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Responses to "Cross Streets: The Belmont Loop"

brodiemash says:

Thanks for the love, sir!

mdub420 says:

these guys reek of……………..AWESOMENESS!!

The belmont loop is ghettoe and I enjoy it

Clare says:

“Can’t afford to take the kids to the zoo, just circle in the car. It’s pretty much all there. They can see it.” Lmao! I would tell myself that same exact thing as a child. As long as I saw the locomotive, it was good.

I’ve seen them all and love it!

This is why other towns think Fresno sucks. But for those of us here, making fun of Fresno like this is the only thing keeping it from sucking less. Thanks guys, I love it.

SamEyeAm says:

Big Ben! Parliament!

Andrew says:

Ha! I kept thinking the same thing!

brodiemash says:

Ha! I remember feeling the same way about the locomotive! It was the crown jewel of the park for me back in the days.

floydy says:

the music on this is a perfect compliment to the video. i have always thought that.

thatfresnodude says:

The loops at Fresno State are dangerous. During the summer when they first opened, some youngen flew his camero right over it and almost into the Test lab on the southwest corner. They have since put in some boulders in front of that building. Also when it first opened they found a truck in the norht east field. People in fresno, especially youngsters should not use these things.

yellowdog says:

it’s the belmont circle….never been called the ‘loop’….but other then that…outstanding.

Marisa says:

I love the videos… The facial expressions are my favorite. Great job guys!

But as for this specific post, I’m more laughing at the “ugly jackets” tag… That cracked me up! What’s up with that!?!


brodiemash says:

I’m thinking he’s referring to Bryan’s jacket. I bought him one for Valentine’s Day but for some reason he burnt it ;)

Lucy Osorio says:

Lol… Loved it!

Nancy says:

Yes, Yellowdog is correct –
It has ALWAYS been Belmont Circle, even before the days when cruising Belmont was the cool thing for my oldest brother and his friends to do.
And I’ve often wondered why so many folks CANNOT navigate a traffic circle (like in Riverpuke) but I guess those people have never been South of Shaw (or is it Herndon now?) to have had practice on the Belmont Circle…