS, wow).

So if they cared enough when KYNO had a much weaker signal, don’t you think they’d care enough now?

Miro Spiro says:


At least now the Bee will put him in the paper and his services to the community will be made known. Never did understand what the rub was between the Bee & Ray.

“You can call me Ray, you can call me AJ…etc” Remember the little guy with a cigar?

Methinks this is a hoax.

Ernest Norsworthy

When will you be available on wi-fi radio?

Stavros says:

Conservative talk is big business. I can’t knock the hustle. Its April Fools Day tomorrow. He’ll make a lame attempt at a joke then plug the Elbow Room.

Stephen says:

After years of languishing on a shelf marked “Worst Movie Ever,” Ray’s bigscreen debut as the evil villain in Alan Autry’s “Legend of Jake Kincaid” has finally found a distributor and may actually be seen outside of Kim Autry’s home and certain trailers in Alabama.

Unfortunately, that’s not a joke.

Arnie says:

KMJ is big business in Central CA. And Ray is the lunch voice of the conservative monied people here. April 1st announcement? I don’t know. I don’t even know what I will eat for breakfast tomorrow. No, I don’t think he wants to run for office.

pk says:

april fool on you—
giving free publicity–how community minded of you!

Anonymous says:

He is proudly going to announce that years of
butt kissing has finally paid off and Rush is
going to adopt him.

DB says:

This is a BFD.

Remember Chris Daniel back in the day at one of those lame KRZR events, cops showed up and Chris ran like crazy are whole group was just laughing like crazy. See he gave up being a Howard Stern knock off and now is a Glen Beck knock off what a scary talent.

Harsh says:

Really Ray? No…Really? ~sigh~ funny thing is dumbass conservatives fell for it

Donald Munro says:


hho says:

What a disappointment! I thought that the guy who knows evereything about everyone and everything would be gone for awhile. Happy days are not here again- and he thinks he is really funny. Only Gina knews about this. Whatta lame brain, but his right wingers love him. Ugh! Puke! Gag!

bburns says:

Ray is a DJ, not a politician. That said, this wasn’t nearly the hoax that globull warming is!

johnnyb says:

KMJ should worry about KYNO just like they worry about every other station, but KYNO should try to be #33 before they try to be #1. Last I looked they were #34. They’re not going to have a larger share of the audience, they’re just going to have the same .4 share over a larger area. The problem isn’t the signal, it’s the programming. KYNO at 1300 had an adequate signal to do better. They now have a much better signal, but they better fix their other problems.

Chase Sanborn says:

Agreed. Too many voices, no continuity, sounds like Wayne’s World on radio.

Justalistener says:

Personally I like Ray Appleton and think that he has done a lot for the Central Valley as a whole! Whether it be in Blood Drives, his car shows with the great entertainment that they bring to the west side,the Civil War Re-enactments, or any of the other zillions of things he lends his name to! Untold thousands upon thousands of dollars raised to help keep an otherwise failing economy vibrant here in the valley. Water issues,jobs and of course politics keeping us in the “Know” it’s his job and he does a darn fine job at that! What have you done for your community lately?

gigi says:

I love Ray. He has single-handedly done more for the animals in this valley than anyone else. He’s a good musician and appreciates good old rock n roll. If he did run for office, I would support him, but I think his strength is in giving voice to the valley conservatives, like me. If you don’t appreciate him, don’t listen. Period.