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Countdown to the Rogue Festival


We’re a week away from my favorite annual Fresno event — the Rogue Festival.

Year after year, the Rogue has proven to be a jewel of Fresno’s entertainment community, offering theater, music, dance, visual art, movies and comedy during its 10-day run. All told, more than 70 different shows are part of this year’s Rogue.

Everything gets started with the Rogue’s annual kick-off on Thursday — including RogueHop at Ashtree Studios, 5-8 p.m., and the Rogue preview at Full Circle Brewing Co. at 8:30 p.m. The festival opens on Friday and continues through the weekend.

As usual, the Beehive will be buzzing with Rogue coverage this year. Check out for all our reviews from last year. That’s where everything will land once the fest gets going this year too.

The Rogue can be daunting to navigate, so we suggest you start planning now. Aileen from Ashtree Studios says this year’s Rogue Maps (basically: the Rogue program) are available to be picked up at her studio. Use that to see what shows are offered this year, and when they’re playing. Get your Rogue Map today until 6 p.m. or 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday. If you’re stuck behind a computer, you can download a PDF of the Rogue Map here.

Let’s start the Rogue talk with one simple question: What shows are looking forward to this year? (And, yes, performers, feel free to plug your show).

Responses to "Countdown to the Rogue Festival"

brodiemash says:

I’m hella looking forward to seeing what those Dumb Drum boys will be showing at Rogue Film. I didn’t even know Rouge had a film component! :)

Yes, Rogue has had a film component for a few years now and we’ve seen some great entries. Now I’m also looking forward to see what you guys bring!

Okay . . . since we’re encouraged to plug our own stuff: I’m looking forward to the “Why Did You Do It that Way?” artist forums at Ashtree Studios-the Rogue Gallery of visual artists! Come here what the artists themselves have to say about their work and ask them questions. Ashtree Studios will be exclusively the Rogue Art Gallery this year to allow for (the first time) sculpture on the floor. And in addition to the full schedule of open hours (check your Rogue Map) for the Rogue Gallery during the festival, there will also be the artist forums for you to take in all the art.
Rogue On!

Scurvy says:

Don’t miss the white knuckle indecency of Cap’n Scurvy’s Apocalypse Hoedown Revival; guerrilla vaudeville rampaging in full hubris
see it @ Million too (next to Million Elephant or the old wild blue if your old school Tower)
March 6th 2:30
March 7th 1:00 & 5:30
March 13th 8:30

see video of the drunken holy rolling antics @

blake says:

I’m looking forward to what that crazy blake jones and tom magill got goin’ on with “The Underground Garden: scenesters, tall-tales and Fresno rock n’ roll.”

I mean…. who doesn’t wanna get in touch with some Fresno rock history? what with radio dj’s, writers, musicians and club owners joining in this talk show…..and all the excting info over at

wet towel says:

…looking forward to hearing Liesl Garners poetry for this year…
(eggads, this past year just flew by,)


Tony Imperatrice is doing a show of nothing but Barry Manilow (Barely Manenuff) tunes…
oddly enough…
he was saying, came about because whenever anyone mentions Barry, all the guys go ‘…aw, no way, yuchh…’ –and then about five minutes later go ‘…you know there was always this one Manilow song that always got to me…’ -and they start singing it verbatum…

So he built a show of Manilow…
once you drop your inhibitions and step out of the Manilow closet?
may be a honkin’ good time…

(‘course, if I go, and sing along, I can no longer tease my Mom, my Sister and my Niece for liking him… (but wait, they’re back in ‘Jersey… how are they ever going to know?


Burning Man & the Reverend Nuge
at the Starline

If you see my show you will not burn in hell forever and ever – guaranteed or your money back!

Kristin says:

I’m looking forward to performing in “Imaginary Friends” at Veni’s. The show is about two literary lionesses, Lillian Hellman and Mary McCarthy, pretty much having a bitch-slapping contest of words. Heather and I are going to take each other down, it’s like mud-wrestling without the mess. First time back at the Rogue since 2004′s 24 hour Shakespeare, can’t wait!

ed says:

i second what aileen said. it’s our second year letting visual artist talk about their art and interact with the audience. you have to come more than once to hear all the different artists.

Lydia says:

So many great shows to go see!!! I’m having a hard time fitting them all in my schedule!
Be sure to come see MY show though!
: )
Shameless self promotion:

Tired of winter weather? Travel to exotic, warm-weathered lands all for the price of a theatre ticket!
Go from Egypt, India, and Thailand to South America and the Pacific Islands, all in one show!
Coming this weekend to Rogue Festival 2010!!!

Tanjora Tribal Bellydance
“The Sea of Dreams”
A Bellydance fantasy….
East and West meet as Tanjora blends influences from the Mediterranean, the Pacific, the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal, and arrive in a place found only in dreams!

Featuring a special glow performance by Fire Raqs!

Fri March 5th – 5:30pm
Sat March 6th – 4:00pm
Sun March 7th – 8:30pm
Sat March 13th – 6:30pm

CAA Severance Theatre
1401 N. Wishon Ave (at Floradora)
in Fresno’s Tower District

Advance tickets available from

Tickets at the door available 30 minutes before showtime.
Arrive early for best seating – our shows do sell out!

Okay…y’all should come out and see Man in Labor. The performer is hella cool and pretty damn entertaining.

Here’s what you need to know:
What happens to a man who has worked since the age of 6?
Well, he can sure as hell get a job, but can he keep a job?

Witness a comedic journey through a career ladder that includes
seasonal fish sales, Victoria’s Secret, and spending time in a cult.

Starring: Travis Sheridan
Cost: $5
Rating: PG-13
Time: 45 minutes

3/5 Fri @7:00 (opening night)
3/6 Sat @5:00
3/6 Sat @9:00
3/12 Fri @9:00
3/13 Sat @2:30
3/13 Sat @9:15 (closing night)

All three of my shows were considered “sell outs” last year, so I’ve put some tickets up for presale. Take a look here and secure your seat(s).

Thanks for supporting the Rogue!

M Justin Red says:

I highly recommend Parallel Lives, and I would do so even if I were not involved in the production. It’s brilliantly written sketch comedy, and the ladies in the cast are hilarious!

Parallel Lives plays at the Severance Theatre, on Wishon and Floradora, and runs:

Friday March 5, 10pm
Sunday March 7, 1pm
Friday March 12, 8:30pm
Saturday March 13, 2:30pm

Runtime: 1 hour
All tickets: $7

More info here:

Don’t miss the excitement of opening night this Friday!

Kate McKnight says:

I have to second what Justin wrote… I’m in Parallel Lives and very proud of our work.

If you want to see the premiere of an original piece, then please attend a performance of The Soaps of Paris. It was written by Thornton Davidson and I directed. I cast some of our town’s best actors, including… M Justin Red! (Yes, I’m in his show and he’s in mine.)

This is a drama with dark humor, quirky and edgy characters, plot twists and turns, and a surreal surprise ending.

March 5 @ 7:00 pm
March 6 @ 1:00 pm
March 11 @ 9:30 pm
March 12 @ 7:00 pm
Severance Theatre on Wishon & Floradora
(street parking)
50 minutes
Mature language and subject matter.