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Concert News: Rob Thomas + Big Fresno Fair shows


Here’s a concert news 2-for-1 …

It feels like we’re saying this every week: Table Mountain Casino lands another notable concert. Today, the casino announced an Aug. 9 date with Rob Thomas. Thomas, in addition to his solo work, is known for fronting Matchbox Twenty.

Tickets go on sale July 5, costing $25-$45. He joins Lenny Kravtiz and Hall & Oates as recent additions to the Table Mountain calendar.

The Big Fresno Fair told us the first three concerts on the schedule for this year’s fair, which runs Oct. 6-17.

Country acts Julianne Hough (Oct. 8) and Montgomery Gentry (Oct. 15) are locked in, as is a classic rock show with Foghat & Blue Oyster Cult (Oct. 12). No tickets prices determined yet. Expect ticket sales to start “mid-summer.” More concert should be announced in the coming months.

Responses to "Concert News: Rob Thomas + Big Fresno Fair shows"

Debi says:

Rob Thomas’ new album Cradlesong is AWESOME! Can’t wait to go see him live.

INTHE559 says:

Would you know off hand the seating capacity to the performing venue at Table Mountain Casino ? I never been there before. Thank You.

Mike Oz says:

Generally about 1,200.

Debi says:

Not the best venue for a show, but at least it’s closer than driving to the Bay area or LA! I wish Fresno had someone to bring these shows in town, and stop letting the casinos get all the glory!

Mike Oz says:

I don’t think it’s a matter of Fresno “letting” the casinos get shows. I think the casinos just have much deeper pockets than your average concert promoter. They don’t NEED to make money off concerts, like your average local promoter would. They just want to get more people there to gamble.