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Responses to "Chaffee Zoo’s Siabu picks a Super Bowl winner"

Casper Munoz says:

Screw analysts and broadcasters trying to sway my decision. Im placing my best based off of this! haha!

Doodah Day says:

What a stupid way to try and predict the Super Bowl.

bradley says:

how miserable your life must be to have no sense of humor.

Sara says:

Wooohooo!!! GO COLTS!!!

Erica says:

Way to go Fresno Chaffee Zoo! I think it is fun to see the animals play with stuff. We got to see Siabu run around with the Saints blanket like a cape- have to say it was entertaining.

Allen Nyhuis says:

Sorry Siabu missed this one. The gorilla in Texas and orangutans in Utah correctly picked the Saints.

Allen Nyhuis, Coauthor: America’s Best Zoos