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To-Do Tonight: Fat Tuesday in Fresno


It’s Fat Tuesday, so you know the parties are aplenty. As is usually the case, expect the Tower District to be hopping with activity. Party people will be walking up and down the Olive Avenue like they think they’re on Bourbon Street — and Fresno PD will be watching closely, so be on your best behavior.

Spots such as Palomino’s, Veni Vidi Vidi, Starline and Sequoia Brewing Co. all have entertainment planned. There’s DJs and club fare at most places, but if you’re looking for New Orleans-style Dixieland jazz, then head over to Sequoia, which has the Blue Street Jazz Band. Also noteworthy is Sweet Virginia, a Rolling Stones tribute band, playing at Landmark.

For the rest of what’s happening in town, check out the fliers below:

Anything else good going on tonight? Leave it the comments.

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Fat Tuesday in Fresno"

Stephen says:

Dear Non-Tower Non-Cool people:

Stay the eff home, okay? If you can’t leave your guns and gangs and grabby/creepy selves at the door, then just stay away.

No gunshots, injuries or ridiculous fights this year, mmkay? Pretty please?

And Police People? Thanks so much for all you do, but the one-way sidewalk thing? Where if people dare cross the street on you in the middle they get dragged away in cuffs? Please remember it’s a party. But seriously, thanks for all you do to keep the Tower as safe as you can.

Im goin to the tower district

MsJoey says:

Ditto to what Stephen said! (cant believe I’m agreeing)
But seriously, Tower District is super cool, BUT remember it’s also a neighborhood. Some of us live here and we wouldn’t dare step foot into your neighborhood acting all foolish. And while we respect your desire to come to our neighborhood; it’s cool, why wouldn’t you want to come? We ask you please, leave your North-end attitude at home, leave your South-side guns at home and leave your West-side gangs at home and adopt our attitude of peace and love, even if for just one night and play nice, k?
Thank you.

Heather says:

I would really love to live in this Tower District Utopia you’ve created in your head — a place where none of the residents carries a gun or has an attitude, and they show nothing but respect for their neighbors and their neighborhood.

I suppose it’s the people who are bussed into the Tower District from neighboring areas that tag the signs and buildings, litter, and act foolish on the smoking patio at Livingstone’s.

MsJoey says:

Heather, I dont know about Utopia but I know that after living down here for about 12 years with a 2 year break in between, I know that we are a tight-knit community. We all know each other, some of us are fools, BUT when those fools are called out, there is the proper love and respect given to one another.
I hang out at Livingstones quite often. I’m not a smoker so I don’t reside in the patio but I do know more often than not, those who cause trouble aren’t familiar faces.
A Tower resident can always tell when Non-Towerites are around. Rule #1 is that we typically know all the restaurant owners and would NEVER do anything to disrespect them. That is why I think Stephen and I say what we say. Towerites don’t bite the hands that feed them.
That is my only rationale in saying that it’s most likely not us who cause the trouble.
I wouldnt want to get 86′d from my “Cheers” or put my friends in jeopardy with the ABC.
And as for tagging, I think most artists ask permission to create grafitti walls…..taggin is typically done by the 18 and under set. There’s a huge difference. At least that’s what the Fresno PD says.

ed says:

uhhhhhhhhhh,yep. i agree with heather.

i have seen tower residents:
get 86′d from tower bars
act a fool in the tower
disrespect other people’s property
start fights
and although i haven’t seen it, i’ve known people from the tower that did graf/tagging

having said that, there will be an influx of people to the neighborhood, and i’d hope they would treat it respectfully. no matter what neighborhood people out in the tower tonight are from, i hope they don’t cause problems by getting grabby, harassing people, making a nuisance of themselves, or starting trouble.

jimguy says:

Some cops call the Tower shuffle “The Cakewalk.” Pretty accurate.

Patrick says:

Austin’s Downtown Grill and Sports will be hot tonight as well! check out our new website . see you there!

billy pigrim says:

i live in north fresno and do not have a snooty attitude, my gilfriend lives in west fresno and has nothing to do with any gang, and i was born in raised in south fresno and have never even touched a gun.

what i will do is never make assumptions about any person based on where they live, even if they are not a local at the cool trendy part of town

Mark says:

Patrick has a good place! Go to Austins! Two taps of Bud Light yet?

pc63 says:


Heather says:

This is what happens when you piss off a 12-year old.

Though Mike Ox > Mike Oz.

Mike Oz says:

X and Z are basically the same letter.

Heather says:

Mike Ox sounds like “my c*cks” which makes it even better.

Mike Oz says:

Good point.

Mike Ox makes you throw up.

Heather says:


Stephen says:

I see Faddafigga has a new tag-name.

When Tower rats act a fool it’s cuz they’re drunk and stupid. They do fight and tag and cuss and litter and loiter and yell and such.

Know what they don’t do? Bring guns. Belong to and represent gang affiliations. Shoot people (two years ago).

Last year Fresno’s finest had an SUV pulled over and there were about 15 cops harassing these three guys near Rousseau. I walked by and thought the cops were being jerks until I saw them pull out TWO EFFING UZIs!

Keep that crap out of the Tower tonight (and forever) please. We can deal with the locals and their open containers and their stupid drunkenness.

But leave your loaded weapons at home (MikeOz, we know you carry the gun show with you at all times).

ed says:

that’s it, i’m rolling strapped tonight so i can be my own anecdotal evidence of tower residents rolling with guns. i will then tag and urinate on the bar at starline grill causing myself to be 86′d from the bar and probably assaulted by at least one of the bouncers there. after i wake up, i will wonder why my head hurts so bad, but may understand that it is because i “fell” on the concrete outside the bar. i will also understand that my wrists hurt from the handcuffs as i receive a complementary ride from fresno’s finest.*

*i will not actually be doing any of these things tonight.

mdub420 says:

i’m at work, and when i get off, i’ll be going home to my wife and son, and then watching some LOST. my life is so exciting.

:::grabs an eastsider’s gun and blows brains all over monitor::::

Heather says:

I’m staying home and watching “Lost” too, mdub. And I bet we’ll both enjoy that a lot more than the people who are going to spend the evening milling up and down Olive Ave like cattle.

adam says:

The cattle are fun to watch, but it’s even more fun to watch the cops bust minors after 10 PM.

Stephen says:

Actually…it went really well last night and the cops were pretty dang cool about the whole thing.

They still did cattle rustling, using actual horses on the sidewalks, but they handled the few a-holes with calm and under-reaction. They (for once) seemed to have an overwhelming presence without an overwhelming ‘take over the world’ attitude.

I thought the amateurs were the usual drunks, but I heard nothing about over-the-top gun toters, gang fights or anything more ridiculous than minor skirmishes and of course drunk actions.

And Ed, if you did pee all over the bar at the Grill you wouldn’t be assaulted by a bouncer UNLESS you got a few drops on Mika…then all hell would break loose as we tried to keep her from killing you!

MsJoey says:

Well, I wish I could say that from my house everything was cool.
Around 9ish is when the sirens started.
Police followed by Ambulance and Firetrucks.
Then around 11 there was the requisite blowing through the stoplights at 80mph or faster.
Then just about 1ish I was delighted to be woken up by some screeching young ladies who were upset that their friends took their keys and now how were they going to get to Casa Corona by last call!???
And finally to sum it all up, vomit sounds around 3:30……oh what a night!

Evan says:

Way to keep it classy beehive and not buy the $1.00 istockphoto image for the blog.

Mike Oz says:

I didn’t even realize …
totally my bad. I should have just used a flier.