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Zack Follett: Linebacker, fundraiser, blogger


Zack Follett, the Clovis-bred linebacker for the NFL’s Detroit Lions, is doing his part for Haiti relief — auctioning off his pair of Super Bowl tickets.

The story has been covered from the pages of The Bee to the Detroit Free Press. Follett, who is currently back in the Fresno/Clovis area for the offseason, figured his Super Bowl tickets had legs as a fundraiser. He’s working with to auction them. As I write this, they’re at $3,025 with two days and nine hours left in the auction.

In addition to football, Follett is also a woodworker, so he created a custom Super Bowl XLIV piece that includes a game-used ball and gloves that’s included in the auction.

He’s been chronicling the everything on his blog — Does this make him the first pro athlete in the Fresno blogosphere? He is totally NOT invited to Blogger Olympics.

Responses to "Zack Follett: Linebacker, fundraiser, blogger"

Heather says:

What? Of course he’s invited. Professional football player doesn’t necessarily mean amazing Wii bowler.

Mr. Incognito says:

Dope story, sounds like a cool dude! Even if he wasn’t auctioning off the tickets, the man makes stuff out of wood….

I’d run circles around him in a game of Whack Bat (Fantastic Mr. Fox).