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Grammys 2010: Let’s take a poll


The Grammys are coming up Sunday, not that they matter much. I’ll be here LIVE BLOGGING, mainly because I like to torture myself, and because we all seemed to have a lot of fun talking crap discussing the show last year. Come suffer with me, won’t you?

I feel like we need a warm up first. I’ve made polls for the major categories below. Let’s see how apt at predictions the Beehive braintrust is, before Sunday night’s circle jerk awards ceremony.

I made my fearless predictions back in December. You can also check out Billboard’s predictions. Vote below, and leave any thoughts in the comments.

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Responses to "Grammys 2010: Let’s take a poll"

willbewatchingthegrammies says:

Lady Gaga all the way.

Am tied on the Song of the Year between her and the Kings of Leon and I feel that it may go to them.

For creativity and pushing boundaries….

Danielle says:

I would give Poker Face the Record of the Year award and give Use Somebody the Song of Year award. Record of the year is more about the production, etc. which you have to admit is what made Poker Face such an awesome song sonically. Song of the Year is more of a credit to the songwriting itself, which use Somebody surely deserves. I love Gaga and KoL so I will be happy to see them both win at least a couple awards.

Jaylon says: