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31 Questions with 31 Days of Fresno


A lot of people have asked Kim Schuller (aka Kim Burly) questions since she started her 31 Days of Fresno blog series — Fresno Famous, Ray Appleton, KSEE 24. But we think, thanks to this Q & A, that we’ve asked her the MOST questions.

It started with a brief few things to give background for this Blog Hop profile that ran in The Bee the other day, but then we decided, “Hey, why not ask Ms. 31 Days of Fresno 31 questions about Fresno.” Then we just had to come up with that many questions.

We did and she rose to the occasion. Enjoy:

What made you you start the blog?
The blog came from what was going to just be one line a day on what I love about Fresno, something I resolved to do for the entire month of January. I realized that I’m really long winded and run-on-sentence-y, and blogs are a little easier to be wordy with than the 420 max character limit on Facebook. Plus, bloggers are cool, and I totally wanted to be in the cool Fresno blogger club.

January2010 001.jpg

What are you hoping comes from it?
I’m really hoping that people are able to read my blog and see Fresno from my point of view and maybe learn something they didn’t know. By doing this my pride in living here has really increased and I’ve become more aware of how much is really happening around Fresno. I wish I had the ability to duplicate myself sometimes to be able to do everything. It would be really cool if someone who thinks Fresno is boring or terrible read my blog and found something to like or even, GASP, love.

What’s the criteria for a “31 Days” item?
When picking things to blog about my main criteria was “What would I tell someone from out of town about? Where would I take them? What would we eat, who would we meet?” I also threw in some personal selections- things that are important to me but not necessarily everyone would have that same experience. Yogi Shalom is one example (Day 17)- I’m sure many people in Fresno have had his yoga sessions, but only my cousins and I share the experience of being his grandkids and loving him for that reason.

What have you learned from doing it?
I’ve learned that the people of Fresno really have a lot more pride in who we are and where we’re from than we let on. I think that with all of the negative image issues we have its hard to express that we love our hometown for fear of being shut down. I’m hoping that we can really start to change that and be proud of what we have here. Sure, Fresno has problems, but overall it is a great place to call home.

Have others caught on to the “31 Days” Idea?
Other people have been blogging 31 days, too. Ryne Santos immediately set up his Heck Yes Fresno tumblr as soon as the idea was on Facebook- even before the official Facebook page was created. He’s the co-moderator of the page and his blogs are up on there daily as well. A bunch of my friends have been posting their reasons on their Facebook every day as well, and I have loved reading the things that people are posting on the 31 Days community. Another one that just started that I’m really excited to see is The Daily Dues’ The 31 Bloggers of Fresno.

What happens after January?
People have been asking “What happens on Day 32?” and I have spent most of the month scratching my head about that. When I started it I wasn’t planning on it going too far beyond my friends and maybe a handful of their friends. Now that there is so much support and so many people who are up for the challenge of sharing the Fresno love its something I definitely want to keep going. Ryne and I have just brainstormed on what we’ll be doing and without giving too much away, we have a fun collaboration idea ahead to keep the spirit of 31 days alive all year. That’s right, ALL FRESNO ALL THE TIME! We also really want to have a big 31 Days bash, so when we get all of those details together, we’ll have them up on the Facebook page. I hope to meet all of the people who have been sharing all month!

What’s your earliest memory of Fresno being awesome?
We used to watch the fireworks at the Fresno fairgrounds from our front lawn on the 4th of July, and I pretty much made my mind up then that I loved living here. We did that every year until I was 10 and we moved across town. I thought I was so cool for having my own fireworks show every year, though.

Where (most specifically than the Tower District) is the first place you’d take an out-of-towner?
Irene’s, Retro Rag, Teazer. In that order. It would be an Olive adventure!


What do you miss? Name a Fresno fave of yours that is no more?
The Old Fresno Hofbrau, Cal Skate at Clinton and 99, and last but not least K.D. Fox

What is your favorite locally grown food?
Peaches. I love this little stand on Shaw almost to Kerman called “Peach On Earth.” Tasty and super cheap!

What’s your favorite “Did They Just Say Fresno” moment?
I laughed for weeks when the rest of the world caught onto the story about the sausage smacking burglary.

Who is your favorite Fresnan ever?
That is one loaded question… I’m going to have to bring my crush on M. Theo Kearney out again, though. Rich, cute, smart- what a stud. I feel like I probably would have stalked him like he was the Jonas Brothers or something if I were born a century and a half earlier. Did he have any fangirls? I sure hope so.

Who is your favorite Fresno band?
The Burnouts. I love to dance at their shows.

What was the first concert you ever went to in Fresno?
I think my parents took me to see Raffi in kindergarten. In Jr high and high school I frequented the ska shows at Hoover, First Congregational Church and Sugarhill Skate Park. Does anyone still have a Checkmate! CD?

Who is your favorite Fresno newscaster of all time?
I used to be obsessed with Bob Long as a kid. We’d see him at the grocery store and I’d get so star struck. I miss seeing him on TV.


Less annoying street: Shaw or Blackstone? Shaw
Forecast: Foggy Day or 100-degrees? Fog, it was my 4th day.
Parks: Roeding or Woodward? Roeding
Place to cool off: Wild Water Adventures or The Island? The Island. Go West Fresno, young man.
Tower District Hangout: Livingstones or Veni’s? Stones!
Place to shop: River Park, Fashion Fair, Manchester, Sierra Vista, Fig Garden Village? River Park, it has all the craft stores clustered together.
Highway of choice: 41 or 99? 180 FTW!
Neighboring city: Merced or Visalia? Visalia
Favorite dancer: K-Fed or Jason Glover (So You Think You Can Dance?) K-Fed. Knock him all you want, at least he bagged Britney! What celebrity have you gotten pregnant lately?
More Watchable: “In the Heat of the Night” or the “Fresno” mini-series? In The Heat of the Night

One thing I wish Fresno really had is … an Ikea. I’ll sell out for cheap furniture.

The most under-appreciated thing about Fresno is … Our weather. We have a few really hot months, but the rest of the year is pretty great. I love that it doesn’t snow and I’ll never ever have to use chains unless I am the one in control of that situation. I’d say its a win for Fresnans to be able to wear flip flops in December.

If I could change one thing about Fresno, it would be … the way people outside of Fresno view us. But you know, I’m working on that.

Every single Fresnan should … pick one or two local mom and pop places and pledge to go there at least once a month to make sure we don’t lose the places that make us unique.

My absolute favorite place in Fresno is … Cosmopolitan.

The best thing about living in Fresno is … NoTown Roller Derby! You had to see that one coming, though. It keeps me busy and sane, and I think that Fresno is a better place for it. “It” being that I’m not insane or bored.

Responses to "31 Questions with 31 Days of Fresno"

karma says:

awww i miss bob long too.

JamesMichael says:

haha KD Fox. I was in the fan club.

Kristy says:

Kim’s blog and her attitude are great!

Mike says:

Kim Burly ROCKS!

Stephen says:

I don’t know Kim Burly at all, but I wish I did. She does indeed rock and I’ve really loved her bloggage!

Kim Burly says:

Aw, you all make a girl feel so special!

Hey! When I was a kid, I’d watch Fairground fireworks from my front lawn too! And then one day, I actually WENT in person and felt like I was seeing something sacred. I had completely forgotten that memory. Thanks so much for the reminder. What a great blog! :)

Ryne says:

Dear Kim,

I’m glad that we’re friends.