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Where do you make friends in Fresno?

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I don’t know Lindsay, but she tells me in an e-mail she moved to Fresno last month and needs a little bit of help getting a start.

She says: “I’ve moved a lot and I’m pretty good at making friends and sussing out things to do and places to go, etc, but Fresno is proving to be a challenge.”

She says she’s skimmed Post No Bills. Checked out And met with some runners. But she still wants more — and I’m sure some people out there can relate.

Specifically, she asks:

Where’s the friendliest place in Fresno? Where can a newcomer feel at home? Where do Fresnoans (is that the right descriptor?) think that a person (anyone!) could show up alone and meet new friends? What’s with the general indifference and appalling level of cliqueishness? Keep in mind that new people don’t always have a ride or a dd or $ for a taxi so maybe suggestions should branch outside of alcohol-related events. Fresno’s DUI arrest record has not escaped my notice! Otherwise, I’d have myself at every wine tasting and happy hour in this city.

I thought this would be a good topic for the Beehive braintrust. So let’s hear what suggestions you guys have. I’ll start it off by suggesting a mixer for Creative Fresno or FLYP. Maybe wandering ArtHop. Or, heck, maybe joining that kickball league, or going to the Fresno Pétanque Club. More ideas, friendly Fresnans?

[photo: Francisco Vargas' 'Welcome to Fresno' mural]

Responses to "Where do you make friends in Fresno?"

Creative Fresno Blender, Arthop, post Arthop nightlife, Twitter (following @FresnoBeehive).

Joe Moore says:

Art Hop (first Thursday of the month in the Tower and Downtown), FLYP & Creative Fresno events, Grizzlies games, etc

I just spoke with a person by phone today who said they were new to Fresno and wanted to connect with other creative arts people and heard about the Rogue. They called to my studio to ask questions and I invited them to our volunteer meeting this Saturday, Feb 13th 11am at Ashtree Studios to meet other like minded people who want to get involved with Rogue. It’s a great thing, because as you know there are a lot of people involved, if you volunteer you get to work along side them and really get to know these people and the audiences, AND you can also earn free tickets to shows. You can meet and work with the many talented performers and get to participate in the juggernaut that is the Rogue Festival! This gives you a direct link to knowing a lot of people involved in other community events and parties as well and believe me, you’ll feel like you instantly belong to the Fresno experience!
Join in the Rogue circus!

Andrew says:

If you are of the faith type The Well is a great church with great community. I would also say The Revue is a great coffee shop to meet up with people.

Conlan says:

This is gonna be nerdy, but we’re all nerds here, aren’t we? Since moving back to Fresno two years ago, nearly everyone I hang out with I met through Twitter. From there, stuff just happens.

I made a Twitter list a few months ago that should be a helpful start:

That’s my best advice.


MsJoey says:

Tower District of course! Or she can find me on Facebook and I’ll show her around….cuz I’m friendly and stuff!

Stephen says:

She went to the right source to start by communicating with you.

Of course I’m going to suggest the Tower, but maybe she prefers northside type locations?

She just has to find ONE friend to go experiment with her, find the spots and figure out what she’ll like.

The Beehive is to me THE place to start.

pk says:

Volunteer at your fav type charity….

I moved here after getting out of the military a few years ago and Fresno is a rough place to meet people
Ive even sent a few facebook friend requests to a few of you “popular” beehivers and was DENIED, thats not friendly…….

Im curious to see what kind of posts come up here

Clare says:

A lot of our close friends come from work, but they also come from local wine tasting events. Just Google “Fresno” and “wine” and let the fun begin.

This weekend is a good one to get your feet wet. It’s the highly popular “Wine and Chocolate Lovers” weekend in both Fresno and Madera areas. My favorite places to hit up are Birdstone, Ficklin, and Quady in Madera. And in Fresno, the people at Milla and Englemann are always a fun time.

You will make friends at these events, I promise.

Vickie says:

Hubby and I make friends wherever we go. Love the Tower as well as Downtown Fresno.

Michael says:

I have to second what Conlan said. I’ve met several people through Twitter whom I’m now good friends with. Yeah it’s nerdy, but come on. Nerds are cool these days (that’s what I keep telling myself anyways).

Tower is always good. I know there the Mardi Gras parade is this weekend. Should be a good chance to meet some people.


