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Responses to "Dear Fresno nightspots …"

Smokey Behr says:

If only. Most of the people wearing that stuff are nothing but douchebags (like most of the cast of Jersey Shore). I’d like to add “Famous Stars and Straps”, “Ecko”, or any brand found in a skate shop or Motocross/BMX store.

Alisa says:

Oh, but you can’t beat these sewn-in sleeves for Ed Hardy!

JamesMichael says:

That just made my day. Major FTW

Cheapy McCheaperson says:

Add “No Tap Out” too.

Rick says:

“or any brand found in a skate shop.” Famous stars and straps, and ecko? You wouldn’t find those in any core skate shop. Places that carry those brands are clothing retailers who happen to carry skateboards.

DLR says:

times like these make me glad I understand only about half of what is being discussed in this post.

Smokey Behr says:

I know that most skate shops don’t carry those brands. I was just lumping all the overexposed bandwagon gear into one sentence.

Maybe it should be a rule that if you can’t cover the logo with your hand, you shouldn’t be wearing it. Another rule should be that if you’re not working for the company, than you shouldn’t be wearing more than 2 pieces (including shirt or pants) made by that company. I hate brand whores.