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The Best & Worst of Super Bowl ads

At my Super Bowl party yesterday, I handed out a survey for best and worst commercials. It was totally unscientific, but I thought it would at least be interesting to see what people thought. And, of course, it would be fun to share here too.

1. Snickers – “Game”
It seemed that Betty White getting hit was a big hit at our house.

2. Bud Light – “Voice Box”
Autotune, while annoying in songs, is apparently a big addition to Super Bowl ads.

3. Doritos – “House Rules”
Probably a little bit of homerism here, but the Doritos commercial from local guy Joelle De Jesus scored well at my house. It also was doing really well on Hulu.

Others receiving votes:

The Worst: Focus on the Family – “Tim Tebow”
Far and away, this was the voted as the worst. Was it all the hype around it? Or that weird part with Tim Tebow tackling his mom?

Others receiving votes:

What were your favorite Super Bowl ads? Which did you hate? Hulu and YouTube both have pages set up where you can see more of the commercials.

Responses to "The Best & Worst of Super Bowl ads"

Debi says:

Which ad won the Doritos contest? Everyone I talked to loved the house rules one, but someone told me it didn’t win the contest. Is that true?

I liked the one with the house made of Bud Light. I thought the Boost mobile one was lame-o.

Mike Oz says:

It was among the winners of the Crash of the Super Bowl contest — getting played during the Super Bowl meant it won that. (

However, each of the winners could win more money if they placed high in the USA Today AdMeter ( It finished #11. Another Doritos ad got #2, which means its creator won $600K.

Chase Sanborn says:

Groundhog’s Day with Troy Paluamaulalalala was outstanding. But of course I can’t remember the product.

Jordan says:

Google had the best Commercial

Michael says:

My favorite commercial was the NCIS one, mostly cause my sister and I already headslap each other anyways. So seeing this gave me a chuckle.

As for worse, I thought the Autotuner commercial was annoying. Wound up muting it till it was over. And the Coke commercial with The Simpsons was just crap.

Cristobal says:

What?! No love for the Dave Letterman/Oprah/Leno commercial? That deal was hilarious and totally caught me off guard!

Bryan Harley says:

Abe Vigoda is the reason that Snickers commercial is funny! Go Abe!

Kathy Mahan says:

I like most of the Doritos ads, but my favorite was the House Rules ones. That kid was great. I also like the Snickers ad. I thought all the men-without-pants ads were too much.

Debi says:

I couldn’t tell which one was #2 but the bark collar one was funny too. Thanks for the link Mike.

wet towel says:

-liked all of the doritos ads.. (didn’t realize they were competing.)

-the google one looking up everything from how to talk to a french girl to how to assemble a crib or whatever… -that was cool.

-Casual Friday? funny, okay, expected for SuperBowl.
-Men without Pants?? -positioned next to the Casual Fiday just made them both play out weird.

-The Hemi-Dodge could have been better, but I laughed.


It was interesting in that the TeBow ad, for all the fury, –was just a storm in a bottle, and really not controversial at all… It was really sort of hard to figure out what it was about, other than a mom and son who care about each other… (I wonder if all the hoopla was just building interest ahead of time… pretty dumb tactic, if you ask me.)

-And whatever that local ad was (car dealer or something… augh! that thing was awful…
I mean, the quality of it next to even the worst of the Superbowl Ads was glaring.
Bad move… (very) if you can’t run with the big dogs, -stay under the porch…

Austin Dozier says:

Of all of them that I’ve seen so far, Google’s was the best. It wasn’t particularly funny, but it was sweet and it did well telling a story without specifically showing or stating the story. I would have actually preferred if it had been silent (except maybe clicks and typing), without the extra sound cues in there. Also interesting to me, it was probably the cheapest/easiest to produce.

Amanda says:

The Dorito’s “Casket” commercial has some hometown linkage…the guy who came up with the concept is from the Valley, but lives in LA now. Nice to see lots of Fresno talent!

Jody Murray says:

I can’t say the VW “punch” ad was the best, but it had the top moment: Tracy Morgan turning to Stevie Wonder and whining, “How do you DO that?”

puxatony polamalu has hilarious!

tonaldo says:

Best commercials, I thought, were Doritos- House Rules; Letterman/Oprah/Leno; Betty White/Abe Vigoda (terribly, I previously thought Mr. Vigoda had died!); “the Green Police” b/c I still like Cheap Trick!

Bernard says:

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