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Concert News: Star Wars in Concert = Fresno bound? YESSSSS!


UPDATE III (THE UPDATE STRIKES BACK): Looks like we may eventually have as much updates to this post as there are “Star Wars” movies.

Totally not a big deal, fellow Star Wars geeks, but the Save Mart Center just announced the date of the show got moved back one day, from June 16 to June 17.

Tickets still go on sale this Saturday at 10 a.m. The prices are still the same. We just have to wait one more day to see the show.

UPDATE II (A NEW HOPE): Looks like “Star Wars in Concert” is on for Fresno — as the date has been added to the tour’s Web site and confirmed by the Save Mart Center.

As we talk about below, the date is June 16. Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. March 13. They cost $35, $49.50 and $65, with a special family of price of $25 each when you buy four $35 tickets.

UPDATE, 2/10: The Save Mart Center says this is NOT going on sale Monday, and that the concert isn’t even booked. Hold onto hope that it will still happen, just don’t plan to be buying tickets soon. I’ll let you know when I hear more. I’ve got a call out to Ticketmaster wondering, WTH?

ORIGINAL POST: The Force is strong with this one.

According to a Ticketmaster press release, the Star Wars in Concert show that launched last year will be blasting into Save Mart Center on Wednesday, June 16.

Tickets, according to Ticketmaster, are supposed to go on sale at 10 a.m. Monday. I haven’t been able to confirm this with Save Mart Center yet, and it’s not on the concert’s tour list yet. So keep that in mind. I’ll update with more info as I get it.

Our own Star Wars obsessee Kathy Mahan saw the show in Sac last year and loved it.

Cross your fingers that this isn’t a Jedi Mind Trick by Ticketmaster.

Responses to "Concert News: Star Wars in Concert = Fresno bound? YESSSSS!"

bradley says:


Kathy Mahan says:

I will definitely see it again. So cool.

Bryan Harley says:


brodiemash says:


katbon says:

Happy Birthday to me! It’s just a couple of days before my birthday and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate! Da, DA, da,da,da,DA…DA…

bradley says:

not going now?

*hella sad face*

Brittney says:

whhhhhhaaaaattttttttttt. this better happen! >:O says:

This sounds like the best thing that has ever happened to Fresno. If the Met had booked this, it wouldn’t have gone out of business.

Just wondering says:

Wouldn’t you make all those calls and verify the information contained in the press release for such a huge event BEFORE posting about it? I hope it happens. Sloppy PR on Ticketmaster’s part.

Mike Oz says:

I did make the calls beforehand, and didn’t hear back for hours. So I figured a “this is what I know” type of post was appropriate in this case. It was very clear the event wasn’t for sure, just that a piece of information was out there and I was looking into it.

I think the real-time news-cycle of blogging allows for this type of updating. In fact, I do it with concert news all the time.

bradley says:


Harsh says:

Won’t be a Jedi “Mind” Trick by TicketDisaster, but you can bet that your wallet will think otherwise.

Ticketmasters motto for this show is “May the Fee’s Be With You”

Man, did I think this out loud again? I gotta stop bashing the competition….Not really.

Zara says:

I am actually embarrassed by how excited I am about this…

Mdub420 says:

A six year should be to handle this right? Or is the concert too loud??

Daniel says:

Just watched the “making of” the concert…AMAZING!
I cannot wait! I hope you guys give away some tickets!!!

presale starts Thursday til Friday at 10 pm

Zara says:

There’s no such thing as “too young” for Star Wars!
For loud music, though, buy your kid some noise-cancelling earmuffs.
Here’s an example –

Kathy Mahan says:

It’s a live orchestra, so not loud like a rock concert. There are some explosions, but nothing worse than 4th of July fireworks. There were lots of kids at the concert I went to in Sac and they seemed to deal OK.

katbon says:

Bought my tickets this morning in the presale! I might just wear my princess leia outfit!

mdub420 says:

presale at the save mart center? or through a website. i need to get these tickets.

Mike Oz says:

I heard the password is “Vader.” On Ticketmaster.

mdub420 says:

Thanks Mike!! Just got them. So stoked.