I’m not of the opinion that someone can just go “out” to the Tower district (or elsewhere in Fresno) and make friends.

Sure, there are a lot of friendly people in the Tower, but it remains very clique oriented, and there’s a big difference between talking someone up at a bar and actually MAKING FRIENDS.

I would suggest an activity or a class.
The Rogue Festival is a perfect place to start if you like dance or theatre or music. Volunteer and get involved with an activity that suits you and you will meet like minded people.

Or take a class you find interesting at Fresno Adult School (or somewhere else). You will automatically have something in common with other people in the class…. unlike being out in the Tower District…. where the only thing you may have in common with someone is that you are both in the Tower District…. Hmmm…

Lindsay says:

Mike, thanks for the quick response to my email!

Great suggestions everyone! Look for me out and about.

Lindsay says:

You had me at “free tickets.” Expect some correspondence from me!

Lindsay says:

See, this is tough because I love wine, but a friend who used to live here got a dui (wet and reckless) for 0.05 in Fresno last year while visiting family. Even if I had a massive meal, spit out the wines after tasting, and really paced myself, I still wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing the local law enforcements attitude towards drivers and imbibers.

Marc M. says:

I’ve DJ’ed two events in Tower this week (the J.Dilla tribute @ Veni’s on Monday and the Inner Ear Poetry Jam @ Revue Cafe on Thursday), and I have to say that I’ve probably met more like-minded people at those events than my previous 5 years I’ve been living here in Fresno.

My vote goes for Tower…and Twitter (@marcisdaname).

blake says:

I would first suggest: be a little patient.
Making friends doesn’t always happen overnight,
and having someone to go to these events *with* makes them more fun and allows one to not walk around in a ‘I’m by myself bubble.’.

Getting involved in some sort of group that shares your interest: political, religious, social, hobby-oriented—is a good start.

Volunteering for the Rogue Festival—they’d accept you right up to the last minute–but would dig it if you went to a volunteer meeting to get trained.

I moved to LA from Fresno (I’m a ‘boomerang’) and it took me a couple of years before I could look back and say ‘cool, I’ve made a couple of friends’—and they’re friends with me to this day.

MsJoey says:

When Facebooking folks, did you include a message stating who you were? Cause chances are, random folks friending strangers will be denied.

MsJoey says:

Hey Marc, you totally WOW’d my daughter at Revue for the Beatdown! She loves your music…..she was the little dreadhead who asked about your set list!

actually thats good idea, im not too facebook savy,

bill pilgrim says:

much of where you should start depends on the type of person you are, what type of activities do you like? what type of music or cultural events do you like?

Jenn says:

If your into volunteerism, you might consider looking into joining the Junior League of Fresno. We will be having several Prospective Member Receptions coming up in the spring. I’m happy to send you more info if you are interested.

Rebecca says:

I moved from the East Coast to Fresno a little over a year ago, and joining Yosemite Fitness, the indoor rockclimbing gym in Clovis, helped me meet some awesome, outdoorsy people!

kidcapri73 says:

Try a farmer’s market. The Vineyard Farmers Market at Blackstone & Shaw, Wednesday 3 to 6 pm, or even better on Saturday morning, until noon. Lotsa people who all have something in common with you–they need to eat! Look around at some of the interesting fruit and produce, ask questions of the vendors, ask someone buying something you’ve never tried, how they prepare it. Food sampling on some Saturdays, special tasting competitions on other days. Have a cup of coffee or a pastry. Great place to strike up conversations.

Danielle says:

There are two busses driving people around the wineries this weekend. You can find info here:

Kristin says:

I’m new in town too! So far the best ways that I have found are voluteering for Woodward Shakespeare and the Rogue. The Blenders are just a little too scary for me, and if you are at all shy, I’d stay away. We should meet up at Teazers or the Grill and find new friends together.

Dawn says:

Kristin, you, Lindsay, and I should meet up and find new friends together. I’ve been in Fresno for quarter of a century and made lots of guy friends. It’s time for a change. I feel like a tomboy. hehe.

Melissa says:

Dawn, my guys friends and I bar hop every Friday. This Friday night we may start out at Club One. Meet us there if you like.

Dave Sommers says:

Where in Fresno is a young guy in his 50s to go to meet some cool people into swiss timepieces art music good conversation medicine psychoanalysis wine, choclate etc