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To-Do Tonight: Help, we need flier relief

I’ll throw another recommendation toward the R + R + R benefit for Haiti tonight at Fajita Feista. After that, though, I’m sorry to say things kinda turn into a Worst Flier of the Week festival around town.

A Jersey Shore party? If you think that’s bad, wait ’til you see the flier for the G.I. Joe themed night. Army hoes? Me thinks Scarlett would not appreciate that. And then, there’s safari night gone wrong.

Please, Fresno, please go help Haiti instead.

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Help, we need flier relief"

I know there is no voting this time, but the G.I.Joe takes the cake. I won’t deter anyone from going to one of these show, but I will urge you to also go to one of the Haiti benefit shows coming up.

Fher Garcia says:

The G.I. Joe flier says a lot with out saying much with the phallic looking gun and the guy’s face right next to it.

Mike says:

Beyond being ugly as hell, the GI Joe is just plain disrespectful.

sammy , my chihuahua saw the fyler and ran away, i hate you….