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Did They Just Say Fresno? SNL sucks edition

Since I know nobody watches “Saturday Night Live” anymore, you probably missed this clip from the most recent episode where they talk about Fresno being the “drunkest city.” As expected from a current Saturday Night Live clip, it’s not funny.

“The Mentalist” — a show some people do watch, I think — said Fresno in its most recent episode too. It brings back memories of “Fresno: Smile When You Say That.

Responses to "Did They Just Say Fresno? SNL sucks edition"

Stephen says:

I do still watch SNL. Adult children of alcoholics are noted for showing undeserved loyalties.

I saw that segment and put my hand up to cover my eyes…


Fresno – World Class.

Jeff says:

SNL is still funny with the exception of Wiig. They should have got more out of the Fresno joke by having a cast member correspond as a Fresno Celeb like Autry, Pat Hill, or K-Fed.

Clare says:

Yeah, I saw it too and blogged a little about it…but not that much.

Barry Falke says:

Jeff, SNL is still Funny?? By SNL you do mean Saturday Night Live right? Are we watching the same show?

FresnoDude says:

SNL hasnt been funny in years.

FrezUgh says:

SNL – not always funny, but they nailed us, yes they did. Insulting a TV show is childish, given that they didn’t make this stuff up. We ARE the drunkest city. Deal with it, people. And the fact that bars can stay open till 4am now, just underscores how juvenile and unsophisticated our city really is. Ashley can throw hundreds of thousands of dollars at PR to help our “image” – at the expense of hundreds of city employees’ jobs – but it won’t change the fact that we are the drunken meth capital bible belt – and everybody knows it.

Mike Oz says:

How exactly did they “nail us?” That was hardly even a joke.

teacherman says:

Right on, again Frenzo. Dumbest, drunkest, & apparently clueless (Mr. Oz?). Let’s see, famous 35-yr running comedy skit show on a national network based in the most famous city on the planet vs. Mr. Oz’s Frenzo. Ah, yeah Mike, nobody’s watching.

Mike Oz says:

When I say nobody watches SNL, it’s like when I say no one thinks Jay Leno is funny. Sure, there are people — I just wonder what’s wrong with them.

DB says:

I don’t think much about anything on TV anyways. Who cares about what they say. They don’t give a damn about anything good that Fresno has to offer. They don’t care to know if Fresno even has anything good to offer. Fresno needs to just focus on Fresno and forget about Hollywood.

Brandon says:

The joke was lame, but SNL is still funny.

How is Wiig not funny? Except for a couple of annoying characters, she almost drives that show. And Andy Samberg.

Mike Oz says:

Yeah, I agree. Wiig is the best they got on there. Samberg is so hit and miss.

Conlan says:

People have been saying “SNL hasn’t been funny in years” for years. The truth is, the majority of SNL skits throughout history haven’t been hilarious. Sure, certain personalities or writers have tended towards greatness, but when you produce a live hour-and-a-half of TV, most of which is written and rehearsed in one week, it’s hard to be constantly funny. I just watched a “Best of” DVD of an SNL performer who many thought was amazing (I won’t say who because my intent isn’t to start that tangent) and much of the material simply wasn’t that good. We remember it being funnier than it was because of small percentages of awesomeness, funnier things the actors went on to do, the occasional great host, or fond thoughts of different periods in our lives. We continue to watch it because, what else is on TV at midnight on Saturday?

Conlan says:

P.S. For what it’s worth, I didn’t think this joke was particularly funny, nor was it particularly about Fresno anyway. It could have referred to any city. (Although, I do think “Frenzo” is a funny word.)

floydy says:

i know SNL. in the biblical sense.

Donald Munro says:

Double agree. Wiig is the reason I still (occasionally) watch.

MsJoey says:

I LOVE Fresno!!!
And I dont care what label anyone puts on us, I’ll just turn it into an adjective!
From now on, when I’m totally wasted, I’m gonna say, “Dude, I’m soooo Fresno!”
And the next day, I’m gonna tell my friends I got “Fresno’d” last night at Stones!

Brittni says:

I live in Clovis, and care about this “drunkest city”, “Dumbest city” business. But Fresno is going overboard. It does not take 22 million dollar ad campaign to make a rumor disappear. It’s like walking into a rich kid school, flashing a $20, and deserving respect. It takes at-least $200 to sit with the AV crowd. With that said. I am GLAD to be moving out of Fresno. It’s a two bit town that tried to become a big city, and failed, so now it uses the campaign that it’s “the biggest little city”. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m fed up with Fresno in the late night news every week, or maybe it’s because I’ve lived here my adult life, and can’t stand everything else it is, like Meth capital, or car Jacking capital, but either way, Fresno could be better if it stopped trying to stop the bullying.

Here’s a campaign you can use:

“Fresno: It’d be better if the locals developed a sense of humor”

SB says:

Fresno will still be Fresno.

J says:

Moving to Fresno is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I have never hated anything as much as I abhor Fresno. The Central Valley is terrible enough on its own, but Fresno takes the cake. It has all the problems of a big city, with none of the benefits. The worst part of Fresno is the people; uneducated, overly conservative, generic minions who drive giant SUVs from strip mall to strip mall looking to blow their unemployment checks at chain restaurants to further inflate their already morbidly obese worthless carcasses.
As far as I can tell, Fresno only has two things going for it: In n Out, and at least it’s not Texas.

Mike Oz says:

Stick around our site a little bit, hopefully you’ll find there’s some cool stuff happening in town that may change your opinion about Fresno. Any city is only what you make it, and we write about the things that make Fresno cool.

Jason Millar says:

Born in Fresno. Lived in Bay Area from 8-17. Back to Fresno from 17-19. Lived in Chile for 2 years, then Idaho, Montana, then back to the Bay for 2 years before settling right back in.. wait for it.. FRESNO. So you see, I’m someone who has seen and lived in other places. Fresno’s not that bad. Consider all the pro’s: Cheap housing, no traffic, decent weather, 3 hours from EVERYTHING, great food, and the super-mega-international-eclectic population.

I think the thing with Fresnington is we need to stop trying to a “Little City”. How about this?.. let’s be a “Giant-Massive Town”!! That way all these babies with their high expectations won’t feel so let down.

Now excuse me while I buy some Guadalaraja to go and head up to the Sierras!

Natali says:

For the life of me I don’t understand why people who hate Fresno so much stick around. But perhaps I wouldn’t understand because I am an uneducated generic minion.

Jose De Loza says:

Coming from SNL- easily the unfunniest, just-give-up-already show on tv- this means nothing.