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Help a couple Fresno guys win a contract with DC Comics


UPDATE: Today is the last day of the contest and Monsterplex is currently at No. 2. Go help ‘em out, Fresno!

ORIGINAL POST, 2/11:Monsterplex,” a comic produced by two Fresno guys, is currently running strong in this month’s Zuda competition, put on by the ever-so-famous DC Comics (you know, Superman, Batman, etc).

On the line is a one-year contact with DC for “Monsterplex” and the minds behind it — Brock Heasley and David Schlotterback. They’re doing well so far, currently in second place, but they were No. 1 a few days ago. But they could use a little bit of a Fresno push. Just head over here to check out “Monsterplex,” which is a comic about a movie theater with real monsters in it.

The winner is based on overall popularity, which is calculated through votes, favorites, comments and views. Says Schlotterback: “To participate (vote, favorite, leave comments, etc.) you’ll need to register an account over at Zuda (only takes a minute or two, tops). The competition runs for the duration of the month and the entries are STRONG.” If nothing else, click over and give them a few extra views.

For more on the comic and the guys behind, check out a recent episode of the Strangers With Comics podcast (also Fresno-based, FYI), where Heasley and Schlotterback are both guests.

You can also check out Heasley’s other comic “SuperFogeys,” which is about an super heroes in an old folk’s home. You can see Schlotterback’s body of work here.

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