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To-Do Tonight: Remember B.I.G.


Tonight, fallen rapper Notorious B.I.G., who died 13 years ago Tuesday, will be remembered in a tribute show at Audie’s Olympic. DJs Hecktik and Lace will be spinning, and a live band featuring Eva Scow and Armen Nalbandian will bring new flavor to some of B.I.G.’s gems.

The music of Gang Starr, whose emcee Guru is recovering from a recent heart attack and coma, will be saluted as well.

Word is there will be a special guest emcee in the house, somebody who’s doing BIG things around here lately. Hmmm.

The Hub — the name for the weekly hip-hop night at Audie’s — has unveiled its schedule for the next few weeks.

It includes a March 24 show with U-N-I and El Prez, and a March 31 date with Dilated Peoples, which oughta be huge.

While it preps for Saturday night’s grand opening, Million Too, the new club next to Million Elephant, has DJ L.E.O. spinning tonight. Ya know, if you wanna get over there and get an early taste.


Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Remember B.I.G."

Tupac says:

F**k Mobb Deep, F**K Biggie, F**K Bad boy as a staff, record label, and as a mother F’N crew, If u want to be down with Bad boy, then F**K u Too! J/K, song came to mind as soon as i seen biggie on the flyer.

Stephen says:

Jeez….is this going to be another ‘try to get people to dance at Million Too when there’s no alcohol or anything in there?’ tonight?

That didn’t work so well a few months ago when he tried it.

Big ups to Hektik for keeping the hippity hop thing going and for keeping it safe and fun (knocking on wood).

MsJoey says:

Aw man! My girl would love to see this B.I.G. Show! Someone record some of it, especially the Eva Scow part and YouTube it so she and I can watch it together!

Binx says:

Weird…cause I totally bought a beer there..and drank it on the premises. I’d say they were up and running.

Mr. Incognito says:

Notorious BIG/Gangstarr was fun, we had a great turnout for the event!

The idea that there’s something “different” to do is always appealing to folks here in the Valley; the Pub Quiz sounds like fun too….

Let’s keep it moving all!