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Apple introduces its iPad; the Internet LOLs


As you’ve probably heard by now, Apple released its latest shiny, new, expensive thing today — the iPad.

I didn’t watch every second of the coverage, but I saw enough to know that it’s not as compact as my iPhone (which is why everybody needs it), it’s more portable than a MacBook Pro (which is why why everybody wants it) and it’s way more Apple-ish than Amazon’s Kindle (which is why everybody must have it*).

As per usual when Apple holds a big event, the Internet went wild. The tech bloggers started dissecting it every which way. Twitter got backed up.

One interesting thing did happen — the name was almost universally panned. On Twitter, it incited quite the array of clever quips. Jezebel has a good list of some of the best stuff from around the Internet. Locally, a bunch of people in my Twitter stream made my chuckle Some of them are below, starting with our very own Heather. Beehive High-Fivesâ„¢ to all included.








* Heck, I can only mock so much. I’ll probably have one eventually, once the price goes down.

Responses to "Apple introduces its iPad; the Internet LOLs"

MagicMike says:

My favorite: Apple’s next announcement will be the iDouche, for when your iPad leaves you with that not-so-fresh feeling.

Stephen says:

LOL the iTampon line was great.

Heather says:

If you mean “heather loves app …etizer … s,” you are correct, sir.

Mike Oz says:

I think Liz Lemon used that joke a couple weeks ago. “My favorite apps are the ones that come before my meal.”

Heather says:

I was thinking of Michael Scott and his Chili’s apps.

Jaime says:

I can’t wait for a Boston-based skit with someone trying to buy an iPod or an iPad!

gw70 says:

How does one wear the iPad? Is there a blue strip down the middle?

Nancy says:

Does it have wings?
That would be a REAL advance in communication – flight potential!!!

Kristy says:

Its a pity the name is soooo lame.

Eric says:

not gonna lie…I want one, but don’t expect me to make a midnight run for one when my wife asks!

Eli Dibblee says:

The i pad is actually totally ridiculous. I can’t find myself dropping $400 to $600 to buy a device which can not accomplish half the things which my laptop could. I normally like Apple, especially the apple iphone. It is just this is a tad overboard. I wish all of them well but I will not be getting one at any time soon.

Lol did you hear in regards to the guy shedding the prototype of the model new Iphone lol Apple should Pwn him straight away.