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To Southwest, on behalf of FAT people


Dear Southwest Airlines:

I, much like the rest of the world, have followed your public spat with director Kevin Smith. Since it’s Fat Tuesday, and I’m also a fat guy, I have the perfect way for you to make amends. Embrace FAT.

And by that, I mean come here to Fresno and start service out of the Fresno Air Terminal — a.k.a. FAT. Fresno has wanted you here for a long time now. Great way to show you have nothing against the FAT, right?

I’m sure you’d get some hilarious publicity out of it too.

UPDATE: Spawned from the comment section, a Twitter campaign has started courting Kevin Smith the official spokesman for FAT.

- FYI, our airport is looking kinda FAT

Responses to "To Southwest, on behalf of FAT people"

Lucia says:

We could definitely use Southwest Airlines in Fresno. I love flying them, but only use them for cross country flight since I have to drive to San Jose.

Heather says:

I support this. Well done.

@yagrrb says:

Please come to Fresno, Southwest! I want my bags to fly free like in those cute commercials I see on TV. You should have seen what I had to resort to to avoid checking a bag the last time I flew out of FAT. I was wearing so many layers I almost couldn’t fit in my seat.

Donald Munro says:

While we’re at it, let’s dump the insipid FYI designation, which isn’t real, anyway, and embrace FAT. We could even hire Kevin Smith as our spokesmodel.

james says:

After hearing from Fresno’s director of aviation last week at Citizens Academy (yes, we have a director of aviation – I didn’t know that), I now wonder if the pros are worth the cons, though I like the idea of having Southwest coming to Fresno. Realistically, though, we just don’t have the community support and/or need.

james says:

Or Kevin Federline

The Fresnan says:

Great post, Blogfather. If we can’t get Southwest to come, maybe we could get Kevin too cause that would be more awesome.

Bryan Harley says:

Kevin Smith as FAT’s spokesperson is a GREAT idea. We need to set this up ASAP.

Debi says:

I find this interesting, what do you think they base that on? because we won’t fly FYI otherwise? L A M E

james says:

I think it’s hard to judge it as lame – there are a lot of variables involved, many of which are beyond my pay grade.

According to Russ Widmar’s presentation, it’s based on the use of the local airport, and support/buy-in of local businesses. The fact that no Fortune 500 companies are headquartered came up. Having Southwest come in could mean potentially losing two of our other airlines (because of competition), which would give a single airline a little too much control over our flight schedules.

I’m sure I’m not doing Russ any justice, so for more of that perspective, I’d recommend calling him – he’s out at Chandler Airport.

Mike Bird says:

YES! A million times over. We need to convince our mayor, city council, and more importantly THE FRESNO AIRPORT to bring Southwest Airlines. They service Reno, Sacramento, San Jose, and San Francisco. WAKE UP Fresno, this is the 21st century — sell the stadium and bring in Southwest. P.S. James, we do have a need and sounds like Russ has a hand out from the other airlines.

Erica says:

I can see that there currently may not be enough business to bring in Southwest but that is because it is ridiculously expensive to fly in or out of Fresno. Everyone I know drives 3-4 hours out of Fresno to fly out from other airports. I cannot even imagine the conferences we could get in Fresno if it was cheaper to travel here. As a lover of the whole central valley I think if they create affordable opportunities to fly in and out of Fresno people would be happy to use it.

james says:

That’s not what it sounds like to me, but I guess that’s beside the point. Good luck with your effort to convince everyone internally that we need it. I’m sure none of those people have tried to convince Southwest to fly here (not that it’s up to the actual airline to make those decisions).

Alexander says:


Now that Fresno has been making updates to the Airport, it is time for Southwest to come in and break down all these absorbent airfares!

Southwest would have every plane filled – even if they just flew in and out 2 times a day; it would be PACKED!