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Rally for Google Fiber on Thursday


The City of Fresno is officially submitting its Google Fiber application on Thursday and there’s a corresponding rally at City Hall at 1 p.m. People are encouraged to bring their “I Want My Google Fiber” signs. One person will get picked to hit the “submit” button.

Fresno’s Google Fiber campaign has picked up a lot of steam since we last talked about. The Facebook page has more than 8,500 fans, which is not only one of the biggest for any city, but it’s also the largest Fresno-related page or group on Facebook.

If you haven’t seen them yet, here are some of the cool videos that people in the community have made for the Fiber Fresno effort:

[photo: via Google Fiber for Fresno Facebook page]

Responses to "Rally for Google Fiber on Thursday"

Suzanne says:

The community support for this effort has been amazing. The videos and images really demonstrate some serious (and not so serious) creativity. Go Fresno!

I want to remind people to nominate Fresno on the Google site at

Snoop Frezzy Frez says:

I’m curious, what are the other top Fresno-related FB groups, and how many people have they gathered?

Mike Oz says:

The ones that I know about are:

- You know you’re from Fresno when …- 7,120 people
- I live in Fresno, CA (the drunkest city in America) – 6,597
- The woman who waves at traffic from the overpasses of California Highway 41 fan page – 4,430
- Tower District – 3,785

There could be bigger ones out there that I just don’t know about …

Justin says:

The Marjaree Mason Center page currently has 4,185 friends.

Mike Oz says:

Awesome! I suppose it’s also worth noting that Ray Appleton has 5,000 friends, and The Grizzlies have close to 3,800.