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Watch Fresno’s Google Fiber video pitch

As we told you yesterday, Fresno submits its proposal to Google this afternoon, saying why we should be the test market for its ultra high-speed Google Fiber Internet service.

Part of it is this eight-minute video pitch with local leaders explaining why Fresno is a great fit for Google. It also includes a bunch of the community pictures and videos generated online. The video is quite impressive, if you ask me. Bravo to all involved in it.

Remember, there’s a rally today at 1 p.m. at City Hall. Bring signs!

A new study released this morning ranks Fresno fourth among cities making noise online about Google Fiber. We were No. 6 last week. The study says our online presence has increased 174%. Duluth, MN leads and Grand Rapids, Mich. is second.

- See more of Fresno’s pitch at
- Join the 8,700+ fans on Facebook.
- Nominate Fresno — you have until tomorrow.
– Add yourself to the Google Fiber for Fresno interactive map.

Responses to "Watch Fresno’s Google Fiber video pitch"

Teresa Marguilles says:

E.Rose for Mayor!

blake says:

Lookin’ good!

Joe says:

We should also let them know Fresno has a rich history of helping businesses tackle big projects, then leaving them unfinished.

That might make Google feel good in case they want to back out halfway through.

Conlan says:

Very impressive video. Toes and thumbs up.

Stephen says:

Gosh, this is an AMAZINGLY well-done video. Really high quality stuff.

Also, it’s always enjoyable to watch our Mayor and remember how very smart and capable she is. I’m a strong democrat but I was proud to donate to her campaign and can’t wait to support her for years to come. I only hope she remains as Mayor and doesn’t quickly look to move up in the political world.

I hope we get our google fiber, but I’m just supremely proud about this video! Great representation of Fresno.

Phil Derksen says:

Wow. Amazing video. It communicates our need for Google Fiber very well. Well done by the video creators and our Mayor!

erica says:

I am really impressed with this video. Now I REALLY want my google fiber.

Mike B says:

Duluth, Grand Rapids, Topeka, Fresno, Sarasota sounds about right on the third tier city list. Where is Des Moines?

isn’t that Eric Rose’s song “legend”? I played that with him at the Bob Marley tribute a while back at the starline, I like that beat

BryaninSF says:

Phil’s comment sums up everything that worries me about Fresno’s pitch for Google Fiber: “It communicates our need for Google Fiber very well.”

Friends, Google has a reputation for being an altruistic corporation with the best of intentions and all that, but it seems everyone involved in this effort (with the small exception of Ashley, in a rare turn as an insightful leader in this video) has forgotten that Google is still a corporation. No matter how many Fresnans produce slick videos or print out signs or Tweet or practically beg for this technology it is no doubt a better strategy to convince Google that THEY need FRESNO. Why should Google care if we need or want them? Google needs to want or need Fresno, so tell them why! What does Fresno, my fair hometown, bring to Google? How will Fresno provide whatever it is that Google needs better than Duluth or Grand Rapids or Petticoat Junction? Scream this loud and often…because honestly, Google doesn’t care about FUSD laptops or how many dogs were photographed with silly signs.

And Stephen, remind your girl that I still can’t get married…

Bryan Harley says:

I think this info was passed along in the video, on the web site, and most certainly in the comprehensive RFI that the city put together. The case was definitely made why they need to come to Fresno.

Bucky Moog says:

Here are over 140 videos highlighting Asheville’s talent. Fresno better up the ante!

Stephen says:

Bryan, she wanted me to tell you she has nothing whatsoever to do with you getting married. She can’t even find a nice boy for you. Sorry.

Chris says:

Yeah, Why does Fresno need this? So we can download movies a little faster? Play more Halo online?

Let another city take it!

The drunkest city in America doesn’t deserve this. Maybe if we clean up our act, Google will come back.

Miguel Soto says:

I wonder if I can request that hip-hop/rap song on my local radio station? Very well done video indeed! I highly doubt other cities will have their own theme song. Google fiber would be a tremendous asset!