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Responses to "‘Jersey Shore’ comes to Lemoore"

Michael says:

Tachi Palace better stock up on bleach and penicillin.

brodiemash says:

Better hide your hair products.

Mike Oz says:

Don’t lie. You know you’re going.

Candice says:

At this rate, it doesn’t seem like anyone will be there. Perfect for me!! I LOVE Jersey Shore!!

Jaime says:

Wow, putting the word “celebrity” in quotes on that one is still a stretch of the word

Jeff says:

Oh yeah, looks like Lemoore got themselves “a situation”.

Kris says:

haaaaaa! here comes trouble!

Phoebe says:

I love how ridiculous this show is. Seeing the craziness in person may actually be fun. GTL!

Amanda says:

I know they are not celebrities but they are popular culture at the moment. I don’t get Tachi Palace, when I used to go there it was ghetto fools everywhere. Are they trying to re-vamp their image bringing in people like Holly Madison and the Jersey Shore kids??